National Youth Manifesto Paramount to October 10 Elections

Panelists at the debate

– Emmanuel Zeyoe, President, YPLC

By Simeon S. Wiakanty

The president of the Young Political Leadership School (YPLC) Class-4  has stressed the need for political parties across the country to begin the discussion and signing of the National Youth Manifesto because of its importance to the pending elections.

Mr. Emmanuel Zeyoe made the remarks over the weekend during during the second of ten debates organized by the (YPLC). The debates are aimed at bringing attention to the National Youth Manifesto which many political parties are yet to sign. The YPLC is being sponsored by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

Emmanuel Zeyoe:”Let political institutions be signatories to the Manifesto so that when they are elected and go contrary to the document, they will be held accountable.”

According to Zeyoe, the National Youth Manifesto was crafted by the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) among other organizations including the National Youth for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE). The Manifesto, Zeyoe said, specifically speaks to the lives of young Liberians and how politicians should actually add to their platforms, issues that concern the young people of Liberia.

“The National Youth Manifesto should be seen as a commitment by aspirants and political leaders who will eventually become leaders of the country (and are expected) to subscribe to the Manifesto and will conduct themselves accordingly for the benefit of Liberian youth,” he said

The YPLC is currently taking the National Youth Manifesto to aspirants and political leaders in Margibi, Grand Bassa and Montserrado counties, with plans to reach out to other counties before the elections on October 10. Zeyoe disclosed to the Daily Observe that many political institutions are yet to sign the Manifesto which, according to him, is paramount to the conduct of the 2017 elections.

He assured the public that the organization will do everything possible before the elections are held to get each political party to sign the Manifesto. He named the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Grass Root Democratic Party (GRDP), the All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Liberian Transformation Party (LTP) as political institutions that have signed the Manifesto. “Let political institutions be signatories to the Manifesto so that when they are elected and go contrary to the document, they will be held accountable,” he added.

Zeyoe said he is encouraging every young Liberian that has reached the age of decision making during these elections “to follow every event concerning the National Youth Manifesto,” adding that “if every youth can know and understand the Manifesto, it will serve as a guideline to everyone.”

The youth representative of the YMCA has frowned on political institutions that have not signed the Manifesto. Abigail B. L Freeman, who also served as one of the panelists during the just ended debate, said “it is important to know that the National Youth Manifesto will be to the advantage of all Liberian youth,” who constitute about 55 percent of the total population of Liberia, “and everything that will be done must be in their interest and of the generations to come.” Freeman told the participants that over the years young people were not able to understand their role with regards to elections, “and that is why they used to vote on the basis of sentiments, but the National Youth Manifesto will help many youth to know what they want and how they will get it.”

Freeman called on the youth to evaluate the platform of every aspirant and political leader “so as to avoid previous mistakes that were made.” She concluded by pleading with the youth of Liberia to remain peaceful and civil as the country goes to the polls on October 10.


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