Teacher’s College Instructor Welcomes Transfer to Fendell

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An instructor of the Teacher’s College of the University of Liberia has described as “welcoming” the decision by the national government to transfer all activities of the University to the Fendell campus.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on January 27, mentioned in her Annual Message to the National Legislature that instead of UL being a learning ground, it has turned into political ground; with students spending most of their learning time outside the classroom.

The President also observed that the Capitol Hill campus is not ideally located for students to focus on their educations, and as such there is a need to transfer all the colleges to the more idyllic location of Fendell.

Although the Teachers College is on the Fendell campus, Mr. Tom N. Wesseh is of the view that transferring all the colleges there, especially the undergraduate programs would be the best solution to enhancing students’ learning.

Besides the college of Business and Public Administration still based on the main Capitol Hill campus, all the other colleges are now at Fendell where about 23,000 of UL’s over 30,000 enrolled students go everyday to attend classes.

Mr. Wesseh, who teaches senior courses in Education, stressed that unlike the Fendell campus that possesses few distractions, the Capitol Hill campus is located at the center of the city surrounded by diversions.

He said, “A learning environment functions better without outside activities breaking students’ concentration; which is why bringing the University to Fendell will be a good idea.”

He noted that classrooms on the Fendell campus are well spaced with acceptable ventilation unlike the congested rooms of the Capitol Hill campus.

While moving to Fendell is a good idea in the opinion of the Education instructor, the challenge of accommodation still remains an issue.

Currently there are four complexes on the Fendell campus; the newly built Chinese complex containing classrooms and offices for administrators, the Engineer Building, the Science Complex and the Academic Building.

The Science building has over forty rooms, but most of them are intended for labs. They are occupied by old equipment that was partly looted by fighters, and since peace returned and school resumed in 2004, no progress has been made in restoring the equipment.

The Academic Building contains over thirty classrooms with the Electronic Processing Department (EPD) attached.

The Science Complex and the Academic Building appear dilapidated and in need renovation, if the entire undergraduate college can be transferred to Fendell then additional buildings need to be erected to accommodate the huge number of students.


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