The Impact of County, Social Development Projects in Bong


As the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf draws to an end, every county administration is working to account for projects undertaken during her administration.

One such county official is Bong County Superintendent Selena Polson Mappy who was re-appointed by the President immediately upon returning to her job after unsuccessfully contesting for electoral district #6 against Maima Briggs Mensah, an independent candidate in the October 10 elections.

The projects in pictures cover the period 2012 to 2017 with funding from the County Development Fund (CDF) and the County Social Development Fund (CSDF).

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last June 21, arrived in Bong County on the final leg of her nationwide farewell tour, which took her to Belefania, Palala, Zota, Mano-Wainsue, Ganmue, and Bellemue, among others.

During Superintendent Mappy’s administration, several development projects were completed and were turned over to the people of Bong County by President Sirleaf during her final tour.


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