The Last Well to Create Business Opportunities for Liberians

Officials of The Last Well, Government Representatives and partners at the water sector investment conference.

— Holds investment and partners conference

In a bid to maintain and sustain its gains made by providing safe drinking water through the construction of hand pumps and the distribution of water filters, The Last Well has decided to get engaged in social marketing to create business opportunities for citizens after its 2020 deadline of providing free water to Liberians.

A conference, sponsored by The Last Well on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, brought together the organization’s partners, Government and private entrepreneurs in the Water sector.

Dr. Todd Philips, president of the Last Well, who spoke at the start of the conference in Margibi County, informed participants at the one day occasion that The Last Well for more than 10 years has been providing safe water across Liberia and decided to graduate from the provision of free water to social marketing.

Dr. Philips indicated that investing in the water sector of Liberia would bring about job opportunities and also promote the economy of Liberia.

He said the investment would not only focus on water but other areas in the economy as a means of bringing about economic empowerment amongst the Liberians.

Shayne Vermallay, an American investor and Co-founder of Carbon Group, a social venture fund, said the conference is intended to elevate the water sector to another level with the intent of creating opportunities for Liberians.

He said the social marketing strategy by The Last Well would create a platform for young Liberians to obtain skills in various vocations that will make them marketable in their own country.

Mr. Vermallay said the social marketing would transform unskilled Liberians into skilled Liberians that will contribute to the infrastructure development of the country.

Kelli Schroder, Communications Manager for The Last Well, said social marketing will greatly help to maintain the investment The Last Well has made in Liberia.

She said The Last Well wants to graduate from the provision of free water to the investment in water and other areas in the Liberian economy.

Madam Schroder said the social marketing will serve as a tool to maintain the facilities already constructed by The Last Well.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works, through its Deputy Minister for Rural Development and Community Service, Benjamin Bantoe, said the work of The Last Well has brought great relief to Liberians as it relates to the provision of safe drinking water.

Deputy Minister Bantoe thanked the Christian charity for buttressing government of Liberia efforts by constructing and distributing water filter buckets to several Liberians across the country.

Minister Bantoe also praised the Last Well for the investment initiative which, he said, “will create employment for Liberians.”

In a related development, the WASH Commission of Liberia, the Director of Regulations at the Commission, Peter Fayiah, thanked the charity for organizing the investment and partners conference.

“I am of the conviction that the conference will greatly address the issues of safe drinking water in Liberia,” he added.

Since its arrival in 2009, The Last Well has been providing safe drinking water to over 2.1 Million Liberians across the country, through the construction and rehabilitation of wells, as well as the distribution of the water filter buckets.

Presently, The Last Well has ongoing projects in Lofa, Nimba, Margibi County and River Gee Counties, targeting several thousand persons with the provision of safe drinking water.


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