‘The Committee Has Heard Enough’

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

Sen. Teahjay concedes, as Nwabudike fumbles over birth records

“Mr. witness, I think the Committee has heard enough, right now it is clear that there are issues that need to be further explained… and at this point, we will end the confirmation hearing; and Sergeant-at-arms, you may proceed to discharge the witness.”

That was how the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions, Senator J. Milton Teahjay, abruptly ended the confirmation proceedings yesterday for the Chairman-designate of the National Elections Commission, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike.

Senator Teahjay’s apparent abrupt decision to unprecedentedly end the confirmation hearing, came after the nominee admitted that he did not have the original copy of his naturalization document besides the faded photocopy that he retrieved from his files at the Supreme Court.

As if that was not enough bewilderment for the jam-packed hearing, Cllr. Nwabudike admitted to a finding by Senator Jonathan Kaipay that the Liberian passport he carries states his year of birth as 1963, while his academic records at the University of Liberia says he was born on October 2, 1965.

The nominee, however, tried to clarify that “what is written on the record at UL, I don’t have control over that, but I have my passport.”

Perhaps the straw that might have broken the camel’s back came when River Gee Senator Conmany B. Wesseh launched a historic lecture, recalling Liberia’s assistance to other Africans who later became leaders of their country, or held other prominent positions; he mentioned the late South Africa President Nelson Mandela, Namibia President Sam Nujoma who attended the University of Liberia and Nigerian President Namdi Azikwe and others.

“I stand to try to erase an impression that is being given in some quarters that this effort of questioning the nominee is a xenophobic attempt to deny somebody who is of African origin participating in our democratic process; the issue before us is whether or not the person has the credibility, beginning with the truth of his nationality,” Senator Wesseh declared before going into his historic lecture.

The Senator continued by informing the nominee that, “I just want our colleague and the world to know that this effort is not xenophobic. Liberians have been welcoming other nationals of negro descent; President Edward James Roye was of Igbo descent, but he was a freed [man of color] in the United States and came here, and through a DNA test, he was discovered to be an Igbo, just like our brother here.”

The Senator concluded by saying that the question was about a gentleman who claims to be a Liberian, “who, when he was fourteen years old he said he started the process of becoming a Liberian, and at seventeen, he took on Liberian citizenship, and our law does not provide for that to happen. This man is not telling us the truth and has deceived the President of our country, and we need to protect the President. He has deceived the Judiciary by allowing the Supreme Court to admit him as a lawyer, deceived our academic institutions, the University of Liberia giving him a degree when he went there as a Liberian student when he was not a Liberian.”

Senator Wesseh furthered that Cllr. Nwabudike deceived the Legislature, especially the Senate, which the same committee confirmed him as chairman of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission, “and served illegally without being confirmed at the Governance Commission for almost a year; and deceived the Liberia National Bar Association. So with all of these deceptions, I think the honorable thing that my good friend can do, is to withdraw himself, save the country embarrassment, his family from embarrassment and save our President from embarrassment.”

A member of the Bar Association last night told the Daily Observer that Cllr Nwanbudike has been forwarded to that Association’s ethics committee for investigation.

The political leader of the Liberty Party, Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, has called for the prosecution of the NEC Chairman-designate for forgery and perjury after she claimed that he lied under oath before the Senate.

The Liberty Party leadership also yesterday rejected the confirmation recommendation by the Teahjay committee for another one of the NEC commissioner nominees, Floyd Sayor.

In a related development, it has been reported by an insider that the Senate yesterday voted for four of the five commissioners nominated, while a motion for reconsideration was filed against Floyd Sayor.

Those reportedly confirmed in an executive session include NEC Co-chair Davidetta Browne Lansanah, Josephine Kou Gaye, Cllr Ernestine Morgan-Awar, and Barsee Leo Kpangbai.


  1. Eventually, Josephine Kou Gaye was confirmed by Hon. Saah Joseph because she knows how to prepared Good GB? What was the relevant of such question in the confirmation hearing from the hon. Joseph? I really wonder these people understand the magnitude of their function as Liberian law makers or they are just there for their salaries, brown envelops and benefits they received monthly for doing nothing. what can we do as Liberians to generate good leadership that will seek our country first rather than what is happening now? Shall we revert to the previous system that allow only those that have property in Liberia shall have saying as to who governed Liberia, meaning, only those that have property in Liberia shall vote. This is controversial but I honestly think this will be the right track for good leadership selections to govern Liberia.

  2. Isn’t this remarkable ? That it was even before allegedly turning the age of 16 years, that this Nigerian kid has mastered the art of deceiving and lying his way through a whole nation heart , its laws, its Supreme Court, its Presidency , its highest learning institution, its law association and an appointee of many top government agencies, and perhaps many more many more. That was at the age of 14 when the planning started. At that age, many kids of his age in Africa never ever had thought of dreaming to deceive a whole nation until he was caught at , what age is he today ? Is he a genius ? Or is the nation still backward in how its operates its official business ? Passports are still being sold, birth certificates still being sold , passing through border points for fees, immigration papers are sold to anyone, paying for government jobs for sex or monetary value , paying for grades through sex or monetary value, nepotism for government jobs and the beat goes on and on and on. Was the kid a genius, or this is the kind of backwardness that the nation was founded upon ? Even with its good intentions, the fault of its backwardness is too corruptly shameful. In his conciliatory statements to the Chairman of the Committee, Representative Gray said it the Liberian way. That the party has no issue with the nomination, as the party will accept anyone who is confirmed. In short, let us leave this thing alone and move on. And not caused the Presidency further embarrassment, and further divide the nation. But was this about a political confirmation hearing, or was this a kind of soul searching for the truth that many decent men have died for in that nation ? A soul searching for the truth that have seen decent men taking to prison if they dared speak the truth. A kind of soul searching that have seen journalists beating and taking to prison , if they should dared search for the truth ? How about the soul searching for the truth that saw the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, tried by that very same Senators that found him illegally guilty? How about that ? Now from the statements given by the witness, the Senators got to know that the witness being his usual self was doing all he can to deceive the Senators also. Now that they know from and through the confirmation, where do they go from here in finding out the truth ? The nation wants to know. Will they seek the truth from every one nominated by the Presidency from now on, even when they know from the witness that he or she is not qualified for the position ? Let finding out about the truth should not be a Nigerian thing , let it be about a Liberian thing also . And all other things in finding out the truth that will come before that body. Freedom and Truth ring together, and at the same time. The search for the truth and not the nationality of the witness by the Senators is commendable. Let that search for the truth for everyone that will come before the Senate be their guide without fear or favor. Finding out the truth was a necessary end to the confirmation. And the nation can rest and focus on the deathly Coronavirus.

    • James Davis, Nwabudike IS NOT a genius, nor does he have the characteristics of a lawyer. Genius are beyond even above average intelligence. Genius, intelligent, or smart , people in such a context as Nwabudke do not beg tacitly beg senators to confirm him or her!

      They argue their case as a creative problem solver, a hard hitting advocate, and as a warrior! When I saw Nwabudike practically begging senators t confirm him to such coveted and strategic position, I sensed his been trashed!

      Mr. Davis, I am a lawyer also! No genius or a judicious counselor (seasoned lawyer) would have left the possibilities of senators coming to tell him ”no you and I did not work together, I did not give you any recommendation, etc”.

      Nor would a lawyer not long incinerated all such omissions and acts (age, documentations, etc) of Nwabudike now used against him when he knows 100 percent that he had lied his way through!

      If lawyers are trained to practically clean the mess of their clients and take advantage of the loop holes in the law in the interest of their clients, Nwabudike should have long filled in his blanks! I laughed at Nwabudike when I saw him in an interview with Rodney Sieh behving not as a lawyer but some village politician begging for votes!

      ANYONE, WHETHER A LAWYER OR NOT who believes that because lawyers are professional manipulators he or she can always LEAVE LOOSE ENDS, he does so at his own peril, as is now the case of Nwabudike who foolishly believed he could bulldoze his way as head of NEC because he bulldozed his way to the peak of the Governance Commission and the LAC Commission.

      So, Mr. Davis, Nwabudike IS NOT a genius, nor does he have the characteristics of a lawyer. Genius are beyond even above average intelligence. And no judicious counselor (seasoned lawyer) leaves loose ends! NO! NEVER!

      Nwabudike reminds me of dull and corrupt Tiawen Gongloe in the Angel Togba case when he Gongloe foolishly stole a police letterhead to obstruct justice, but was caught red handed by the then no nonesense Police Director and Inspector General of the Liberian National Police Col. Muna Sieh.

      • Without a doubt, James Davis welcomes your undisputed arguments, young man. Thanks for responding to the post.

        • Little boy James Davis, thanks for your acknowledged and appreciated gratitude expressed for our intellectual response.

    • You Do Not have to be a genius to beat the Liberian system.

      The Liberian system depends on bribery for survival, and having an unprepared president who is faced with economic catastrophe is a great vulnerability for con-artists to exploit.

      Anybody (not a genius) that has $2000 USD in his/her pocket can walk into Liberia right now and exploit any Liberian government agency or ministry..!

      By the way, that amount of money is just about equal to the cost of the computer system that I’m using to write this comment.

      When you mix Greed, Lust, Lack of Education, Disrespect for Law & Order, Love of Petty Material Things, Hatred for one another, Unpatriotism, and Poverty; you get the kind of low-level successful manipulation of a national system like the gains that the Nigerian man has made in Liberia.

      • W.E. Cooper, your disposition is ridiculous when you spew such rubbish ”The Liberian system depends on bribery for survival, and having an unprepared president who is faced with economic catastrophe is a great vulnerability for con-artists to exploit.”

        So according to you, when Nwabudike deceived and lied his way through ( YEARS AGO AND DECADES AGO BEFORE PRES. WEAH ENTERED POLITICS) at the Bureau of Immigration and naturalized at the age of 17, when he misled the Administration of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, etc. etc., it was ” Liberia having an unprepared president who was faced with economic catastrophe is a great vulnerability for con-artists to exploit.”?????


  3. Master of “419”, Meets A Dead End!

    Most Nigerians are known around the world for the dubious three figures word “419”. The new 419 have escalated and taken new term called “prophet”. Many Nigerians are using Liberia as a gate way to travel to the United States of America. Since Liberians are blind to the cause of religion, these Nigerians enter Liberia with lies, dishonesty and shroud themselves with saint hood status , gain Liberian passport and citizenship; make it to the top.

    No wonder, Prince Johnson and George Oppong Weah had to travel to Nigeria to an “ Igbo Prophet”, to solicit “blessings “, before the 2018 elections.

    This master of 419, is doing everything possible like some of his colleagues had done in the past to achieve South Landings. Some Liberians couldn’t get passport in Monrovia during the early, and mid 90s, but Nigerian ex ECOMOG service men were seen using Liberian passport to travel outside West Africa. I was born in Liberia, and respect the effort of the people. Do you think sir, it’s possible for a Liberian to head the Federal Election commission in Nigeria?

    To the President: the Liberian People are courageous and have a sense of worth and self awareness; they do not need an additional approval. Why do you think the US band Nigerians visa entry? They are well known by their colors. Let the master of 419 meets his dead end.

    Thank you.
    Mamadu Bah

  4. Mr. BAH,

    There is one simple explanation to this all:
    Liberians are committed church goers and really yearn to go to heaven, yet none is willing to die.
    Liberians think all that is foreign is decent and lovely, and so they will do everything to subdue their sisters and brothers to the benefit of people from outside.
    Liberians admire excellence, yet they do not want to create the conditions to promote excellence in our society.

    But those days are numbered.
    If the FIXES they promised us is to bring in other nationals to work for us, we say no. None can clean your house as you would do.
    If the FIXES they promised is not based on the human capital of Liberia, with or without dual citizenship, then we would emphatically tell them NO!

    If you do not know how to bring real FIXES, hold on until end 2023. We have people who are willing to bring real FIXES.

    WE DO NOT WANT TO BE ANOTHER ZIMBABWE OR SOUTH AFRICA! It’s painful to come out of it.


      Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo is trying to make his way the Liberian political landscape by trying to hide behind the good works, achievements of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the ANC. Mr. Cummings don’t know him and have never met him according to this rapist and child molester Petarus Dolo himself.
      He also uses this forum to assassinate the character of individuals, tarnish their reputation and insult their female significant other without PROOF to gain credibility, BE WARNED.

      Petarus Dolo only contribution to the Liberian society is his activities during the civil war that give rise to his self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast with fear of retribution. HE is EXPOSED. The Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for him, that cradle will be ROCKED. Retribution is on its way.

  5. May the angel of the Almighty God continue to protect us. Through his grace, 2023 will get here soon, but before that happens, we have no recourse but to deal with the difficult issues of our time.

    The Nwabudike case:
    If everything that’s being said so far about Nwabudike is correct, Nwabudike should be rejected by the Liberian Senate. Not only should Nwabudike be denied the opportunity to serve as chair of the NEC, but he should be prosecuted for having told so many falsehoods. Nwabudike may have deliberately misled the president, George Weah.


  6. By the way, by his own assertion WE THE PEOPLE have already determined that this particular Nigerian man is a fraud. So he should be strapped of all government positions he currently enjoys in Liberia.

    Second, if he makes any attempt to acquire Liberian citizenship through the proper channel right now; such requests MUST be denied because of the fact, he is a fraud.

    Finally, WE THE PEOPLE need to know how this Nigerian man got so close to the Liberian president.
    His actions show that he is a fraud
    … and if he is a fraud; that makes him a CRIMINAL
    … and if he is a criminal, that makes him a security risk to the president of Liberia and the Liberian people by extension.

    God forbid, if this Nigerian man got angry and did something to the president, we could find ourselves and the ECOWAS sub-region in a total mess again.

    Fire him right now, investigate him, jail him, and then deport him after he serves his jail time.

    “Da Ma Own Deh”

  7. The fact that this man fooled so many Professional Liberians over so many years, says a whole lots about Liberia and Liberians than about this man. This is how we signed those false concession agreements with Ellen and the Liberian Legislators, and more to come. But we should remember, that we are in the 21st Century and Liberia is left behind 200 years. We need to do better.

  8. Brother Warningshot,
    Ha, your own okay with me o. I tinh we shoo all give credit to the Liberian people for doing something goo this time, maa man. I tinh the iniquities of this Nigerian man surpass many people in Liberia. I nat joking. Every tinn the Nigerian man said became a lie. Wha kana busines is tha?

    Birth certificate…he lie,

    Naturalization…he lie on tha one again,

    Law school…..queshion Mar?

    Maybe the Nigerian people don even woon the man.

  9. Thank you Brother Dolo.
    Do you think a Kpelle, Gio,Bassa or Kissi man born in Nigeria by a Liberian father can hold such a strategic position in Nigeria? What wrong with Oppong? Sometimes i write, people accuse me of being a CDCian. I m not. I say that time and time again, I m not a CDCian. I have not had anyone served in government before and now. But I owed Liberia a lots that I cannot pay back in my life time. I went to government school on tax payer money. It is my duty to speak out anywhere and anytime against anything I see, that will threaten the sole of the Liberian Nation.

    Election Commission head is not an ordinary position to be given to questionable character.
    During the Election, I advocated for fair play. I said it again and saying it here: who ever runs a campaign and wins, should be the president. Maybe that did not lend too well in other people ears, so they became to label me as a Weah’s die-hard. I was only trying to highlight the error that was made in 1985 between the NDPL and Jackson F. Doe’s party (LAP). The fact that people said Jackson F. Doe won the 1985 election, but the CID Doe ricked it, that alone created grudge between two heavy weights. In 1985, I didn’t vote, I was 3 years-old then. As I grew up, I heard it and read about it. It was part of that whole mess that help fuel the civil war. So I didn’t want it repeating itself anymore in Liberia. Do we know how dangerous it would had been if Weah’s supporters sense a victory for their man (Weah), all of a sudden another candidate is announced as the winner? That doesn’t mean I cannot critique Weah’s leader ship and question his appointees.
    Thank you Sir.

  10. Hear ye, listen carefully

    For those who are quick to jump to conclusion, please note that what’s stipulated below is a thought, not a defense of Weah.

    Don’t read between the lines. Read What’s written on the lines!

    The appointment of foreigners to positions of influence in Liberia is a common practice. Weah did not do anything new. Nwabudike’s quest to become chairman of NEC will be denied, if the decision hasn’t been officially made yet. According to how foreign nationals have been honorably treated in Liberia, I strongly believe that Nwabudike would have been approved had there not been a trail of dishonesty in his checkered past. This has been said because some naturalized citizens who were appointed to positions of influence in Liberia were not free of transgressions. Unfortunately, Nwabudike’s misdeeds were excessive!

    Now I hope I am understood. I am not an apologist for a criminal! Neither do I tacitly support an admirer foolishly.

    Finally, because of the hoopla which surrounds Nwabudike, the fate of the Commissioners who were appointed to serve with Nwabudike had he been confirmed is yet to be determined. Hopefully, the appointed Commissioners are Liberian natives. Also, although they are most likely nativists, there transgressions are not as stupendous as the dishonorable Nwabudike.

    Peace to all

  11. “Now people are beginning to talk”.
    “Relieved because everyone is talking”.

    Reasonable people speak always. Reasonable people’s voices will not be quashed regardless of how others may try. Self-respect and respect for others is an of civility.

    Sooner or later, the verdict of whether Nwabudike is confirmed or not, will be announced. Despite all that’s been said about the nominee, Nwabudike could be confirmed. Sometimes, the Liberian people do some funny things. You never know.

    As always, peace.

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