Teachers’ Skills More Influential than Certifications, Report on Liberia Teachers Finds

Infographic shows how Liberians qualify the "good teachers".

Quality of teaching is a major factor influencing whether or not parents send children to school, a new study on Liberian education finds. The study found that, when judging who is a good teacher, perceptions of teacher knowledge and practices are more influential than certifications or experience.

The study was conducted by IREX, a global development and education organization, in partnership with The YMCA of Liberia.

The report also found that the perceived social status of the teaching profession in Liberia is low. Many Liberians see teaching at a private school as an acceptable status profession but see teaching at a public school as a low status profession. When men and women are making decisions about pursuing a career as a teacher, friends and teachers have the greatest influence, according to the report’s findings.

IREX invests heavily in locally tailored training, curriculum and instructional methods that are research-proven to improve student learning outcomes. By understanding Liberian perceptions, IREX seeks to advance the organization’s understanding of the challenges hindering the transformation of the Liberian education system and begin to center local solutions around this knowledge. Through the five-year Civil Society and Media Leadership Program, IREX and its partners The Carter Center and Social Impact, worked to sustain peace in Liberia through greater inclusion, giving a voice to, informing and engaging Liberian citizens.


  1. Great survey!
    However, the study did not state the category/ies and quality/ies of the interviewees.
    IREX should inform the public on the category and quality of views sampled for this research to be exploited expediently.
    The social status perception of teaching in Liberia is indeed a fact that no government is willing to tackle from the grassroot. Elected and would-be elected officials continue to spew imbecilities (electoral rhetoric) to our ignorant population.

    Liberia can NEVER move an iota if the educational sector is not well-thought and restructured with good payroll and incentives in order to employ qualified personnel from home and abroad. How can you have a system that will graduate a student who make a pass in 1 subject out of 9, permitting such person to enroll at the university?
    Do our politicians think they can build skyscrapers, good roads, produce electricity, etc. with foreign human capital?

    My hope is that our government peruses your report and see how dire the situation is. I just hope they will even have the time, as they are busy killing to silence auditors and for ritualistic sacrifices to be elected or reelected just to embezzle public funds on themselves and their families in the USA.
    Thank God Trump will be reelected to freeze such properties and deport those criminals and their families back to Liberia.

    The USA is a land of opportunities. Find your way there and get any job. You will live happily with good salaries. Why do you people come down to pretend to serve your people and squander the meagre resources of the country within the American economy? This is a serious crime you guys are committing.

    May Liberians know who to vote this time!


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