Ganta Hospital to Modernize OR


The Ganta United Methodist Hospital (GUMH) is modernizing its operating theater and making improvements to the obstetric ward (OB ward), the hospital’s administrator has said.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer recently, the administrator, Patrick Martor, said with funding from the Global Ministry and United Methodist Church, the hospital will rehabilitate and furnish its operating theater with modern medical equipment.

He said the OB ward will be included in the renovation with the improvement of sanitary conditions such as tiling the walls to enable cleaners to effectively do their work.

“We are going to bring in modern medical facilities for the OB ward, tile the entire wall and install a sliding door,” he said.

Since last year the GUMH has been under renovation, giving the hospital a much needed facelift.

The hospital’s morgue was also renovated with the installation of sanitation facilities and air conditioners.

“We will be relocating the powerhouse and clear the entire grounds for a car park and emergency services,” said Martor.

The Ganta United Methodist Hospital is one of the oldest referral hospitals in Nimba County. It also runs an annex in the nearby Guinean town of Djeke.

It may be recalled that in 2014, the hospital was almost downgraded to a clinic when it ran out of medicines and other medical supplies owing to allegations of fraud, which resulted in the withdrawal of donor support.

But since Martor’s administration took over a few years ago, things have improved, with a key project, “Drug Revolving Fund,” launched to keep the hospital adequately supplied with drugs.

“In this scheme, any money generated from the sale of medicines goes to purchase more medicines to make more available,” he said.


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