‘These Times Call for A New Caliber of Liberian Patriots’

Vice President of Liberia, H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor

Speech Delivered by H.E. Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, on the Opening of the 4th Session of the Liberian Senate

January 11, 2021

The Honorable President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Senator Albert T. Chie; Distinguished Members of the 54th Liberian Senate;

Mr. Secretary, Chamber Officials, Directors and Staff of the Liberian Senate;

Our International and Local Partners and Friends of Liberia;

Esteemed Members of the 4th Estate;

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

Before I begin my comments on this first day of the fourth sitting of the 54th Liberian Senate, permit me to begin with words of Wisdom drawn from the Holy Bible, which is

a perfect guide for leadership and good governance for National Leaders.

Firstly from the Book of Colossians: Chapter 3:23-24, which reads thus –

“And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as unto the LORD and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive an inheritance as your reward, for ye serve theLord, Jesus Christ.”

And secondly from the Book of Philippians Chapter 2:14-15, which read thus-

“Do all things without grumbling or questioning; that youmay be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation; amongst whom you shine as lights in the World.’’

The word of the God, for the people of God. Amen.

Honorable President Pro-Tempore;
Honorable Members of the 54th Liberian Senate;
Members of the fourth Estate,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen;

Allow me begin by firstly giving Praise and Honor to the Almighty God; for his endless mercies and manifold blessings that we continue to enjoy as a Nation and People.

Because of these blessings, I am grateful for the opportunity given each of us, to be able to converge once again in this historic and sacred edifice; and for the fortuity to be the representation of about 5 million Liberians at home; and many, many more abroad.


Honorable President Pro-Tempore, Honorable Members of the Liberian Senate, Members of the fourth Estate; Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen;

As we gather in these sacred halls, I am saddened by the remembrance of the passing of so many of our compatriots who are no more with us. The Liberian Senate has since 2006 lost 11 of its members.

Please allow me to call the roll of Necrology:

Senator Isaac N. Johnson,

Senator Hannah G. Brent,

Senator John F. Whitfield,

Senator Lahai B. Lansanah,

Senator Samuel S. Tormetie,

Senator William C. Sandy,

Senator George D. Moore,

Senator Frederick D. Cherue,

Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff,

Senator Edward B. Dagoseh; (and last but never the least)

Senator Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan.

Though they have traveled to the Land of our ancestors, from whence they can never return, whenever we gather in this place, we can still hear their voices being raised in heated debates or hushed in the silence of compromises or in strong defense of their points of view.


As we reminiscence each of them in our own way;

as silence fills our ears whenever their names are called;

as tears fill our eyes in remembrance;

and as we ponder on when our own time will come;for surely it will;

Let us be reminded as history teaches: that each one who is opportune to become a National Leader, must keep in mind that he or she is responsible to set their course for the benefit of those they represent. As each will be graded by the people and the results there from will form their legacies, forever etched in the sands of time. This sobering reality goes further, as it affects not only the Leader, but their succeeding generations. My mother had a regular saying which made us tremble every time I heard it. She said and I quote: “Be careful what you wish for, as it just might come true. What then will you do?’’

As we each ponder these words, and are swept in the myriad of emotions of those we have lost, we also remember the passing of other Officials of Government and the passing of other citizens during the past year.

I ask that you kindly stand with me for a moment of Silence, in memory of their passing from our World to the great beyond.

May their souls and the souls of all faithful departed, Rest In Peace and Light Perpetual shine upon them.

I thank you. 

Honorable President Pro-Tempore, Honorable Members of the Liberian Senate, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen; as I look back over the past 12 months and the many challenges at home and abroad, my family and I are exceedingly grateful to Yahweh, God of the Universe for restoring to me the most precious gift of life; after I contracted COVID and developed severe health complications as a result. I spent 35 days in the Intensive Care Unit and another 10 days in recovery at a hospital facility in Accra, Ghana. I thank God for keeping me alive, for so many have died. I am also truly grateful to our President, His Excellency George Manneh Weah, the Government of the Republic of Liberia and the Government of the Republic of Ghana for the support afforded me to obtain treatment for recovery.

I am also grateful beyond words to National Gate Keepers, Fathers, Churches, Praying Mothers, Women and Girls and ordinary citizens at home and abroad; who prayed and interceded on my behalf for full recovery and return when I was ill last year. It is said in the Holy Bible – ‘’that the Fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much’’. I must admit that prayers offered on my behalf provided grace for the sustenance of the miracle of life. In addition the many good wishes, messages and concerns from many brought healing to my body and joy for my soul. I am also grateful to all the Doctors and Nurses, here at home and abroad; who attended to my care.

Thank you so much for the amazing love shown to me. I am indeed grateful.

May God return the same to you, in your hour of need.


Over the past 10 months we have seen so many die of this pandemic; thankfully many others have been given the gift of life and have survived. This phenomenon and its effect Worldwide is especially poignant, for as we look back at what has transpired and seen the dramatic changes around us, our task is clear. It is to ensure that our Nation and people are given all they need in order to survive the new realities.

The global pandemic has shaken the World to its core; incapacitated thousands; taken the lives of millions around the World and forced a shift of the entire World into a new reality, with Governments at a loss of how to protect its citizens. This pandemic has focused the spotlight on the need for our government to invest more in the healthcare and educational systems. The need for same is long overdue with the effects of Ebola in 2014 and COVID in 2020, further weakening our systems.

This pandemic and the fear of succeeding ones makes it imperative to ensure the necessary changes in our structures and systems are put in place. There is no better time to do this than now; before our systems become overburdened. The decisions for how our Nation addresses this menace lie in your hands. Remember that we have taken an oath to protect and defend our people at all cost, may we now move beyond the normal national conversations, and with deliberate and intentional actions provide the financial support and oversight needed to improve the infrastructure and systems for the benefit of all. I therefore implore Members of this Senate to make this one of your immediate deliverables.

Honorable President Pro-Tempore, Honorable Members of the Liberian Senate, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I am of the opinion, and I hope you will agree with me; that the long-awaited dream of our people for a United and Prosperous Nation; the purpose for which we have been so elected to these high offices at such a critical time in our Nation’s history; can become a reality if we are determined to put the hopes and aspirations of our people FIRST; and make their dreams a reality. It is POSSIBLE.

As we commence this 4th sitting, I gladly welcome back 15 seasoned Senators. There were 15 others who went for reelection –of that number two Senators were reelected to include one female, Senator Nyongblee Karnga Lawrence. There are for the moment 5 certified newly elected Senators, making up a number of 21 Senators. Let us keep in mind that the total membership of the Liberian Senate should be 30 members; and so we await the National Elections Commission to complete their duties and subsequently remit to the Secretary of the Senate, the names of the remaining elected Senators to complete our ROLL.

I therefore heartily CONGRATULATE EACH OF YOU for your VICTORY in those tightly contested elections. In spite of same, it is often said that “the race is not to the swift, but he who endures to the end.” Please accept your victory with MAGNINIMITY, and never forget the loud message of CHANGE that was delivered by the PEOPLE through their votes.

That being said, I would be remiss were I not to remind each of us, as we commence our duties, that we stand on the shoulders of great patriots of our Land; some of whom have passed through these walls and left behind them positive footprints in the sands of time.


I therefore call in remembrance — ALL OF US — to a sacred duty, based on the premise of TRUE LOVE FOR COUNTRY, NOT JUST IN WORDS, BUT IN DEEDS.

May God grant us the Patriotic Grace to SUCEED where others have failed.

Honorable Pro-Tempore, Members of the Liberian Senate, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen; today more than ever before, I am burdened as many others are, but truly cannot explain in the proper words the emotions and deep sense of responsibility which devolves upon us as National Gate keepers of our Nation in these challenging times.

Looking around this Sacred Chamber at each of you seated here, thru the eyes of faith, I see the reflection of the faces of our people, in high expectation that this time, during this 4th Session of the Liberian Senate, our work will yield positive effects on the lives of common citizens throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

For their hopes are ignited to each of you, that with the authority granted to you by the Constitution, you will chart a course that will definitely take them into the future of their dreams; with no more excuses, no more apologies and no more promises for another day. For truth being told, you are members of the First Branch of Government and you have the full authority to make their dreams come true.

With this foremost in our thoughts, we must realize the realities of the awesome responsibilities which weigh on our collective minds; which beckons each to work to fulfill the sworn oath of office taken; as written in the words of the Constitution of the Republic. In Article 1, it calls for Government “to ensure democratic government which responds to the wishes of the people, and provides for their safety and happiness.”

Indeed, this is our true assignment – to make our people safe, prosperous and happy.

Honorable PRESIDENT PRO-TEMPORE, DISTINGUISHED SENATORS, LADIES, AND GENTLEMEN: Although in Liberia today, challenges about with a myriad of issues, ranging from high insecurity, lack of banknotes, high cost of living, a sluggish economy, lack of basic services for the majority of our people, distrust, mistrust, allegations and counter allegations on many issues, however, a glimmer of hope subsists. I hope you will agree with me, in spite of it all, that our Democracy is alive and growing stronger; and that the voices of our people were loud and clear in the just ended 2020 Special Senatorial Elections. They have sent a clarion message to all and sundry that they no longer accept things as they are; but they expect much more from their Representatives at all levels.

The great news however is that we have a brand new opportunity, in a brand new year, in a brand new decade; to change the trajectory of our National walk together. One which we know can produce fruits of UNITY, PEACE, DEVELOPMENT and PROGRESS FOR ALL.

It is my prayer that each of us will so commit, being cognizant of the glaring fact that “THE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE CUSTODIANS OF OUR DEMOCRACY, AND THEY LONG FOR A MORE UNITED, EQUITABLE AND PROSPEROUS LIBERIA.”

The CALL has been sounded and the decisions to heed them are yours to obey.

As President of the Liberian Senate, I will certainly count on your individual and collective support and cooperation in pursuit of the fulfillment of this long-awaited National Development Program for the prosperity of our people. I believe that the Forefathers of the Nation and framers of our Constitution penned these mandatory words in order to remind each of us of our:


Introspectively, let it be known that though this Article does not go further to lay down consequences for its breach, I believe that the Framers were convinced that ‘’the passion which kindles the soul and drives it to aim for greater service would naturally make those privileged to serve, perform this binding responsibility meticulously, thus upholding its intent.’’ I hold no modicum of doubt that this dedication will accompany all of your actions during this period, thus exemplifying your true “LOVE FOR COUNTRY.”

THE HONORABLE PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE, Distinguished Senators; Ladies and Gentlemen: in preparation for our duties, it is imperative that we are reminded of trending national issues that have beset our Nation over the past years; for which we are all cognizant. However please allow me to restate some of the critical ones which should claim your immediate attention: issues of the ever-rising cost of living, limited basic services for all; minimal opportunities for growth and development, high taxes and the high crime rate across our Nation, amongst others.

Being, the first Female Vice President and a Gender advocate, these prevailing issues are further compounded by the alarming incidence of Sexual and Gender Based Violence being perpetrated against our most vulnerable citizens, girls under the age of 18 and at times as young as 2 years old; and the sodomy of our sons.

These ever increasing numbers tend to show that “our society is slowly degenerating at an alarming rate, with very little permanent solutions at hand.” I am thus reminded of the quotation that “a Nation unable to secure optimum care and protection for its most vulnerable, is also unable to provide protection and care for its majority.” If permanent solutions to these societal ills are not found and measures put in place to secure a safer society, you can be assured that in the minds of our people, these lapses will not only cast doubts on our collective ability to govern, but they will also cast doubts about our ability to give our citizenry the Nation they truly deserve. Though this is a collective responsibility for us ALL; the National Legislature as the first Branch of Government and the direct Representative of the PEOPLE, will be held primarily responsible for attending results.

HONORABLE President Pro Tempore, Distinguished Senators, Ladies and Gentlemen; the records of this August body shows that there were 34 Legislations introduced during the period under review. Of these, 27 were passed, 2 were vetoed, and 5 were sent to various committees for scrutiny and advice. As a result the Senate has an initial workload of only 5 draft legislations to begin this Session. This is quite commendable compared to previous years. I salute you for these achievements.

As you consider important issues for attention and resolution, permit me to draw your attention to the results of the just ended Referendum and the need to carve a way forward for a much needed holistic review of our Constitution, Gender Equity quotas, local vendor payments due, delayed salary payments in some institutions, the need for a more aggressive approach to the provision of basic services, National security, the need to expand the national tax base by creating new taxes (in the tourism and agricultural sectors) which will reduce the current tax burden on our people; the need to ensure a realistic budget for the National Pro-Poor Agenda, to include the provision of operational funding to government entities; the need to review concession agreements to ascertain that they live up to the intent of the agreements, especially as they relate to employment of Liberians; the need to provide oversight of all segments of Government; the need to ensure that Liberians working in both public and private sectors are protected under the Laws of Liberia; the need to provide oversight of the Judiciary to ensure that Justice is Served without bias and an environment created to give confidence to both local and foreign investors wishing to invest in our Nation; the need to open up more opportunities for women in the governance space at all levels; and last but not least, the need to provide job and entrepreneur opportunities for our young people to achieve their dreams and help create a middle class, amongst others.

May I propose for your kind consideration the need to enact Local Content Laws which will empower our citizens, the possible amendment of the Law governing the National Election Commission for the removal of the duties for Civic and voters Education and the creation of a Commission which will deal with this important aspect of building a stronger democracy in the judicious way it should be handled. I pray that these will be just a few of the new issues which could attend this 4th Sitting.

Amidst the monumental workload before you, I applaud this distinguished body for the passage of many bills submitted by the Executive; key of which are two critical landmark legislations:



Notwithstanding these commendable achievements, may I kindly remind you that there are several other critical draft legislations in committees, which are necessary for the good governance of the State; key amongst which are:

The draft Act proposing the establishment of a Corruption Court, The Draft Corrupt Offenses Act, and the Draft Act creating Regional Appellate Courts which will reduce cases before the Supreme Court, amongst others.

Honorable President Pro-Tempore, Distinguished Senators, Ladies, and Gentlemen; in closing, permit me to extend my gratitude to the Great People of Liberia for their patience and patriotism; to all Government functionaries for keeping our governance structures intact; to our Religious Institutions for their endless prayers for the Peace, Unity, Development and Security of our Nation; to the Young people of Liberia for keeping hope alive and; to the Women of Liberia for being advocates and activists for upholding the Human Rights Barometers in our Nation. I also extend my deep appreciation for the enormous collaboration and contributions of our International Partners and Friends, Civil Society Organizations and all other stakeholders who continue to strengthen our fledgling democracy.

To members of the Fourth Estate your commendable role in National building deserves a special mention. Thank you for your engagements. I believe more can be done,

 I plead with each Institution and their Representatives to live up to the creed of your calling, by helping to engender the peace and security of our society by providing information to the public in a fair, balanced and non-inflammatory way. Public information strengthens the Fabric of society and that is what society needs. In this vein, the media has an important role to play; by raising critical issues, stimulate governments to act on public policy issues, expose societal ills which need to be addressed, become instruments for addressing issues that [threaten] to divide families, communities and nations; thereby guarding the values of societies.

It is my prayer that this New Year will bring new responsibilities which ensure fair play in media engagements and encouragement to abide by general rules of civil engagements by all media institutions and their members. For we must all take responsibility to secure the peace of Mama Liberia. Let us never forget the ugly past, and be reminded that peace is an expensive commodity which should not be taken for granted and guarded at all cost.

May God Almighty give us the courage to continue to walk the path of true reconciliation, unite us in peace and grant us the fortitude to make the right decisions for a greater Liberia; irrespective of our political persuasions.  We have been called to build a Liberia suitable for our needs and lasting enough for generations yet unborn. History will record our actions and our commitment to answering this great call, thereby determining how our names will be recorded in the annals of Liberian History. May we pursue this noble path with the knowledge and courage that all our actions, a BETTER LIBERIA AND NOT A BITTER ONE.

Honorable President Pro-Tempore, Members of the Liberian Senate, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, as I close, let me state for the record, that these challenging times call for a new CALIBER OF LIBERIAN PATRIOTS.

— Patriots with new vigor and dynamic, Patriots bracing to stand up and make a positive difference;

— Patriots with deep abiding love for Mama Liberia and all of its citizens;

— Patriots who come willing to put self aside and work towards creating a Liberia of our dreams, still not yet realized for over 174 years.

As you ponder these words, be encouraged to pick up this mantle; as I leave with you sacred words spoken by former US Representative and Civil Rights Icon, the Honorable John Lewis from which I quote:

“Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in their society.” End quote.

It is now my singular honor and humbling duty to welcome each of you to the Chambers of the Liberian Senate; as we together strive to build a better Nation.

Happy New Year to ALL!

May God bless us and save the State.

I thank you.


  1. Well said, Madam Vice President, that “these times call for a new caliber of Liberian patriots.” There is a need for a competent and credible caliber of leaders at a time the Liberian economy is near collapse with chronic shortage of money in the country, and the government has been unable to provide security and protection for the people, as reflected by the mysterious killings of four government auditors and the disappearance of three young men, for which there have been no conclusive investigations, for example. In my recently-published book, “Corruption is Destroying Africa: The Case of Liberia,” which is available online, I proffered a recommendation for the international community to engage Liberia for the institution of a program similar to GEMAP (Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program) to save Liberia’s economy from collapse, as was the case during the civil war. I proffered the recommendation mindful that the current economic management team of Weah’s government is incapable of effectively managing the national economy. Considering the numerous challenges facing the country you addressed, Madam VP, you did not mention the issue of tribalism, which is raising its ugly heads again in Liberia through the Weah government. During the recent senatorial elections, Liberians complained that a certain tribe and people from southeastern Liberia have taken a lion’s share of the national pie in Weah’s government. I find this development very disturbing, mindful of our recent evil past, when tribalism was used by despots to have a grip on power and wreak havoc on society in general. Here you are, a capable and well-experienced Vice President who could help move the country in the right direction, but Weah and his close associates have isolated you. With Mr. Weah’s demonstrated inability to institute meaningful reforms for progress, we can only hope that the country is not completely destroyed before he leaves office.

  2. Liberians are full of pomp and pageantry (big show…H.E. This, and H.E. That. All bullshit) with nothing to show in terms of achievements. Terrible healthcare system, extremely high unemployment, terrible schools, bad governance, high violent crime rate, uncontrolled corruption, and the list goes on. It is impossible to develop a country when the majority of government officials, including the President are criminals. Unless Liberians change their ways, this country will continue to be one of the poorest in the world for generations to come.

  3. Every government official should read “From Third World to First” by Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore. He said it would be impossible to develop the country unless corruption was under control. He was absolutely right. He even had to rid his government of some close associates who engaged in corruption. Uncontrolled corruption is like pouring water into a leaky barrel – it will never fill up.

  4. You chronic stooge and filthy opportunist Gabriel Williams, this rhetoric from Jewel about “these times call for a new caliber of Liberian patriots.”has no ligament nor attributability to you Gabriel a corrupt opportunist, crony and stooge of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Unity Party government which used young pregnant inmates and their unborn children for rituals, and massively slaughtered innocent whistleblowers, for exposing the untold rampant corruption in that government, the breakdown of law, order, and justice, and the collapse of NOCAL and the entire economy.


    The comparison concluded 14 percent of respondents in 2019 held the belief that corruption has decreased compared to 6 percent in 2015. The corruption perception index among officials of government stood at 70 percent in 2015 but dropped to 49 percent in 2019.
    MONROVIA – The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has drawn up a comparison from data attained from Transparency International’s 10th Global Corruption Barometer capturing the corruption index of 2019 which shows that corruption in Liberia was minimized in 2019 compared to its soaring heights in 2015 when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was President.

    overall bribery rate under the Sirleaf’s regime was at 69 percent compared to 53 percent under George Weah’s leadership.

    Has corruption increased rate under the CDC-led government in 2019 was at 47 percent compared to the 73 percent in 2015 under the Unity Party.

    Transparency International further concluded that only 6 percent of respondents in 2015 believed that corruption had decreased while 14 percent of respondents in 2019 held the belief that corruption has decreased.

    The corruption perception index among officials of government stood at 70 percent in 2015 but dropped to 49 percent in 2019.

    In the Legislature, corruption perception was at 68 percent in 2015 and 49 percent in 2019.

    According to the international corruption watchdog, the police has also recorded a decrease in corruption under the Weah-led government, especially in 2019 when the corruption perception in the police was 62 percent compared to the 77 percent in 2015.

    Corruption in public schools between 2015 and 2019 experienced only a five percent improvement. In 2015, it stood at 45% and in 2019, 40%.

    Public clinics and public health centers experienced a minimal improvement of in the corruption reception in 2019’s 43 percent compared to 52 percent in 2015.

    Transparency International is a global movement working in over 100 countries to end the injustice of corruption.

    The watchdog group focuses on issues with the greatest impact on people’s lives and hold the powerful to account for the common good. Through advocacy, campaigning and research, we work to expose the systems and networks that enable corruption to thrive, demanding greater transparency and integrity in all areas of public life.

    UNDER THE WEAH LED GOVT New Millennium Challenge Compact Scorecard Shows Improvement in Rule of Law in Liberia

    MONROVIA – Liberia has made improvements in the ensuring rule of law and gender in economy, according to the new Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard expected to be released on Monday.

    The MCC Compacts are based on the principle that the U.S. assistance is more effective in countries that have adopted policies promoting an environment for economic growth and poverty reduction. Every year, MCC publishes scorecards for all candidate countries, including countries such as Liberia with already signed, ongoing compacts. The scorecard assesses performance in three policy categories: ruling justly, investing in people, and encouraging economic freedom.

  5. James

    Your comments plunge in deep thoughts.

    All Weah cares about is good time and womanizing. If he can wreak this level of havoc on the country just in 3 years, then I ask myself whether Liberians will continue to tolerate from him more damages and hardships before his 3 years expire?

  6. Gabriel Williams, aka James, aka Julius Tarnue, putting aside the fact that I have just had my aides check out your IP etc., and you have been uncovered to be what I have identified you or referred to you as, yours is illogical and a mere disinformation.

    Weah took up a destroyed economy and empty offers. And more embarrassingly and burdened to pay huge deficits left by Ellen and Amara Konneh, Ngafuahn, and Kamara. But in just the three years, he Weah has been in power he has done so much for the country as hailed by even Transparency International and other international actors.

    Ellen stayed in power for twelve years and did nothing good nor developmental. She fired the Auditor General of the GAC for exposing her to be the worst and most corrupt government ever in Liberia. That is besides the several disappearances and summary executions from Greaves to Allison, etc.etc. So you see,Gabriel Williams, aka James, aka Julius Tarnue, yours is illogical

    • It doesn’t matter what my name is or who I am because that is not important. The conversation is about George Weah’s record as President. And his record is one of utter failure. You said GW is transparent! Really? So why did he refuse to declare his assets as the law requires and in just two years as President has accumulated so much wealth? No one believes your bullshit because it makes no sense. Everyone knows GW was broke by the time he became Senator. He couldn’t even pay child support for his kid in America. You can’t fool Liberians because they know the truth. GW is not a leader. Liberians don’t trust him anymore. He and his CDC will be gone in 2023 because GW will not be able to turn things around because he’s incompetent.

  7. Madame vice president were you not married to a corrupt murderer and now you talk about corruption

  8. I have known the Taylor family to be motivational speakers; they make great and inspirational speeches, sadly short of pragmatism. I wish Her Excellency can be an exception!

    Congratulations, Madam Vice President! I hope you have not only been inspirational but have also thought of the pragmatisms with your boss, putting aside your differences and ego, to begin to deliver on what you promised the poor, helpless and famished Liberians.

    I hope this speech was in concertation with your boss, and that his to the Liberian people, follow in the course with concrete actions to uplifting and improving our livelihoods.
    I hope the jostle for power amongst you will be laid to rest in 2021 to live up to your spirit of unison, upon which your coalition was built, to ensure achievements from past administration are maintained and further improved.

    Greetings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Madam Vice President!

  9. Mike Pence and the role of a vice-presiresident amplifies democratic suitability unles silly Jewel Howard Taylor power’s jostling and regime betrayal!

    A vice- president is a “follow step” of a president in democratic parlance; why is Jewel Howard Taylor failing the precedent? This is because her ambition enablers have floated her disguisting insensitivity to heroism, without the reflections she is not at the command post.

    For all his flaws, Donald Trumph’s vice- president Mike Pence became unwilling to betray his constitutional oath alignment with his boss when Democrats pressured his invocation of the 25th Amendment. This is a lesson to learn in the school of governance for zealous African statesmanship.

    How would madam Howard Taylor professed patrioticism nowadays balance her war ventured ruthlessness and economic vampireism? Something is not right here!

    No serious future Liberian goverment should accomomdate Jewel Howard Taylor because of her unpredictiblity despite her current underground!

  10. Smith Whyte

    I say this without a grain of insult; however, examining your writings, you lack the intellectual experience to articulate the American system of governance.

    While VP Pence refused to invoke the 25th Amendment, President Trump was still dissatisfied with his overall performance. Why? Because even though the American system of governance like the Liberian system of governance entails the VP plays a subservient role to the president, yet, and still the VP roles are clearly constitutionally spelled out, and so as powerful as Trump is he does not have the authority to usurp or abrogate the powers of the VP.
    And so if you do not understand this, VP Pence went with the decision of the Electoral College and that was to declare Biden as the winner and elected president of the United States of America.
    Another case in point, the debate surrounding the 25th Amendment is not totally over yet. Probabilities still exist VP Pence might go with it before the end of this week. If he does not invoke the 25th Amendment, which is his constitutional right, he will join those voting for impeachment. Why was President Trump and his followers shouting, “Hang Mike Pence!” if they were satisfied with him then?

    Many of the provisions provided in the American constitution are also found in the Liberian constitution. However in practice, the moral will is lacking to fully practice or apply its tenets because of the corrupt and imperialistic tactics of President Weah whereby he has henpecked the legislative and judicial branches.

    Your statements are implying that being a VP means he or she should render blind loyalty to the president even if he or she does something egregious like the treasonable acts of President Trump. Wow! Nowhere in the Liberian constitution neither the American constitution is such implied.

    Thanks VP Taylor for a job well done.


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