‘There Were Two Bodies at First’

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The Daily Observer has learned that there were originally two male corpses on the beach, including that of the former managing director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), Harry Greaves, on Sunday morning, January 31, 2016.

According to the Observer’s sources, some huge, able-bodied men swiftly moved to the two bodies, shortly after daybreak and made away with one of the bodies, also male, in a black jeep, leaving Greaves’ body at the scene.

“After their departure from the area,” our sources said, “the actions of the men frightened us and we remained positioned, which was a little distance from the bodies…

“The two bodies were naked…,” our sources confided. “[When] we first [approached] the [scene] and observed that two bodies were in the sand, we immediately walked back from the [scene]…wondering who those people were.

“We don’t have documentary evidence,” our sources said, “but those who committed such murders” must [know how the two bodies were left] at that location.”

The men who removed the second body were dressed in black, our sources recalled.

One witness said he was afraid of being identified as a suspect by investigators, who may have disbelieved the fact that he was out for an early morning jog.

“The police or other security apparatus could have us [incarcerated] and undergoing investigation,” he explained.

“I left the place until I saw other people coming to the place, including police officers before returning to the scene.”

Another witness, a teenager who, out of fear, asked not to be identified, is claiming to have been the first to stumble upon the corpse of the late Hon. Harry Greaves. He explained that he usually jogs on Sunday with his elder brother. But the morning he saw the body of Mr. Greaves, his brother was sick and did not accompany him on the jogging trail.

“I always jogging with my phone because the music motivates me to jog,” the young man said. “When I arrived near the body [around] 7am, I never took notice of it because there was absolutely no smell [of a corpse] in the air.

“I turned to take pictures of myself,” he explained. “And when I got through, I wore my sneakers and continued to jog with my head down like I normally do.

“A couple of feet away, I [did not see] the body [at first] and almost stepped on it. So to avoid stepping on it I jumped over it. I couldn’t believe that I was looking at a body, and was expecting to see a real one because the one in front of me did not smell.

“I looked around… didn’t see anyone and got afraid. But I gathered the [courage] to really take a look at it.

“I have helped to take a dead body out of the Brewerville River and know what a water body looks like… Normally, bodies that stay in the water for long begin to peel when you touch [them] and have peeling marks on [them]. This body had peeling marks on both hands as if someone had [already] taken its hand to pull it,” he recalled.

“I also noticed that where the body lay, the sea water, no matter its level of rise, [could not have reached it]. I also took notice of dragging marks near the body, as if someone had pulled him out of the water and put the body to where I saw it,” he stated.

The witness said he also noticed that the corpse did not have on any jewelry, but that there was a white ring print around his finger where his ring might have been. No other items were on the body, he said.

“He had all his body parts; but I did notice that his face was really messed up,” our source explained. “The side of it looked like someone [had] bashed his face in with a [blunt] object. I admit, I couldn’t hold my emotions; and after I closed my eyes and blindly took the first three pictures of him, I vomited all over [myself] while trying to take a picture of his face because it was so nasty. I had never seen anything like that before.

“Near his nose was a very sharp opening or cut, and near his eye,” the youth recalled.

“After I vomited, I ran away and saw a [man] walking… I told him about the body he was heading towards; and as he went [on], I continued with my jog. But this time I ran faster to get away,” the young man told the Daily Observer.

Meanwhile, a forensic team was on January 31, spotted investigating what could have been the final physical movement of the late Harry Greaves at the RLJ Kendeja Hotel Resort, minutes or hours before his mysterious disappearance and death.

In the center of the hotel’s beach premises are dozens of wooden beach beds and benches that accommodate those who are looking for a sun tan or bath. The forensic team was seen investigating one of the beach beds where the late Harry Greaves was thought to have been spotted, sitting before his death.

When asked whether footage from the night in question was available, sources at the hotel told the Observer, “Our two cameras that are stationed on the beach were blown out by lightening mid last year. There are no cameras on the beach but there are cameras inside of the hotel, the restaurant, lobby, and on the deck overlooking the swimming pool…” our source revealed.

“When the cameras were here on the beach before, they could reach as far as Edwin Snowe’s house – when we had a different management here. We’ll put it back soon because it’s very bad we don’t have one,” our source divulged.

During the forensics findings, they began turning over the beach bed and its mattress in hopes of finding any mysterious information that may have been overlooked. A beam light was used as one of the forensic team members searched for finger prints and things that might paint a picture to what could have led to Mr. Greaves’ demise.

Thirty minutes into their investigation, the team was seen marking the beach bed with a piece of white tape and wheeling it away from the beach area and taken into the hotel for further examination.

An informant at the JFK Medical Center where the body was first deposited says the body was removed from the morgue early Tuesday morning and taken to the St. Moses Funeral Parlors in preparation for the autopsy.

Also, a security officer at RLJ has been arrested and is helping LNP with the investigation. He was reportedly the first to get hold of Greaves’ hand bag containing his personal effects, among them his cell phone and laptop.

When the officer discovered that the phone was off, he reportedly switched it on. Just then, Greaves’ wife called. When the officer answered the phone, she informed him that her husband was missing and asked whether he had any information on his whereabouts.

The officer reportedly immediately turned the phone and other items including an undisclosed amount of money that was in Greaves’ bag, to the resort’s front desk.

However, RLJ Kendeja remains mute about Greaves’ business there that day and about its own involvement with the ongoing investigation.


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