Teacher, 45, Kills Girlfriend over Suspicious Phone Call

Samuel K. Dolo, held for allegedly killing his girlfriend

Couple also lived in same house with woman’s ex…

A classroom teacher identified as Samuel K. Dolo of the James Samuel Milton Elementary School in Zaybay town, Kpaii District in Bong County on Tuesday April 9, 2019 reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Naomi Baby-Girl Cooper on the Palala-Gbarnga Highway for allegedly answering a phone call.

Dolo said he teaches Language Arts at the James Samuel Milton Elementary School and is employed with the Ministry of Education.

Explaining to Police investigators in Gbarnga, Samuel K. Dolo, 45, said on Tuesday, around 5 a.m.,  he and Naomi Cooper were on traveling on his motorbike to Gbarnga from Palala, where the both of them reside. On the way, Naomi’s mobile phone rang and she answered the phone, saying: “ever since I told you about my trip, you didn’t give me good answer, that’s just now you are calling me. I am on my way.”

Naomi Baby-Girl Cooper was a businesswoman who traded between Bong County and Monrovia to buy and sell red palm oil.

The incident occurred near a village known as Weamue, about 22 miles from Gbarnga.

Samuel Dolo said in that time, Naomi Cooper asked him to stop the motorbike and off-load the two tins of red palm oil, since the driver in question was on his way to her.

“When I stopped the bike, and put down the two tins of red pal oil as requested by her, I asked her to handle me the phone and see who was the driver that called her, but she refused to hand me the phone. The both of us started to tussle over the phone and she attempted taking a stone to stone me and running away, so I reached my jacket pocket and took out the short single barrel gun and mistakenly fired her from her back” Dolo explained to police.

Samuel Dolo told police investigators that he had on numerous occasions suspected his wife of being in relationship with one Emmanuel Kollie believed to be a commercial taxi driver who commutes between Palala and Monrovia, an allegation his late girlfriend has persistently denied.

He said their relationship was blessed with a child but did not say which gender.

Samuel Dolo, a 2005 graduate of Dolokelen Gboveh High School, said he and Naomi have been in the relationship since 2009 and have been living in separate homes but they meet at his house regularly.

“To talk the God-fearing truth, my woman and I have lived together for those long years without any problem but from the beginning of 2019, I observed change in her attitude and behavior toward me and our relationship,” Dolo said.

Investigation conducted by the Daily Observer established that Samuel Dolo and Naomi Cooper have been living in the home of Nyan Ballah, the former husband to Naomi Cooper, in Palala.

The investigation revealed that Ballah lives in one room of his house, while Naomi and her boyfriend reside in another room. Ballah’s two children born by Naomi live in a third room.

Nyan Ballah, who is the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) coordinator in Kpaii District, was described by many residents of Palala as God fearing. “Who is the man that will build his house and allow different man to live in it with his former woman?”

Meanwhile, Police have charged Samuel K. Dolo with murder and illegal possession of fire arm in accordance with sections 14.1 and 17.11 of the New Panel Code of Liberia and he is expected to be sent to court on Thursday April 11, 2019 for prosecution.

Police said Samuel Dolo was arrested by community members after shooting and killing his girlfriend with the short single barrel gun.

Police said Samuel placed the lifeless body of his girlfriend in an empty rice bag and carried it deep in the swamp in an attempt to destroy evidence.

It can be recalled in 2017; a trained traditional hunter, Moses Porkpah, of Cow Farm, Zota District, shot and killed his girlfriend Doris Nyan for making his portion of food too small. He was tried, found guilty and sentenced to life by the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in 2018.

At the same time, many residents of Bong County who spoke to this paper are recommending to the Government of Liberia to reintroduce death penalty for people who kill, are investigated in a court of competent jurisdiction and found guilty.

They said by doing this, it would reduce the wave of killings in the country.


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