Teacher Wanted for Raping 12 Year-old Student


A 25-year-old teacher of the Bible Foundation Day-care and Elementary school has allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl, who is a former student of the school.

D. Servele Sando, commonly known as W. Diamond, on January 6, 2020, raped the victim (name withheld) around 4 p.m. at her parent’s home.

A close family source told Daily Observer that the victim first came in contact with Sando when she was a student of the Bible Foundation Day-care during 2018/2019 school year where Sando was a teacher.

The family source said the teacher started harassing the victim at age 11 when she was in grade 6. At that time, he forced her to write a love letter to him, threatening that her failure to write the letter would lead to failure in the school.

According to the family source, after the victim wrote the letter, she forgot to present it to the perpetrator and that was how her older brother discovered and reported it to their mother.

“When the victim’s mother took the letter to the school, she met the principal, who invited his vice-principal, Sando and the victim in his office, at which time they warned him not to go close to her or other girls in the school,” the family source explained.

After the school administration had warned Sando, the victim informed her parents that her perpetrator avoided her until she graduated at the end of that academic year.

“It was when he raped her that we discovered he had been calling her phone and asking her to delete his number to prevent her family from having knowledge about their recent communication,” the family source told the Daily Observer.

“The victim also disclosed to her parents that she was afraid to inform them about the newly established communication because her perpetrator has threaten to harm her if she ever mentioned that he talks to her on the phone”, the source said.

Sando also lives in the same community with the victim. Eyewitnesses said he was always seen following her on her way from school.

It was the absence of the victim’s parents from home that caused the perpetrator to execute his long-awaited plan.

“While he was in the process, the elder brother of the victim came and met Sando in the act. When the brother went to call neighbors, Sando escaped. He is now declared wanted by the Zone 9 Police.”

“The mother of the girl took her to both James Davis Memorial Hospital in Nezoe community and the Hope for Women International but due to the time at which the incident occurred, the hospitals’ services were closed”, the source added.

“After all one-stop health centers were closed, the nurses advised the victim’s mother not to allow her to take bath which was a means of preserving evidence until the next day,” the source said.

The next day when the family took the victim to the hospital; nurses confirmed that she was raped and a swab was collected for investigation.

When asked about how far the investigation has gone, the Jacob Town Depot 9 police station said the perpetrator remains at large and has been declared wanted.


  1. Well, Servele Sando deserves to have his day in court. If the tables turn against him, Sando should be given a stiff 12-year jail time (if not more years) for his dispicable behavior. There are more women in Liberia than men. According to some unscientific estimates, the female ratio to male is 7:1. Sando could have used his charm (who knows if he’s got any) to talk to a beautiful mature woman other than a poor 12-year old for the sole purpose of satisfying his demonic sex drive. But because he’s a daft, he chose to prevail over a pre-teen female for sex. What a ninny!

  2. Sexual predators who prey on children are the lowest lifeforms and should be handled as such. How can an individual trusted with such a position conspire to perpetrate such enormous transgressions – betrayal of trust and sexual assault of a minor?

    In a nation that defends its most vulnerable, appropriate judicial and punitive steps would be taken to deal with this despicable pervert.

    But my fear is this poor child, like many women and girls before her, will be denied justice. This reprobate creep will re-emerge after the outrage quiets down, only to seek another hapless victim.

  3. this is one of the saddest chapters in the history of our country. I can alsmost want to bet my neck that nothing will come out of this case. the family of the victim don’t have money to pursue the case and 9x out of 10, it will end there.

    We are in the process of conducting a workshop on things that can be done when your child is being hounded by a sex maniac. could the family of the child have done anything to prevent this from happening? possibly. Can the school be held liable for what happened?

    Sexual slavery is on the increase in our country. I think one of the problems here is that the female have to firstly realize that she is a sex slave before any step can be taken forward.

    It was Harriet tubman, the note black American freedom fighter who famously said, ” I have freed a thousand slaves, and I would have freed a thousand more if only I could convince them that they were slaves”.

    Convincing is the hard part, but we are deterred. the work must go on.

    Uncle Dolo, we are still eagerly awaiting the 3 titles you promised us for our book.



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