Tension Mounts Against Bahn City Mayor


Tension is mounting in Nimba County’s mining city of Bahn, Zoe-geh District, owing to the alleged misapplication of money the residents collected for development purposes by City Mayor, Ms. Angie Dopoe.

The youth movement of Bahn wants Mayor Dopoe to account for US$18,000 provided by three GSM companies operating in the city and some other funding from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) as well as money collected as municipal taxes from the various government ministries and agencies.

The head of the youth, Sarkpah Mahn, on Radio Sacleapea on February 5, disclosed that the Bahn City Mayor had failed to inform citizens how she applied the US$18,000 as stipulated in their allegation.

The youth spokesperson said since Ms. Dopoe took over some nine years ago as City Mayor of Bahn, she has not given any account to the citizens about how the city authority has been handling money and other materials provided by the GSM companies and other entities operating in the city.

He said the UNHCR provided US$21,000 for sustainable development in Bahn, but the money is yet to be accounted for.

“This money was given so we may execute tangible development in Bahn, but when we asked the City Mayor, she said the money was spent on people on whose lands the refugee camp near the city was constructed.”

 The youth are meanwhile threatening to begin non-compliance with the   Bahn City Council should the City Mayor fail to appropriately address the  allegations concerning the misapplication of the money intended for development purposes.

However, when the Daily Observer contacted Mayor Angie Dopoe via mobile phone on March 5, she could neither confirm nor deny the allegation.   Instead, she told our correspondent that the issue raised by the youth had been settled by the County Inspector. She failed to explain how the allegation was settled.

 Nimba County Inspector, Reginald Mehn could not be reached as several attempts to speak with him via his mobile phone were unsuccessful as his phone remained switched off up to press time last night.

Bahn City Mayor came under spotlight in 2007 from the citizens over some financial improprieties, but the matter was reportedly settled but it is yet to be known what settlement was reached.


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