Senator Dillon Breaks Ground for Proposed Zogo Rehab Center

Montserrado County Senator, Darius Dillon, breaking ground for the project in Paynesville

-Breaks ground for US$60K Rehab Center

Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon’s persistent call for support to disadvantaged youths popularly referred to as ‘Zogos’ seems to be taking root as he breaks ground for a US$60,000 rehabilitation center to host these men and women in the near future. Senator Dillon sees those disadvantaged youth as the most imminent danger hanging over the Liberian society.

It is out of the need of addressing this situation and many others that Senator Dillon campaigned last year among other platforms for the Senatorial post of Montserrado County. He sees this group of people as his most paramount project during his brief tenure in the Senate and even beyond if re-elected in the mid-term election that remains uncertain for this year. He has often said that nothing is reckless from a national perspective than abandoning those disadvantaged youth—as the more they are neglected, the more dangerous they become to the society.

This according to Senator Dillon was the nationalistic cause among a few other messages that he frequently shared with his supporters during the by-election campaign, and he intended it to ensure pragmatic changes in the governance system of the country.  The rest of his messages centered around exposing the corrupt and dishonest practices in the Legislature, disclose salaries and benefits of Senators and cut his salary to a take-home of US$5,000 if above this figure; promises he has fulfilled for which he is popularly known as ‘Light’ in the Senate.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker, who believes that tackling the “Zogos” crisis should be a national effort, has thought to take the lead by breaking grounds for the construction of a rehabilitation center in Cooper Farm, Rehab Community, Montserrado County to take in few of those “Vulnerable citizens.”

“This center will be for members of our population whose mental directions are being consumed by illegal substances,” Dillon said at the ceremony which took place on Friday, May 15, 2020.  He described the vulnerable citizens as “national security threats” that must be aborted immediately.

The project is called the Center for Rehabilitation and Integration (CERI), and it is constructed under the auspices of “The Dillon Foundation Inc.”

The area selected for the project is a compound that is completely dilapidated, and it will take a large portion to be demolished and rebuilt.

“We will do a complete rebuilding of this place; we will change this place. This place looks dilapidated. We will fence this place and we will work to make it good for our brothers and sisters,” he said.

“We as a country need to think about this group of our citizens. They are national security threats and if nothing is done to make them productive citizens our society will continue to be a danger,” he said.

He added that the number of those disadvantaged youths continues to increase daily and it was time to take positive actions to reduce the number.

“If we rehabilitate one Zogo, he or she can build a skyscraper, and if we don’t, they will break it down. They too need to live, and this is a long-term project. We will rehabilitate them, detox them and make them productive citizens,” he said, adding,  “We will continue to put the Light on. This project is in our heart.”

When questioned about the sustainability plan for the project even if out of the Senatorial position, the lawmaker said the center belongs to Monsterrado and the Liberian Government, and he is just the driver.

Architectural design of Dillon’s rehab project site

“I am the driver, the Friends of Dillon doing it for the people of Monsterrado County. This should be a national concern. The current status of our brothers and sisters should be a national concern. I am just showing the light, the government will come in,” Senator Dillon noted.

The Center will contain a dormitory with 11 bedrooms, clinics, chapels for Muslims and Christians, training centers, parking lots, storage among others.

According to Senator Dillon, the first set of beneficiaries will be 20 females and their babies that are currently living in cemeteries and other unhealthy places in Montserrado County.

He lauded the USA chapter of The Friends of Dillon in the Diaspora headed by Emmanuel Yarto for the initial contribution of US$16,000.00 to the project. The Chairman of the Cooper Farm Community, David F. Cooper, said the community remains a center for humanitarian works dating as far as the days of their father.

He thanked Senator Dillon for the initiative and pledged the unflinching support of the community people to ensure that the objectives of the center are achieved.

CERI Project Officer, Rev. Horace P. Nagbe said Dillon’s performance since his ascendancy as a Senator makes him the real light. Rev. Nagbe said:  “Senator Dillon is giving Liberians the light and I’m of the strongest conviction that his vision will go beyond Monsterrado County to cover the entire country.


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