The Chimp that Allegedly Raped A Child

Western Chimpanzee

FDA dispatches fact-finding mission but believes the culprit is a human, not an ape

A 48-month-old girl, who is believed to have been raped by a chimpanzee, is reported to be in a traumatic distress, as she runs away from sympathizers coming to her sickbed.

The alleged incident took place on Thursday, March 25, 2021, in Tulcopa, a village near the Cocopa Plantation in Nimba Electoral District #8.

According to J. Alexandar Nyahn, Executive Director of the Community Health Education Social Services (CHESS), an organization catering to the welfare of the children at a local clinic, the girl is now under medical supervision at the the Saclepea Comprehensive Center.

Sources told this paper that the victim, along with her 12-years-old sister, and other children were en route back to their parents’ farm after school when she was attacked. Sources added that the girl’s father and other men wet in search for her upon hearing the news.

The child, according to sources, was found some two hours away from the incident scene, where she lay unconscious. She was found barenaked and with bruises all over her body, bleeding from her private parts, including her anus, a source hinted the Daily Observer.

According to a CHESS official, taking the child home immediately after being discharged from clinic will increase the fear or trauma. Therefore, she will be moved to a safe home until she is ready to be reconnected with her community.

The animal in question could not be seen, but what was noticed during the search were broken tree branches and other marks on the way the alleged chimpanzee was heading.

The father of the 4-year-old who was allegedly raped has expressed frustration at the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) for warning the community against harming any chimpanzee or face a penalty.

However, the FDA has strongly denied claims circulating that a chimpanzee was involved in the rape of the child. The forest watchdog also denied authorizing the killing of any chimpanzee in the County in relation to the rape of a child.

The FDA, in a statement released on March 29, noted that the information emerging is false. “There is no truth to this claim – rather this is a premeditated fallacy designed to cover up a potential crime committed against the child by a human male,” said the FDA release.

According to the FDA, these claims are damaging to the proper investigation of this crime and they also serve as defamation against the FDA and against the chimpanzee species.

The FDA notes with emphasis that such false claims raise serious threats to the survival of Liberia’s critically endangered chimpanzee population. “These false claims also obstruct justice in finding the true HUMAN perpetrator in the case of the alleged raping of the child.”

Additionally, the FDA said these “false claims and accusations” put Liberia in disrepute with the implementation of multilateral agreements such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) and CMS (Convention on Migratory Species) among others.  

Chimpanzees are one of the endangered species of animals protected by international conventions and supported by organizations such as the Conservation International.

It is not uncommon for chimpanzees to violently attack humans.

It can be recalled, in 2008, a chimpanzee went on the rampage around the Yarpea community, not too far from the location of the latest alleged attack. The chimpanzee at that time was said to have come from a park in neighboring Guinea, not far from Yekepa. That chimpanzee was killed by hunters in the area to put an end to its violent behavior.

Earlier, a wild chimpanzee attacked another girl in her early teens around New Yourpea, while returning home from school. In that instance, the animal bit the girl on her hand and she was rescued by community members before the situation got worse.

However, sexual attacks on humans by apes are subject to the burden of proof.

The notion of animals, in general, making sexual advances to humans is largely unheard of, and documented proof of such advances is extremely rare. Online research on the topic of animals mating (having sexual intercourse) with humans suggests that there is no such innate knowledge or tendency on the part of animals unless they are trained by humans in such behavior. However, there are certain male animals that have been known to repeatedly press their genitals (humping) against human extremities (legs, arms, head). In some cases, the animals secrete sperm, although penetration was not recorded. Apes, which include chimpanzees, are not known to be among the “humping” type. However, where they have mated with humans, they would have most likely been forced or trained to do so, by zoophiles for pornographic or other deviant forms of entertainment.

Finally, and superstitiously bizarre as this may sound, rural Liberia is rife with accounts of humans who supernaturally transform themselves into animals that are totems of their tribes or families. Animals such as leopards, deer, boa constrictors, groundhogs, and yes, apes, are commonly the subjects of alleged real-life accounts of human beings who, while in their animal form, were shot by hunters in the bush.

According to a source who asked not to be named, “in that part of the country, traditionally, it cannot be ruled out that the culprit took the form of an ape and, when he was finally alone with the child, transformed back into human form and raped the child.”

The FDA, according to its release, has set up and dispatched a trained investigative team comprising FDA staff, officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), and professionals from the Women and Children Protection Unit to fully and honestly investigate the alleged crime and find the true perpetrator. An FDA staff earlier visited the health center to check on the status of the child, while a chimpanzee behavioral expert from Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection has also been consulted and is providing guidance and factual data daily.


  1. How rocket science could this case be? How about simply analyzing whatever excretion or specimen retrieved from the child’s “private part,” to determine firstly whether it came from a human or chimpanzee? Any group of six graders could do that on their playground to spare us all this nonsense about “investigation.” For starters, animals have mating seasons and not in heat all year round like their criminally-prone human counterparts. Nonsense!

  2. Focusing on them being healthy, safe, and happy will allow you to spend quality time with them that they will benefit from, so bringing yourself back to the present will help you do that and end the downward spiral of worrying.

  3. One aspect of the story, which I firmly believe is the possibility a human might have done this brutal, merciless, and uncivilized act to this little girl.

    From the standpoint of general knowledge, topics on this kind of cave man behavior include but not limited to: Therianthropy and Anthropomorphism.

    “Therianthropy is the mythological ability of human beings to metamorphose or change their forms into animals by means of shape-shifting. Some early accounts of research historians say, “Cave drawings found at Les Trois Frères, in France, depict ancient beliefs in the concept. The best known form of Therianthropy is found in the story of werewolves.
    Next, “Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics or behaviors to a god, animal, or object.”

    The common thread between both definitions is they lend themselves to simple myths instead of true, scientific, or plausible explanations. This tells us the level of backwardness that still blankets the Liberian society to the extent many of our people still believe in committing heinous crimes and attributing the causes to animal creatures like a baboon or a chimp.

    What happened to the recent DNA machine that was brought into the country and dedicated by Weah? What good is it to the Liberian people if crimes still remain at an alarming level, while the appropriate technology is not being deployed to assist health technicians in unraveling the mysteries behind the crimes?

    The raping of this little girl was not done by a chimpanzee. The crime was committed by some sick individual who garbed himself in the carcass or the hide of a murdered chimpanzee to disguise his genuine identity, while committing the crime. The existence of a half human and half chimpanzee is not true!


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