The Saints-Friskies Boat Cruise Through The City Of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

National President of SFAA Stephen Koffa posed with the Principal of St. Teresa's Convent Sister Evelina De Guglielmo (FMM) after receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award from the USA Association. (Photo: Fred Smith, Jr.)

By Fred Smith, Jr. (USA)

Saints-Friskies Alumni Association of the USA Chapter climaxed their 24TH Annual Convention over the United States of America’s Memorial Weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by bestowing honors on the Principal of St. Teresa’s convent Sister Evelina De Guglielmo of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Institute (FMM) and the Former Vice Principal/Basketball Coach of St. Patrick’s High school, The Late Alexander Kojo Anderson, affectionately known as “Psycho”  (Class of ‘70’- Posthumous Honor) with Lifetime achievement Awards.

Former Teacher/Administrator/Author of St. Patrick’s High School (Retired) Brother Tom Dillman, CSC of the Holy Cross Community in Ghana who rendered 28 years of ministry to Liberia that include producing textbooks for the senior high school program in Catholic Schools in Liberia also got the Lifetime Achievement Award last Saturday at the Convention Ball & Benefit Dinner held at Prospect Lodge Hall, hosted by the Northeastern Chapter of St. Patrick’s and St. Teresa’s Convent High School.

In addressing the convention in Philadelphia after receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award for her 39 years of commitment and dedication of services to Liberia and 47 years in total to Africa, the 75-year-old principal of St. Teresa’s Convent Sister Evelina De Guglielmo said that she was very happy to be at the convention and witnessed firsthand the unity that exists among the Saints-Friskies Alumni Association in the USA. The Principal of St. Teresa’s Convent Sister Evelina further stated that “All of you are my Children,” and that she is praying for the reopening of St. Patrick High school sometime in the near future in Monrovia, Liberia.

Sister Evelina said that the children of St. Teresa’s Convent are very grateful to the Saints-Friskies Alumni Association for their extensive help and financial contributions to the school.  The assistance includes 51 scholarships to help needy and challenged girls receive a quality education in Liberia.

The Principal of STC’s Sister Evelina concluded her brief remarks by thanking all the teachers who made great marks on the lives of these students and who dedicated their lives for helping students. “Thank you for giving me an award for something that I should have done anyway,” said Sister De Guglielmo.

The National President of the Saints-Friskies Alumni Association Stephen Jaitoh Koffa, Jr. (Class of 79), in giving his remarks, acknowledgement and appreciation, said that the Saints-Friskies Alumni Association is in good standing with regulatory compliance and organization infrastructure. President Koffa highlighted the Alumni Association’s achievements by meeting all legal requirements with the State of Maryland and Delaware respectively. President Koffa stated that Harvard Business Services have agreed to be the agent of the Alumni Association for the State of Delaware, while Lawyer Patricia Minikon, Chair of SFAA’s Regulatory Affairs Committee will volunteer to serve as the Alumni Association Registered Agent in the State of Maryland.

The National President of SFAA Koffa said that 51 girls at St. Teresa’s Convent got scholarships through a successful program undertaken by the Alumni Association called “Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S) at a cost of $24,145.01 President Stephen Koffa said that one of his administration’s top priority will be to double the number of A2S Scholarship to 100 girls in 2018-2019. He said that the A2S Program now has 62 sponsors and will need 38 more sponsors to meet the organization’s target of 100 girls scholarships at St. Teresa’s Convent.

The National President of Saints-Friskies Alumni Association Stephen Koffa, Jr., elaborated his administration’s second project will be the Rebuilding and Reopening of St. Patrick’s High School through the Committee, called “ Committee To Rebuild St. Patrick’s” (CORES) Chaired by the organization’s national treasurer Charles E. Cooper IV. President Stephen said the amount in St. Patrick’s Rebuilding Funds amounted to $36,000.  CORES Chairman Charles E. Cooper IV said that the committee will be working on viewing all documents related to ELWA Site and the Ground Breaking of the New St. Patrick’s Rebuilding and Reopening School. According to the National Treasurer of SFAA/ Chairman of CORES Charles Cooper IV, the committee will attempt to engage the Catholic Education Committee and the Archbishop of Liberia to understand previous arrangements pertaining to the Ground Breaking and the Rebuilding Project of St. Patrick’s High School. President Stephen Koffa overall strategy will be to take care of the needs of the girls at St. Teresa’s first and through them will effectively enable the rebuilding and opening of St. Patrick’s High School.

National President Koffa emphasized that SFAA will reactivate chapters in Liberia and Washington, D.C., as part of the Alumni Association’s attempts in reaching out to its members. President Koffa praised the success of SFAA’s Website: as a viable and effective way of communicating to the Saints-Friskies Families. The website got 19,000 visitors and experienced traffic on special features like Social Media, ShoutOuts and FPA News Stories.

President Koffa illustrated the new chapters structure to three regions: Northeastern-Headquarter: Philadelphia; Southeastern-Headquarter: Atlanta, GA; and Southwestern-Headquarter: Houston, Texas.

The alumni association’s official address will remain in Maryland and a city location will be left with the executive board of SFAA to determine. Communications among Saints-Friskies’ members can be addressed to Saints Friskies Alumni Association, C% Charles Cooper- Treasurer, 1701 Doral Court, Mitchellville, MD 20721.

The National President Stephen Koffa concluded the working business meeting by displaying SFAA’s Bereavement Courtesy Guidelines for members to review and implement whenever deaths occurred within the the Saints-Friskies Families in the United States of America.

Here are the other 2018 Honorees at SFAA 24TH National Convention in Philadelphia: Vice Principal of St. Teresa’s Convent (Class of 1986) Wokie Kpanyor with the Distinguished Service Award; National Treasurer of SFAA of St. Patrick’s High School (Class of 1988) Charles E. Cooper IV with Distinguished Service Award; Former St. Teresa’s Convent Teacher/Public Health Official of Liberia (STC Class 1984) and recent Graduate with Masters of Medical Science in Global Health Delivery Degree from Harvard Medical  School’s  Department of Global Health and Social Medicine (Class of 2018) Dr. Odell W. Kumeh with the Alma Mater Spirit Award; and Co-founder and Executive Director of Help Educate & Assist Lives (HEAL INC) based in Atlanta , Georgia/St. Patrick’s High School (Class of 1988) Sando Karneh with the Humanitarian Service Award.      Fred Smith- Author of this Story @ (424) 202-8599 (Photos later)


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