Taa Wongbe Wants Liberia Manufacture Agriculture Tools


With priority given to Liberian entrepreneurs

One of the sons of Nimba County vying for the senatorial seat in the October Special Senatorial Election has vowed, if elected, to introduce bills that will enable Liberian entrepreneurs to manufacture agriculture tools from the vast iron ore reserves in Liberia.

Speaking in an interview with reporters in Ganta recently, he said the bill will enable the investors, especially those involved in iron ore mining, to collaborate with local investors to use some portions of the iron ore to produce agriculture tools for speedy agricultural productivity.

“If agriculture tools are produced in this country, agricultural productivity will be high and will alleviate poverty,” he said.

Mr. Wongbe is the youngest among all those who have expressed interest in the only senatorial post come October this year. He is the founder and CEO of the Khana Group. In 2018, Wongbe was inducted into the African Leadership Magazine’s CEO Hall of Fame.

His main goal for his senatorial bid is to reform the agriculture sector in the county, which will, according to him, promote self-reliance or self-employment among Nimbaians.

“If the citizens are empowered, the tendency of seeking for government jobs will reduce,” he added.

“If I am elected, I will be lobbying, making laws and delivering for the young people, because the future of this nation lies in the hands of the youth,” he added.

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, Wongbe launched his movement, known as “Moving Nimba Forward”, in Doe Zuapplay, where several Nimbaians gathered to grace the occasion. He explained that the key emphasis of the movement is to make the county self sufficient in every aspect, especially agricultural productivity.

He said in this movement every district will be empowered, through agriculture, to have their own development fund, if he is elected.

Mr. Wongbe has been touring the county since he started his senatorial bid two years ago, empowering women in various agricultural activities, offering scholarships to deserving students at the college and university levels in Liberia.

Last year he embarked on a multimillion-dollar agricultural initiative across Nimba. Some of the projects under his initiative are said to be ongoing in several localities in Nimba.


  1. Mr. Nehsahn,
    There is a beginning to everything. Don’t be pessimistic. His dream can become reality. My only worry is that he doesn’t have the leadership to provide the impetus for now.

    Dream big Mr. Wongbe!

    • Thanks! Mr. Wongbe. You have a brilliant vision. However, the problem is you can not produce good quality agricultural tools from secondary steel. Liberia’s steel mill is designed to produce steel from scrap metals. Such steel is secondary; not of the best quality. *Agricultural tools should be made from good quality-steel. A farmer’s “MOST” precious possessions are her/his farming tools🔧. I wonder, why should Liberia produce secondary steel; when Liberia is producing good quality-Iron Ore, the raw material for “GOOD QUALITY STEEL”? OmG! WHEN WILL OUR LIBERIAN-LEADERSHIPS EVER LEARN? The steel business is very competitive. Quality matters! Very much!!

  2. Mr. Wongbe,
    You are not different from most Liberian who have always lead us. What did you studied? Just go ahead and product the steel and tools, tractors, etc.
    Most Liberian will believe you?
    It is not needed to know book inorder to do such High Tech?

    Go ahead young man. Go ahead Liberia!, Go head!

    Note: I took 25+ years to get to where I am.


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