T. C. Gould, Lead Lawyer in Global Witness Alleged Bribery Case, Is Dead


Barely two weeks following the death of a judge from the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, the lead lawyer in the on-going Global Witness (GW) alleged ongoing bribery trial, Counselor Theophilus C. Gould has died. He died on Saturday at the age of 61.

Having just celebrated his last birthday on April 2, Cllr. Gould was discovered by family members at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday, April 8, in his bedroom at his Airfield Community residence in Sinkor profusely foaming at the mouth.  Upon discovery, the family rushed him to St. Joseph Catholic Hospital where doctors there pronounced him dead on arrival.

A source close to Cllr. Gould told the Daily Observer that he was not ill nor has he suffered from any immediate health emergency. His death has been discussed in many quarters with as a major loss to the country’s legal profession. Many other sympathizers have expressed views with one claiming that he died from food poisoning, while others have attributed his death to “an acute high blood pressure.”

What remained surprising in the minds of sympathizers is that Gould was last seen Friday evening, April 7 at the wake-keeping of the late Mother Mary N. Brownell, held at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia showing no signs of ill health.

Observers have likened the sudden death of the learned lawyer to that of Civil Law Court Judge Johannes Zogbay Zlahn, who died under very similar circumstances on Saturday, March 25,– exactly two weeks before Cllr. Gould.

Also at age 61, the late Judge Zlahn was discovered dead in his bedroom.

Just days before his death, Judge Zlahn had addressed the opening of the Civil Law Court, saying: “We as judges have allowed our fraternal relationships and love for our brothers and sisters, who are lawyers to influence our decisions, which have invariably led to various disciplinary actions being taken against us.”

The late Gould was an alumnus of the University of Liberia as well as the Liberia Christian High School in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, his birth place.

As a Counselor-at-law, Gould served in various capacities, notably as solicitor-general of the under the administration of former President Charles G. Taylor, and former president of the Liberia Bar Association.

Cllr. Gould founded the Kemp and Associates law firm and was chairman of the erstwhile ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP); a position he held up to the time of his death.


  1. RIP, Counsellor Gould. This second sudden death is another big blow to the legal community. And, undoubtedly, in a country led by responsive and responsible political leadership, efforts will be made to find out the cause of death through a locally – conducted autopsy.

    Mind you, autopsies don’t necessarily mean that the deceased died of foul play – killed by someone. The fact of the matter is that discovering cause of death also serves preventive ends. For instance, it could identify an unknown prevalent disease, or some form of accidental food poisoning residents don’t know about yet. In other words, postmortem examination saves lives too.

    Moreover, in a country where there is a perception that murder via “hired armed robbers”, “aligator – gut poisoning”, “fake drownings”, etc. have been employed by state and non – state actors, an autopsy makes sense to put the minds of the public at rest. A panicky public might morph into a mob overnight, lest we forget.

    We recognize that skeptics would say fat chance to that happening under a governance which doesn’t give a hoot about public opinion. But the suggestion is apt, and reasonable.

  2. My sympathy to the Gould family. What is left of him now is the Almighty God who has the power to
    resurrect or not resurrect the dead depending on how one live his or her live in this world. As of now nobody knows the cause of death. While his death is a surprising to some people, it would be verey
    wrong to link his death to the ongoing trial at the Criminal Court “C”. What I have to say or imagine
    have all being said by Hon. Sylvester Moses. However, in such a high profile case, it would do good if
    those in it could watch they eat and drink and with whom just to take steps to prevent some of what
    Hon. Sylvester Moses had said. The GW trial must go on to complete satisfaction of the Liberian

  3. The sudden death of TC, my childhood friend from Gorblee is unbelievable. I am very upset that Gorblee has lost one her most educated and influential personalities. He was one of Gorblee to shining STARS in Grand Bassa County. We will surely not forget his contribution to the legaled profession in Liberia and the LIBERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION. Rest in Peace, TC.

  4. Indeed Counsellor Gould was one of the best legal minds Liberia has. His demise is astonishing but God knows best. May His soul and the souls of all faithful departed rest peacefully in Jesus’ arms until that day the cause of his death will be revealed. Rest in peace T.C. God speed and sweet rest.

    From your son: Reverend Hiliary L. Lymas, Jr.
    Surely you were an inspiration and mentor to me and you will always be remembered and appreciated for my success.
    Good bye T.C. We will meet in the morning.

  5. A Memorial Service will be held for the late Consellor Theophilus C. Good from June 9th, 10th and 11th in Staten island, New York, USA. All family, friends and colleagues of The late Counsellor wishing to be a part of this ceremony can check out the death announcement on TLC Africa for contact informations.


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