Swagger Island Community Bridge Renovated


— In partnership with Sen. Dillon

A group under the banner Laraamand Nyonton Movement for District number 12 has renovated the Swagger Island Community Bridge valued at US$2050.00, which was described as a “deathtrap” by the community’s dwellers.

The Borbor Island Community with over 6,000 residents was established in 1984 and is currently considered as one of the populated communities in Gardnersville, Montserrado County.

The dedication of the bridge was held on Monday, March 15, 2021, which was graced by residents from Stephen Tolbert, and Swagger Island communities, an initiative that puts smiles on the faces of residents.

Stephen B. Morris, spokesperson of the Laraamand Nyonton Movement for District number 12 said the bridge has been a deathtrap for residents of the community and was pleased for the intervention made that ensure that it’s now lifesaving.

Mr. Morriss said the Nyonton’s Movement will continue to make meaningful impacts in the 17 communities in District Number 12 and the Swagger Island Community in particular. “We have put safeguards on the bridge to also help our people along with billboards for a proper description of the community,” he said.

Mr. Morris said the project is being done in partnership with Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon as a way of appreciating Borbor Island residents for his election in 2020.

“We want to appreciate the collaboration with residents who appreciated the work during the entire process. Every time a resident of this community is passing, he or she will laud the people, thereby encouraging them to work. Today, this community has gotten its blessing and tomorrow will be another,” Mr. Morris indicated. 

He calls on residents of District Number 12 to consider teamwork, which is cardinal in the development of the District and the country at large, stating “this community is dear to our hearts and we will do all to improve the place and the partnership will go a long way for development purposes.”

Isaac D. Nyahn Sr, acting community chairman expressed gratitude to the Nyonton Movement for the initiative and called on them to continue to do more.

Mr. Nyahn said the community with over 6, 000 residents is currently faced with a serious water crisis, while calling on the Government of Liberia, partners and the Laraamand Nyonton Movement for District number 12 to intervene.

D. Nyanka Goah, youth representative of the community lauded the Nyonton Movement for the initiative and called on them to intervene in other areas within the community.


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