‘Talk and Do’

And elect him President for a better Liberia - Cummings

ANC’s Cummings and several of the 17 Montserrado district coordinators yesterday

By Leroy M. Sonpon III

With 111 days to the October 10th presidential and legislative elections, the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, says Liberians should ‘talk and do’ by electing him President for a better Liberia.

Mr. Cummings said if the electorates can demonstrate their “talking” by electing him, he can surely transform the country and provide them with electricity, running water, school facilities and jobs, among others.

He frowned on the lack of basic services in a country that is expected to turn 170 years on July 26.

The ANC standard bearer made the remarks yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Sinkor Airfield where the 17 coordinators of the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County at the Boakai Community Forum pledged their support to the ANC and his candidacy.

“I believe in myself, I believe in Liberia, I believe we deserve a better Liberia,” the audience recited with Mr. Cummings.

In a standard twist during election time, the acting chairman of the Boakai Community Forum (BCF) headquartered at ELWA Junction in Paynesville, said the forum was established in 2015 to support the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, but they now realize that the “best person to lead the country is Mr. Cummings.”

In their petitioning statement, Mr. Romeo Benson, backed by a 400 strong crowd of partisans, declared that they now support the ANC to ensure Mr. Cummings’ election to the presidency. Some of the partisans present included Mark Dolo, Sarah Paye, Zinnah Joseph, and Alex Nagbe.

During an interview, Mr. Cummings said he would make a better president because he is corruption-free, walks his talk, and will inspire through his actions. His petitioners described him as “a servant leader,” adding that if elected, Cummings will respect the constitution, abide by the law, promote unity instead of division among the people, and uphold truth and integrity.

They further said Mr. Cummings knows right from wrong, has the courage to execute decisions that he believes are right, understands what his people are going through, and will realize his great vision for the nation.


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  1. That’s the man that can bring change to Liberia!
    Vote Alexander Cummings For President- October 2017!!!!
    So ANC all the way!!!!!

  2. That President Sirleaf has not yet seen reason to call a halt to Korkoya’s banalities despite all the clearly visible and troubling signs that these elections under the conditions created by Korkoya will lead this nation into chaos appears to be confirming widely held public opinion that she has a hand in this all because she is not a candidate in these elections and more so because she desperately wants to have Cllr. Charles Brumskine as her successor to guard her back when she leaves office.

    But from all indications the pendulum seems to swinging in the direction of her second in command, Joseph Boakai and not that of her favorite, Charles Brumskine. Media reports of the massive turnout for Boakai in Buchanan recently, where Brumskine purports to have his stronghold should have President Sirleaf thinking twice. And media reports also of massive turnouts for Boakai in Bong and other counties send a clear message to the world akin to that of the 1997 “You kill my ma you kill my pa I will vote for you”.

    Similarly in 1985, especially after Doe had banned the participation of the LPP and UPP the message everywhere was co-co-rio-co the voice of the rooster and the movement of one’s arms like a rooster flapping his wings before belting out his co-co-rio-cooooo! And when Doe stole the elections results which the whole nation believe rightly belonged to Jackson Fiah Doe of the Liberia Action Party of which President Sirleaf was a member and only a month later, the November 12, 1985 abortive Quiwonkpa invasion.

    Interestingly President Sirleaf was a senatorial candidate who won but refused to take up her seat in protest against the elections results which she declared were rigged. And what followed next was the Quiwonkpa invasion to which she was linked. Doe prevailed and his brutal reign continued but with fierce opposition from Progressives including student militants who continued to mobilize public opinion calling for change. With elections due in 1991 and apparently fearing that Doe would have again rigged the pending 1991 elections, Charles Taylor with the backing of others including then Presidential hopeful Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

    And so when President Sirleaf chooses to remain tight-lipped and impervious to all the concerns being raised not only about Korkoya’s citizenship but also about the integrity of the electoral process especially in a situation where the names of hundreds if not thousands of people have been omitted from the Voters rolls and the NEC Chairman goes on to declare that all those in possession of valid Voters cards will be allowed to vote and yet she, as Chief Executive, who swore on oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Liberia, then we know that she does not mean well for this country that she leads and professes to love.

    And so, as our leaders abandon us to our fate it now becomes our patriotic duty to defend our sacred heritage as the nation calls from age to age and our Constitution, our Nation we shall defend “even with bullets to our breasts”.

    • Massive crowd turnouts mean nothing. Some of the very people attending Boakai’s rally are also attending the rallies of Brumskine, Cummings, Urey, Weah, etc. No one knows who is winning this election until the votes are counted.

      From what we’ve heard, there are about 22 political parties, which means that 22 persons are runnning. This means that Boakai, just like each of the other candidates, has a 1/22 or 5% chance of winning and about 21/22 or 95% chance of losing.

      You folks should stop your scare tactics. The number of passports Korkoya possesses has nothing to do with any election results. There are no Americans running. If any of you people are crazy enough to dare think to start any trouble in Liberia, you should think again. There is only one group of people who have been trying to cause confusion on trivial citizenship issues and they have failed miserably. So please stop your pathetic scare tactics, the vast majority of the public is not on your side.

  3. Alignment and realignment is showing itself clearly where the VP Supporters are turning ANC way while the former Foreign Minister had also sacrificed his ambition to also realign. Two is better than one. Small small make big oooooo.

  4. Thanks to the Observer newspaper staff for the article “Korkoya Weeps at Supreme Court” in which the core untruthfulness of the NEC Chairman is clearly revealed in his argument that “an individual can not challenge the nationality of another person” and that “only the Attorney General and Minister of Justice can do so”. If this is true, then why did the Elections Law require voters to point out non-Liberians who may have been registered to vote? If he says no individual can challenge the nationality of another person? This is a revelation that Korkoya really is aiming to cause chaos should he remain Chairman because he sees himself as being above the law!

    • Sir, voters pointing out others whom they suspect of not being Liberians is completely different from a private citizen taking another private citizen to court for violating the alien and naturalization law. In the former instance, those voters are not taking the suspected non-Liberians to court. Those voters only point out those they suspect of being non-Liberians so that the NEC can ask for proof of the suspects’ Liberian citizenship. In the latter instance, you have a private citizen actually going before a court alleging that someone else is not a Liberian and, as such, in violation of the alien and naturalization law, something only which the state can prosecute. You folks must stop this.

  5. To all Liberian voters, if you really want to see an improved Liberia then vote for the God given resurrector, Mr. Alex Cummings and his ANC!

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