The Need for a National Education Technology Plan (NETP)


The Chargé d’Affaires of the Qatari Embassy accredited near Monrovia, Shamsan Abdullah Al-Sada, last Wednesday paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Marjon V. Kamara, during which he informed the Minister that the Embassy would start issuing visas soon.

Mr. Al-Sada informed Minister Kamara that the issue of Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) was almost completed and that his country’s Ministry of Finance was concluding modalities on the issuance of visas here in Liberia, a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

Al-Sada thanked Minister Kamara for receiving him despite her busy schedule and expressed concerns about the relationship subsisting between the two countries, adding that his embassy wants to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Qatar and Liberia.

He expressed gratitude to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her interest in the DTA, and informed her that the Qatari government has ratified the Air Service Agreement Treaty (ASAT) and encouraged the Liberian side to do the same.

Among other things, Al-Sada told Minister Kamara that the Qatari government is now ready to sign more treaties for the mutual benefit of both countries and peoples, adding: “The Embassy’s doors are always opened to Liberia.”

Before Minister Kamara’s response, the Deputy Foreign Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Integration, Dehpue Zuo, informed the Minister of the enormous progress that is being made working along with other sectors of the Liberian government.

Responding after welcoming Chargé d’Affaires Al-Sada, Minister Kamara expressed government’s appreciation of Qatar’s diplomatic presence in Liberia, and wished that the relationships between the nations remain effective and concretized to the mutual benefit of both countries and peoples.

She informed Mr. Al-Sada that the concerns he had raised would be taken to President Sirleaf for her immediate action; and she assured him that Liberia is working diligently to meet her side of the treaties.

“I will convey all the sentiments you have raised to the President. I can assure you that she will attach importance to them,” she told Mr. Al-Sada.

Regarding their request for a parcel of land to construct their embassy, she informed Mr. Al-Sada that the matter was under consideration. She further informed him that their other request for state security for their Embassy was being processed.


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