The Last Well Trains 75 Households on Water Filter Buckets

Filter bucket training in Bentol, Montserrado County

The Christian charity, The Last Well has conducted a three-day training on the usage and maintenance of the water filter bucket as part of efforts to ensure that the implementation of the Clean Water Access Project in Rural Montserrado County is  sustained.

The training, which was held in Bentol, Montserrado County, brought together 75 heads of households from several catchment communities.

The Last Well held the training in collaboration with Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph, and the local authorities.

The training provided the platform for the project beneficiaries to have a clear understanding and ability in managing and using the filter.

Last Well trainers, Richard Whenda and Christopher Smith, said that the Bentol training is a startup to some of the expected training opportunities in other parts of rural Montserrado County.

“We have already distributed 75 of the Sawyer Filter buckets to 75 households as a startup,” Whenda said. He and Smith, in separate statements at the training, provided specifics in the usage of the filter bucket. They then cautioned the beneficiaries to use the filter buckets for their intended purpose.

The two trainers from The Last Well further said that the beneficiaries were very receptive throughout the training. The beneficiaries praised The Last Well for initiating such a project in the rural communities.

According to them, the filter bucket immensely contributed to the fight against water borne diseases.

“I feel safe now to drink water from the creek because the water filter bucket has purified the water. Therefore, we are grateful to the management of the Last Well,” a beneficiary said.

About 170,510 inhabitants from rural Liberia, mainly in Montserrado County District #1, within 18 months, are waiting to benefit from a Clean Water Access Project funded by The Last Well, a United States-based nonprofit organization.

The Clean Water Access Project is estimated about US$560,000. The Last Well is also expected to construct 108 new hand pumps, rehabilitate 69 hand pumps, and distribute 8,117 water filters to households in 712 communities in Montserrado County Electoral District #1.

The safe drinking water project aims to eliminate water scarcity and get rid of waterborne diseases.

The Clean Water Access Project will climax the 10-year campaign, which began in 2009, thus bringing safe drinking water and gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the entire country by December 2020, reaching about 2.1 million Liberians. The total cost of the 10-year project is US$31 million.


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