Taa Wongbe Certificated As Independent Candidate

Taa Wongbe displays his certificate from the NEC to run as an Independent Candidate for Senate in Nimba County

Days after CPP Endorses Edith Gongloe-Weh as a candidate

Days after the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) endorsed Edith Gongloe-Weh as a candidate for the hotly contested senatorial seat for Nimba County in the upcoming midterm elections, few weeks following the disputed CPP primary in Sanniquellie on September 6, 2020, Taa Wongbe, her prime opponent in the primary, has been Certificated to run as an Independent candidate to contest in Nimba.

Speaking to the Daily Observer via mobile phone after his certification, Mr. Wongbe said he resigned from the CPP so as to allow him run as an independent and that he was happy to be Certificated as the candidate to contest in the December 2020 senatorial election.

On Saturday, September 19, Mr. Wongbe and his supporters were going through the ongoing Voter Roll Update process in Ganta.

Pundits suggest that Taa Wongbe, running as an independent candidate, is likely to weaken the strength of the CPP in Nimba, because the vote of the four political parties’ supporters will be divided, with those from the ANC and suspended members of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Nimba chapter, all pledging their support to Wongbe. Wongbe also was seen to have been amassing a large youth following in the county.

In a brief statement at the VRU center on Saturday, September 6, 2020, Mr. Wongbe, who was tight-lipped at the time, said he does not depend on the CPP to run his campaign, because he has the contacts and support from overseas.

On a local radio morning show, most of the callers expressed approval of the CPP’s endorsement of Gongloe-Weh, who emerged as the winner of the controversial CPP primary in Sanniquellie.

But the callers want Mr. Taa to abide by the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by members of the CPP that any aspirant member who did not win the primary would refrain from running as an independent. According to them, since the Gongloe-Weh won the primary, Wongbe should respect the MOU and work along with Edith to ensure her election and, come 2023 when the other senatorial becomes available, she will will provide reciprocal support.

But, Wongbe on his Facebook page prior to the hosting of primary, complained that Gongloe-Weh signed the MOU after the August 25, 2020 deadline and she backdated it.

The callers believe that if the both candidates contest in the election, then it suggests that the CPP’s decision in Nimba might be weaker and the citizens will not have the trust in the CPP.

In a related development, Mr. David Dorr Cooper has been endorsed by the opposition Rainbow Alliance, a conglomeration of eight political parties, headed by Mr. Reginald Goodridge as candidate to contest the coming senatorial election in Nimba.

Mr. Cooper, who defected to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) from the Unity Party (UP) in the 2017 election and later became superintendent of Nimba, maneuvered to yet another party after he was left in the cold by the CDC when they decided not to field a candidate against any MDR candidate in Nimba.

It is not also clear, whether Mr. Cooper officially resigned from the CDC before joining the Rainbow Alliance.

Meanwhile, the statues of both senator Grupee and Mr. Adolphus Dolo, in terms of their respective political party affiliations, are yet to be known.


  1. Good for for the CPP. I am not a fan of ANC at all. Cummings is too damnn weak. He sits there and have Urey Bookai and that bunch run over him. If this is the CPP, let CDC stay there. Both CPP and CDC are a bunch of clowns. Once you are in a collaboration and you start doing nonsense what did the jokers expect.You expected him to be a joker like Cummings issues press release and alwayd falling back. Now lets looks at the so call candidates, Edith lost multiple times already can’t comment on her character. You look at the other CPP candiddates mostly useless human beings..
    Now yall givng Costa who is a gifted info-tainer who I enjoy listening to since he is good at amazing at what he does influence. Cummings going to kiss up again .. jokera … Congrat CDC on winning the elections. What did I expect when people with 0 integrity combine.

  2. Unfortunate but worthwhile!

    Mr. Wongbe, your decision is unfortunate for the coalition. We have clearly lost Nimba to the incumbent supported by the influential godfather Prince Y. Johnson.
    Our vision was to shovel them all in a corner to guarantee a new and better political landscape. I would have loved to see you hand-in-hand with Mama Edith Gongloe to buttress our political existence.

    To all political parties within the CPP, this should serve as a lesson. Let’s learn to make clear rules and scrupulously abide by them. Do not agree to something and then decide to do otherwise on the field. It will evidently cost us the seat in Nimba County.
    If this coalition is not sanitary to some, be bold to put an end to it.

    However, in every adversity lies an opportunity.
    I personally think it’s worthwhile to ascertain the intrinsic political value of the ANC in Nimba from the December 8 election for the future.

    Wish you success in your endeavors, Mr. Wongbe!

  3. Amos 3:33, when two or more people cannot agree, then they must depart in peace. Something to that effect. Politically speaking, as an independent candidate, should the young man wins, his victory is still a win-win situation for CPP. It is likely that the young man will still politically caucus with the CPP in the House of Laws. Even if the young lady wins, the more so better for CPP. Either way, CPP wins. The only political party likely to be hurt is CDC. That because it’s two against one. Any of the two candidates, CPP wins. But everyone knows that the center piece is about jobs. But CPP, caucus wise, is in the driver’s seat.

  4. We the Maa people are considerate and hospitable to our Dan brothers but politically the Dan are greedy and selfish. We don’t compromise easily. Liberians saw the evidence during the civil war. You saw more educated Mano people killed by the Gio boys. Taa decided to breach the CPP agreement because his opponent came from the Mano tribe. This is how the Gio behave. I am not trying to preach tribalism between Mano and Gio. This is a reality in Nimba County that is bringing friction in the county. Because of greed, the CPP is going to lose the senatorial seat in Nimba County.

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