The Hage Family in Court Again

Milad Hage property in dispute

After years of intense wrangling without a final determination on who owns the late Milad Hage’s estate, an investigative survey authorized by the Probate Court established that portions of the property were double deeded by family members.

Shortly after the judge made the discovery, all hell broke loose in court among members of the Hage family.

The survey conducted by the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) was ordered by Judge Boima Kontoe.

The late Hage was a Lebanese businessman who left several properties that are now at the center of litigation.

Shortly after Hage’s death, one of his wives, Oumou Sirleaf Hage, a Liberian, took legal action against some of Hage’s family members, including Bassam H. Jawhary, who is now deceased.

In his ruling, Judge Kontoe said the survey discovered that 1.9 lots of land were acquired by one of the wives, identified as Nohad Hage, on August 4, 1989 from one John J. Dossen, and subsequently probated and registered on August 11 that same year.

Kontoe said Oumou Sirleaf Hage, one of the widows, presented her deed with a purchase date of October 18, 1986, which was subsequently probated and registered on November 12, 1996.

The judge said another lot of land was also purchased on behalf of the same parties, Oumou and Nohad, who also received similar deeds for the same property.

“The two deeds verified at the National Archives show that the property was purchased in favor of Bachir Milad Hage, Nohad Hage and Rockel Milad Hage on June 29, 1999,” Kontoe explained.

“However, Oumou’s deed shows that the same land was purchased in favor of Bachir and Rockel Hage on June 29, 1999, probated and registered on July 5, 1999,” said Kontoe.

After observing the irregularities, Kontoe ordered Oumou to submit within 15 days all supporting documents and incomes that Nohad Hage has generated from the property.

“Oumou will also produce bank accounts and deposits made on some of the properties that are jointly owned by Nohad Hage, Bachir Milad Hage and Rockel Milad Hage respectively,” the Probate Court judge instructed.


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