The Little Girl Who Awaits UnityPoint Health Team

Team of Doctors from UnityPoint Health team a day before their arrival in Liberia.

A little girl and her family in the Caldwell community, a neighborhood whose population has doubled since its road infrastructure was improved a couple of years ago, has a special message for the American Doctors from UnityPoint Health, who arrived in Liberia on November 3 to render free health services to those who are sick and unable to afford medical care on their own.

The little girl, God’s Gift Gray said “I was three years old when I fell down while wrestling with one of my siblings. I hit my head and a knot came there. I remember crying and my grandparents rubbing the place with their hands until the pain went away. Now five years later, there is a very large growth and what feels like bone, sticking out of the left side of my face.

“I have lost weight and every day I cry with pain. Recently someone saw my grandparents and told them that if I don’t seek medical treatment immediately, things will get worse and I could die. I do not want to die. Please hurry and come to Monrovia so you can help me so I can live.”

A team of doctors from UnityPoint Health from the United States arrived in Liberia on Friday, jubilant and ready to serve Liberia after seeing so many photos of the sick and receiving appeals from members of Liberia through Rep. Saah Joseph, (Mont. County District #13) for a joint effort to help the sick.

UnityPoint Health Team along side nursing students attend to patients.

Upon their arrival, the team proceeded to Kakata where they started work on yesterday.  Lines as long as half a mile of some very sick people, welcomed the medical team with sullen and sad looks of pain on their faces.

The doctors and specialists saw to those who had malaria, eye sight problems, chronic pneumonia, stomach, breast, head, joint, muscle and various pains. Everyone was examined and treated free of charge. The doctors are due to arrive in Bomi County.

“Thanks to the Lord, the people of Margibi County are given the opportunity to good health care. The number of persons here that are sick is unbelievable. Therefore I have decided to give Monday as another working day in Kakata for the medical team. Tuesday by God’s grace we will be in Bomi County. Please join us in prayer for a successful working day,” Rep. Joseph said.

According to Rep. Joseph, who has made tireless efforts to develop his district he has opened a free vocational school program in District #13. The Vision Vocational Program that includes nursing is proud to see some of his students among medical workers.

“I am happy to see my medical students working alongside our medical team from the USA. Our kids can do much better if only the opportunity is given them,” he added.

UnityPoint Health has a vision for health care, which commits to living up to their motto, “Best outcome for every patient every time.”

Their team of professionals communicates with everyone directly to clearly and effectively address their health care in the most appropriate setting.

“Whether that is a clinic, a hospital or at home, our 30,000 employees, including home care experts, our hospital teams and more than 9,000 doctors or specialists, focus on your care, your concerns and your health. We are constantly looking for better ways to work together to improve the way health care is delivered,” according to their site

For the meantime little girls like the one featured in this article prayed for their safe arrival in Monrovia, to touch and heal those who have waited for professionals like themselves to come and relieve them of their agony of pain.


  1. Claudia, I was a member of the team from Unity Point Health that visited Liberia. I would love to get a copy of the newspaper that this article appeared in. Can you please get me information about how to purchase this paper and any others that mentioned our team. My e-mail is Thank you so much for the coverage and the article.


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