Sweden-based Liberian Promises to Help Young Liberians

Madam Sundbrey poses with some the youths who she wants to help

Courage Boyonnoh Sundbery, a Liberian educator and executive director of the Liberian Youth Christian Foundation living in Sweden, has promised to make a positive impact on Liberian youths who want to acquire vocational skills.

Sundbery’s project is aimed at helping many destitute children because they could become better future leaders for Liberia if someone properly caters to them.

Madam Sundbery made the statement on Tuesday, March 20 at her office in Monrovia in an exclusive interview with this newspaper.

And because of her desire to help some of the youths, Sundbery renovated the Liberian Youth Christian Foundation, constructed a new Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and a reading room at the cost of US$20,000.

She paid tribute to the ministries of Education, Health, and the Christian Aid for their respective contributions to the Foundation since 1999.

At present, the Foundation has 40 orphans, three caretakers, two security guards and the administrative staff.

“Even though I live in the Diaspora, I love my country, so I am obliged to give back whatever necessary, especially to the vulnerable youth,” Sundbery said while calling on other Liberians in the Diaspora to do something that would impact the lives of ordinary people.



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