The ‘Village’ Honors 3 Doctors, Politician for Ebola Fight


The Village, a Monrovia-based intellectual forum, last Sunday honored three medical doctors and a politician for combining their respective expertise with those of other individuals which helped to contain the transmission of the deadly virus in Liberia.

The Village is a small organization, predominantly Mandingo, but encourages members from all professional and tribal backgrounds. It was founded two years ago as an intellectual forum that brings together highly placed individuals to deliberate on issues affecting the greater society. The organization has since participated in several community initiatives including their involvement in the fight against the EVD.

Those they honored at a brief, but well organized ceremony on Sunday were Drs. Jerry Brown, who was assigned at the ELWA-II, Mohammed Swaray, one of four Gynecologists in the country and Suleiman Kanneh, a general surgeon as well as Montserrado County Electoral District #13 Representative, Saah Joseph.

According to the Village Coordinator and a member of the organizing committee, Morris Kromah, the honorees were receiving their flowers while they are alive because they, along with several other individuals helped save Liberia from an unknown enemy called Ebola disease that devastated the country in 2014.

Each of the honorees was awarded a gold plaque with an inscription, “The Village awards you with this plaque for your contribution to humanity during the Ebola crisis.”

In separate statements, each honoree expressed gratitude to members of The Village for recognizing their efforts in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus that led to the World Health Organization declaration of the country as Ebola-free.

Dr. Kanneh expressed gratitude to Liberians for their resilience in the Ebola fight, but urged them not to wait until a situation escalates in case of any future outbreak.

Rep. Saah Joseph, however, informed the gathering that he was disappointed that Liberia’s health sector has remained where it was prior to the Ebola outbreak.

He called for concerted efforts to improve the sector.

Dr. Swaray said he was overwhelmed by the honor, but attributed the country’s poor health delivery system to uncoordinated activities at the Ministry of Health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on May 9 officially declared Liberia an Ebola-free country following almost a year of devastation caused by the EVD.

Sunday’s ceremony brought together several other individuals including the manager and CEO of AMINATA Petroleum Services, Siaka Toure, politician Jura Sanoe and the head of The Village, Mohammed Kromah, among others.

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