Taylor’s Daughter Apologizes

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At a crowded Parker Corner Sports Pitch located in District #17, Montserrado County last Saturday, where partisans of the All Liberian Party (ALP) gathered to welcome their political leader, Benoni Urey, and to pledge their support to the party, someone mentioned the name Charles McArthur Taylor, and many waited anxiously to know why that name was mentioned.

The audience didn’t pay much attention when the MC earlier introduced Ms. Yassah Zoe Taylor as the daughter of former President Charles Taylor.

Zoe’s voice commanded attention when, with the microphone in her hand, she explained that she is the first child of former President Charles Taylor. Known popularly as Zoe Taylor, she apologized on behalf of her father and the entire Taylor family to Liberians for whatever might have gone wrong during her father’s reign.

“I want to say sorry for what we might have done wrong to any of our brothers and sisters,” she said.

Pledging her support to the presidential bid of ALP political leader Urey, Zoe noted that her father is not the kind of person that many, especially those outside the country, perceive him to be. She said her father is a good man who had a great heart for his country, “but the chance was not given to him.”

“We continue to live peacefully in this country. I, for one, don’t have a security assigned to me and I live in my father’s hometown of Arthington. I have never been harassed and this is because we have a good relationship with our people.

“My father loves Liberia and his dream for this country and people was to see us all excel. He meant well for this country,” she said to loud applause.

“The actual wicked people are still here and are still subjecting the Liberian people to massive suffering, but we are determined to boot them out this year. This is the time to liberate the Liberian people and we are ready to take the lead,” she said.

Ms. Taylor told the gathering that influential businessman Benoni Urey is the only candidate that can take Liberians from their current desperate condition.

“I can tell you that Benoni Urey is the only man that can bring economic sanity back to our country. This is the time to save our state from the hands of vampires who have and still want to exploit us. We must be careful. Urey is the one who can deliver us from the hands of the wicked,” she said.

Urey has the vision and the “knowhow” to transform Liberia, Taylor assured. “This is the man who has been here throughout, especially during the crisis. He has never left you alone; he knows our problem in and out and so he is the right man. This is an opportunity that we must never miss,” she said.

Urey told his many supporters that it is time to stand firm and change the status quo. “This is your year and you all will decide your future, the future of this country and that of generations unborn.

“This is the time for you to tell those unpatriotic hypocrites that you cannot be fooled all of the time. All our values have gone away because our leaders are not nationalists,” Urey charged.

He called on his partisans to make sure that they take advantage of the upcoming voter registration exercise, slated for February 1 – March 7.


  1. “Zoe Taylor, she apologized on behalf of her father and the entire Taylor family to Liberians for whatever might have gone wrong during her father’s reign.” Good of her, however, we are going back to those dark and darker day..And any attempt will be resisted.

  2. Charles Taylor has on many occasions said he did wrong to any Liberian for which he is to apologize. You are in no position to apologize for a cruel and remorseless animal called Charles Taylor. May he rot in jail for ever.

  3. Charles Taylor had the support of the Liberian people. President Doe had messed up the country, preceding any other president before and after him. It was under his administration that the rule of law completely came to and end, and human right abuses wore iron suit. The type and level of corruption, introduced by Taylor is today been perfected by gov’t officials of all positions. Since 1980, Liberia has never yet had a patriotic leadership.
    Unfortunately, even someone like Jewel Howard Taylor, a well educated and respected former first lady, hitherto, does not see anything wrong that Taylor has done to be incarcerated in England. That’s arrogance, you know. But we do. And the records do too. But Zoe, thank you so much for coming forward to say, “I AM SORRY.” Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA

  4. Commendable step by Zoe Taylor. This is what remorseless President Sirleaf refused to do on behalf of all preceding presidents although, she played a lead role in organizing and supporting the NPFL


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