Suspected Armed Robber Found Dead in Morris Farm

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An alleged armed robber’s body was on early Monday morning discovered in the Morris Farm community. The body, with deep, gashes to the neck and the back, was seen lying on its back along the community road.

According to some community residents, the alleged armed robber was chased and later stabbed to death after he and others allegedly attacked several community residents.

“During the early hours this morning, some of our neighbors were attacked, so they began to shout; after that, I heard others saying, ‘bring the man outside’ and later the entire place went silent until this morning,” an eyewitness told this newspaper.

Speaking in an interview, one of the robbery victims, Emmanuel N. Whiegar Jr., confirmed the attack and said this was the second such attack. According to him, the incident occurred about 1:00 a.m. when men holding guns and cutlasses attacked him and other neighbors and took away several valuables.

“After they entered our residence, I tried to put up a defense, but all of a sudden, the other guy pulled out his gun and fired it. It was just God that saved our lives last night,” he explained.

Whiegar said he was also attacked earlier this month, but was not harmed due the aid of community residents.

“This is the second time, so I don’t know why they keep attacking us,” he said.

Also speaking to journalists was Whiegar’s pregnant girlfriend, Helena Gekpelee, who said she was beaten with a cutlass after her boyfriend managed to escape from the gunfire.

“After my boyfriend escaped, they asked me for the money we keep in the house and other valuables, and I told them that we did not have anything; and then they started to beat on me with the back of a cutlass. My body is paining me and I do not have money to go to hospital,” she explained.

Another victim, Miatta Tokpa, sustained injuries to her leg when one of the attackers used excessive force while stepping on her leg, she said.

Residents of the Morris Farm community have meanwhile expressed fear over the increased wave of armed robberies and criminal activities there and called on the Liberia National Police to extend its regular night patrol in the area.


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