Team Of U.S. Experts Visits LICC

The group of experts at the LICC Agriculture Dept

For possible establishment of vocational education

A team of experts from the United States of America is visiting the Liberia International Christian College in Ganta, assessing the school’s facilities for possible establishment of the vocational education in the college.

According to the head of the mission, Madam Gina Sheets, the team will be looking at means of creating vocation education to enable those who are competent for college education to acquire some skills that will enable them to sustain their families.

She said, the team comprises agriculture experts, who is also carrying on the construction of “green hopper” for a green storage.

“Among the team are eye specialists who are carrying on outreach, examining people with eye problems and identifying the appropriate eye glasses for use,” she said. “They are not surgeons. They are only helping those with vision problem to get the appropriate glasses.”

Mrs. Sheets, who once served as Vice President for Administration at LICC and went back to the United States, where she took a job in the Federal Government Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in June 2017, explained that some of the experts were constructing a solar plant to power the incubators, where chicken, turkey and other birds eggs are incubated in the agriculture college.

“We brought along with us Dr. Corey Pope, a veterinarian and he came with over 500 doses of rabies vaccines to vaccinate dogs, cats and other animals,” she added.

Dr. Pope said they have been carrying on clinical works on animals, where over 90 dogs and cats were vaccinated. “Vaccinating animals is much cheaper than vaccinating people, so we deem it necessary to vaccinate the animals as a mean of stopping rabies,” he said.

The Liberia International Christian College is a faith-based college located in Nimba, owned by the United Liberia Inland Church.

The college recently hosted its 6th commencement convocation, where over 30 students graduated with “AA” degrees in various courses, including theology, education, business and agriculture.

A newly introduced “food and Nutrition” course in the agriculture department is said to be gaining momentum, where chocolates, with 70% cocoa are produced.

The poultry farming techniques and other animal husbandry courses are part of the LICC’s agriculture curriculum.

Mrs. Sheets explained on some soil scientists currently teaching the students about army worms and other diseases that are common among crops.


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