‘The Hour is Upon Us to Rebuild Liberia’

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“The hour is now upon us to rebuild the nation and give birth to the new Liberia in which our children and their children’s children will not have to beg for bread or heavily depend upon foreign aid, but foreign direct investment and domestic resources to develop our country, “Pro Tempore Armah Zolu Jallah challenged citizens of Margibi County residing in the United States.

Senator Jallah made the statement on Saturday, September 12, in Madison, Wisconsin, at the 8th National Convention of Margibi Association of America, Incorporated (MASSA).

“The new Liberia must be where all find solace and serenity. However, back home, the debate about dual-citizenship is surging and the tidal waves are mixed with diverging opinions on this matter and I commend this as the real demonstration of our democracy – a political philosophy we fought for and a governance tradition we cherish and wish to perfect before passing on to future generations.”

He continued: “So as we do that, we must remember that our children born in the Diaspora or abroad as a consequence of circumstance would blame us for not entrenching the democratic tradition that would allow for the full participation of every Liberian. This is the thought which haunts me every time I contemplate the subject of Dual Citizenship. To be honest, it is they, the unborn generations who would be found around the world that we may likely be ostracizing if we fail to understand that Liberia belongs to all Liberians.”

He told the gathering that the celebrations quicken a sense of belonging, responsibility, and a true sense of patriotism in every Liberian living abroad – not just Margibians.

“This occasion reminds us that we are one people; it sends a message to all of us that we have a common interest and a common bond that ties us together,” he said.

“The New Liberia: where do you stand in its recovery agenda?” the Margibi County lawmaker asked.

He noted that the new Liberia represents the Liberian Project, and the Liberian Dream to modernize the country and provide all the basic necessities for its citizens such as education, electricity, safe drinking water and good road network.

“The Liberian Project is the ongoing agenda to make the Liberian Dream a reality. Each Liberian deserves to live a decent life of harmony and prosperity,” he said.

Reflecting on the 14 year senseless civil crisis which, he said, destroyed the prospect of a flourishing nation, Senator Jallah lamented that that singular event represents how low human depravity can sink “when we lose sight of the future! We must therefore make the solemn pledge never to choose war as an option to solve our problems; no more.”

The full text of Pro Temp statement is published in today’s edition of the Daily Observer.


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