Suspended Nimba CCEO Under Probe


Authorities at the Ministry of Education (MOE) have started investigating suspended Nimba County Education Officer, Wleh T. Sillah.

Sillah was suspended a few months ago by the MOE for “administrative malpractice” incompatible with his status as County Chief Education Officer (CCEO).

A team of investigators started their probe on January 4 in Ganta, Nimba County.

CCEO Sillah was accused of fraudulent actitivies during last year’s countrywide civil servants’ verification exercise.

He was accused of conflict of interest forreportedly putting the names of his children and girlfriends on government payroll.

The verification team is made up of representatives of the Civil Service Agency, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Development and the Ministry of Education.

On October 16, 2015, the Daily Observer received a report that CCEO Sillah placed his son, Snotee Sillah, on the payroll when the verification process started in Nimba.

The report said the first payroll numbers assigned to the CCEO’s son were 21-12-588-0248, and that another number, 21-12-599-0324, was given to him during the verification.

In the document, his son, who was born in 1991, was listed as a driver and a high school graduate.

Last year Nimba’s education system was rocked by allegations of malpractices.


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