‘There Are Creeping Signs, If…’


… Observes UPP

On Monday, October 21, 2019, the United People’s Party (UPP) announced that there are creeping signs of instability that could further intensify if the country remains on the current “acute polarized trajectory.”

In its press release, UPP said that the Liberian political pendulum is swinging to the extremes and cautioned that Liberians need to seek the center point — the tolerable middle ground — where all the people can feel at ease; and thereby keep the country quiet and stable.

The UPP further said that while it is the constitutional duty of the citizens to “petition the government for a redress of grievances….,” there is equally the need to exercise restraints on the part of the people and the government; in light of the country’s current fragility.

However, UPP says that the government should not ignore issues of concern that are consistently flagged.

The UPP release also reminds the Liberian people that in September 1987, about two years before the start of the civil war, it warned that: “…any change of national leadership outside the constitution will delay [the progress] of this country….” In light of lessons learned over the past 32 years, UPP again cautions Liberians to avoid a repeat of history.

UPP then admonished all political leaders in the country — those on the left, right and center — to work together in a prudent manner that ensures the preservation of the state.

The UPP said that the party’s leadership role in the long turbulent struggle is create the space for multi-party democracy in Liberia compels its continued engagement with other pro-democratic elements to discourage any attempt at reversing the hard-earned gains in institutionalizing democracy, and the rule of law in the country.


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