The EU Signs over US$59M Support to Liberia’s Social, Economic Development

Madam Hélèn Cavé, head of the European Delegation to Liberia

The European Union (EU) and the Government of Liberia signed today two Financing Agreements which will lead to new programmes in support to Liberia’s social and economic development and recovery from challenges caused by the recent Coronavirus pandemic. The programmes will target  Rural Electrification (prioritizing the South-East region) with EUR 42 million (around USD 46 Million) and support demand driven Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for young people in Liberia with a total of EUR 12 million (around USD 13 Million)

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many African countries, and the EU immediately reacted in helping Liberia but the wider development agenda of the country should not be forgotten. Together with the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon. Samuel Tweah, the EU Ambassador Hélène Cavé launched two new programmes under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). With these two new programmes, all funds under the 11th EDF have now been committed and the EU along with the Government will soon embark on a new programming cycle, to support Liberia financially, targeting some of the priorities of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) from 2021 until 2027.

The objective of the Rural Electrification Programme in South East Liberia is to stimulate the socio-economic development and thereby improve the living conditions of the semi-rural population. The programme is structured in a way to attract and catalyse the investments of the private sector to provide renewable, sustainable and affordable energy to those rural areas currently not being served with electricity. This programme is part of a wider agenda that will further reinforce the already strong partnership between the EU and Liberia in the area of energy infrastructures. In fact, in the last seven years, the EU has dedicated over EUR 100 million to strengthen Liberia in this field. The EU Ambassador stressed that, “We remain committed to our common objective to support and improve the infrastructural development in Liberia and look forward to work closely with all stakeholders involved during the implementation of the project, for a smooth and successful construction of the electricity sector, for the benefit of the populations of Liberia.”

On behalf of the Government of Liberia; Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of Finance and Development Planning signed two Financing Agreements under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) in a Webex e-ceremony.

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme will include promotion of innovative approaches to TVET at upper-secondary school level, provide competitive funding facilities and support private-sector employers in policy dialogues. In complementarity to the ongoing EU funded project ‘Youth Rising’, the TVET programme will  be focusing on sustainable growth sectors; such as  construction, energy and agricultural value chains by improving the business environment for green employment creation in the construction sector and by scaling up the agriculture value chains for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).The programme will be implemented in collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit –  German development agency) and expand the current cooperation with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation).The EU Ambassador Hélène Cavé stated: “Liberia has a youthful population, with almost 80% of Liberians under the age of 36. In order to offer opportunities to the future of the Nation, Liberia needs sustainable infrastructure in energy and human skills. Together, the EU and Government of Liberia and our Partners UNIDO and GIZ we are now investing heavily in the future. It is important to have sustainable plans that will benefit the people also after today’s challenging times.”

The signing ceremony of the new programmes with the combined value of EUR 54 million, (USD 59 million) took place via an e-ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions, attended by Government representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning; Youth and Sports, Education and Energy and other important stakeholders.


  1. Too much million spent in the name of development, but where’s the IMPACT ? The black man needs to feel the impact from the White man’s burden . So where’s the Impact ? Things are still the same, even when millions of US dollars are pumped in, in the name of development. The World Bank operates in Liberia just as the Clinton Foundation in Haiti . Results = IMPACT.

  2. James, you are asking the same question I asked when I visited Liberia in 2017. After the $6b the international community boasted of spending during twelve years I saw very little evidence of it. There were missed opportunities during the reconstruction. Government seems to have been more interested in paying exorbitant salaries and benefits than building the foundation for development. The Ellen Unity Party government was a disappointment. Visit the Northwestern and Southeastern Liberia; they were a total neglect. The shamelessness is that officials of these disappointing years still have the courage to criticize others. It gets me sick.

  3. Karjah

    You’re quite correct Karjah. I have always thought along the same lines as you when the issue concerning the donors’ aid to Liberia and how mixed the impact has always been, arises.

    To begin with, the country has not been blessed with the right core of leaders. Instead of the leaders becoming partners in development and progress, they instead become strategists in carving out schemes to prolong the people’s misery.

    For example: The World Food Program (WFP’s) efforts to assist marginalized Liberians during this CORONA-Virus pandemic has almost completely stalled because Liberian government officials have politicized the program and are instead demanding that they should be the interlocutors between the WFP donors (the ones who are providing the funds) and the Liberian masses in the handling and dispensing of the funds. And as you are aware, the WFP is part of the United Nations (UN); in this token it has a track record of how corrupt Liberian officials are, given its (the UN) involvement in implementing recovery programs in Liberia over the years. This standoffish behavior on the Liberian government’s part has inflicted and is still inflicting more sufferings on the people.

    Therefore, I have come to the conclusion the reason the impact of donors’ money is not felt the way it should when Liberia receives it is because of gross dishonesty on the part of the government and its elected officials. The practice is retrogressive and it only widen the wealth gap between the super-rich and the super-poor.

  4. Right to be Anonymous, you make no sense. Your ignorance and idiocy on this matter is not surprising.

    What inter alia proves this is your stupidity about “The practice is retrogressive and it only widen the wealth gap between the super-rich and the super-poor”.

    IS IT DONOR AID TO COUNTRIES WHICH WOULD HAVE THE POTENCY OF CLOSING THE “gap between the super-rich and the super-poor”. You are very ignorant and stupid!

    If the nonsense you are spewing here made any sense why would the very EU and the rest of the international community continue to assert and demonstrate their trust, respect, and confidence in the integrity of the government of His Excellency President George Manneh Weah!?

    For all the years you stayed in the PRC Government, you guys imported Amos Sawyer government, and the twelve years you stayed in the corrupt government of Ellenś and Joseph Boakaiś Unity Party government, what did you do. You did just as your peers and or fellow comrades –steal, steat, steal.

    Today because another government is in and doing their best, and you are jobless, you come here to spread your jealousy and hatred which have no effect other than exposing your foolish mentality.

    Again, if the stupidity you are spewing here had any place anywhere, why would the very EU and the rest of the international community continue to assert and demonstrate their trust, respect, and confidence in the integrity of this government?

  5. With all the resources Liberia has, is she going to continuously keep asking for aid?

    Man, man, man…Universe when are you going to bless Liberia.?

    One understands he or she has to go under these painful situations, but pls try and help Liberia overcome..

  6. The CDC inherited an external debt burden of $502.9 million. From the interpretation of common empirical and statistical data, by the end of 2023, it will leave the country with an external debt burden of $3.2 billion.
    There will be no achievements to account for, except for the projects started by the Ellen’s administration and which will be completed under the CDC tenure.
    There will be no added value to the Liberian economy. Our resources will be sold off cheaply to Chinese and other shady businesspeople.
    The human resources will even become poorer; there will be brain drain again of the few trained technocrats.
    Local and central governments will once again become amateurish; the few skillful administrators trained in good governance in Ghana and other friendly countries have started being replaced (at 30% now) by untrained and unqualified disgruntled CDCians.

    Vote out CDC in 2023 to put an end to this shameful and heartbroken catastrophe. Liberia should be leading West Africa, not the other way around.

  7. Have you asked yourself why America is uneasy with the rise of China???Oh, yes, so called developing countries must remain dependent on aid from the West. This is the goal of the West on the grand chess board of international politics. The world is fundamentally divided between CENTRE NATIONS (America, Germany, China, Japan, Great Britain ETC. AND PERIPHERY NATIONS (developing countries).

    Accordingly, mechanisms of IMPERIALISM ensure that there will always be a hierarchy between Centre and Periphery, because the Centre in the Periphery (eg. ELITES, agents of cartels disguising as political candidates, etc.) only serves as A TRANSMISSION BELT(commercial firms, trading companies for value of raw materials forwarded to the Centre Nation.

    But things are changing now, especially with issues such as America anticipating abandoning its expansionism foreign policies, other P5s questioning why should America dominate the world, as other supranational and international actors determined to incinerate this phenomenon of sphere of influence which feeds imperialism.

  8. Momoh, not under this God-Sent Government of God-Sent – President Weah who is building us a great nation inter alia through free university and college education, his construction of post-modern roads throughout the country -unprecedented and revolutionary developments which are bound to have positive impacts on all other aspects of the major and minor sources of our economy – iron ore, rubber, timber, maritime, gold, diamond, fishing, oil, etc. etc.


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