Tension Brews In Nimba Over Alleged Disappearance of School Teacher


Over the alleged disappearance of school teacher

Tension is brewing in the Meinpea Mah Administrative District in Nimba County over the alleged missing of one Prince Zogbay, who went missing over three days ago in custody of Duo Stipendiary Magistrate Victoria Gbalazah.

Information reaching Daily Observer Nimba Desk, Prince Zogbay was arrested after he was sued by a teenager for threatening his life in the magisterial court in Duo Township, Zahn Chiefdom in the Meinpea Mah District.

Some eyewitnesses told the Daily Observer that Prince was arrested, cuffed and taken to the court from Zao Town, which is about 2 kilometers from the location of the court, during late evening hours.

When he was brought to Duo, he was taken to the compound of the Stipendiary Magistrate, where he was allegedly kept until day, with both his legs and hands cuffed. According to eyewitness accounts, after the man had been tortured for some time, he asked to be release so he could use the latrine and it was during that time he manage to escaped and has not been seen up to present.

But, Magistrate Victoria Gbalazah has since denied the allegations, arguing that the man was placed under bond and he was brought to the court next morning, while attempting to commit him to jail in Sanniquellie to await trial, he escaped to an under known destination.

She said the man was charged with a criminal offense, after he was sued by a teenage boy for threatening his life after he was linked to stealing of school rations, for which, he(Prince) was compelled to pay for the stolen food items.

“Escaping of prisoner is not something strange, people can escaped from prison then what about the court,” she told Radio Saclepea.

Magistrate Gbalazeh, according to reports, has been at loggerheads with the community, since she took assignment in the area about four years now, over what many community dwellers say is her  handling of cases, which sometimes involves intimidation and molestation of defendants.

She denied ever having problem with anyone out of the law; rather, she accused the community people of being rude and outlaws.


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