The Last Well Delegation Arrives Today

The Last Well president, Todd Philiphs

— Hold talks with government, WASH actors

A high-powered delegation of The Last Well, a Christian charity organization from the United States, is expected in the country as guests of the Liberian government, a release has said. Headed by its president, Todd Philips, the delegation will meet with members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Last Well delegation will also meet with officials of the Public Works Ministry and the WASH Commission with the specific objective to inform the government of the progress of The Last Well in their ongoing efforts to provide clean drinking water to the people of Liberia through a broad-based consortium of government agencies, NGOs and Liberian contractors.

The delegation will use the medium to provide charity plans in coordination with the Liberia WASH Commission, and other agencies for the next 18 months to achieve its goal of “Clean Water for All” by 2020.

They will also invite key stakeholders to speak at an annual Last Well Conference, and then request a dedicated liaison from key stakeholders to assist the charity efforts over the next 18 months, and to keep principals informed of progress as it relates to their intervention; share plans for The Last Well to engage investors in social enterprise solutions in the water sector as well.

The meeting will also provide the platform to introduce stakeholders to Shayne Veramallay, founder and managing partner at Carbon Group, a Social Venture Fund investigating business opportunities in Liberia.

According to the Last Well Senior WASH Adviser and Government Engagement Specialist, Abdu Koroma, the delegation will also meet both local international actors in the WASH sector.

Among other engagements, Koroma said, the delegation will access the progress of its safe water projects in Nimba, Margibi and Lofa counties, while exploring other opportunities to assist Liberians get access to safe drinking water.

As part of its activities in 2019, the Christian charity organization has intervened in Lofa County, constructing and rehabilitating wells and providing water filter buckets to 220,517 residents in Foya, Kolahun, Quadru Gboni, Salayea, Vahun, Voinjama, and Zorzor districts.

In Nimba County, the charity launched a safe and clean water project that targeted the construction of a total of 253 new wells, rehabilitation of 287 hand pumps and the distribution 9,070 water filter bucket to households in 1,364 communities.

The Last Well has also initiated a project in Margibi County, targeting 129,237 persons. Its focuses on the construction of 70 new wells, rehabilitation of 31 hand pumps and the 8,181 water filter buckets to households to 827 communities in the county.

The Last Well Access to Clean Water Project in Nimba and Margibi counties is supported by the Page Family Foundation and the Magna Imperio Systems.

According to the release, the organization also constructed 90 new hand pumps to the local administration of Grand Bassa County and beneficiaries. The pumps were constructed in all of the eight districts in the county with the aim of providing safe water to several towns and villages.

The Last Well also provided water filter buckets to over 23,000 households in the county and also rehabilitated 47 hand pumps. Engagements with the counties are part of efforts along with partners, including the Government of Liberia, to provide safe and clean water to Liberians.


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