Suspect Blames Police for ‘Faking’ Indictment

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Temple of Justice

Drama unfolded in Criminal Court ‘A’ on Thursday when defendant Boakai Sirleaf told the court that a statement contained in the indictment was never taken from him, but was rather made up by investigators of the Liberia National Police.

The statement was said to be a confession by Sirleaf during his investigation at the headquarters of the LNP, which was contained in his charge sheet.

Prosecutors relied on information on the charge sheet to indict Sirleaf for murdering Rockie Johnson on October 21, 2013, in Paynesville area.

Johnson was killed after he and Sirleaf got into a fist fight when defendant Sirleaf reportedly changed a music both of them were dancing to, which annoyed the victim, leading him to slap the defendant.

Police quoted Sirleaf, “I never meant to harm Johnson. It happened that he overpowered me during the fight.”

Later, the statement claimed, “I pushed him in a direction where there were lots of broken bottles…he took a stout bottle and stabbed me; likewise, I took another stout bottle and stabbed him.”

Sirleaf alleged that police investigators created their own stories, because he had earlier refused to make any statement during the time he was being investigated.

He admitted giving his name and the name of his parents to police investigators.

Sirleaf alleged, “They (Police investigators) did not read the statement to me after I answered their questions.

“They wanted me to explain more about the fight, but I told them I was not going to do so because there was no lawyer to represent me.

“I refused to cooperate with the police and they wanted to send me to court, because I had spent more than five days at the Monrovia Central Prison and that was how they chose to do what they did.”

Before he was sent to court, Sirleaf alleged that one of the police bosses, whose name he did not mention, asked why he had not been processed and sent to court.

“They could not send me to court without charging me with an offense so they hurriedly prepared the document and asked me to use my thumb to sign it, which I did while I was handcuffed.

“I did it because they earlier assured me that the document was just a mere fingerprint and it did not have anything for me to read.”

After that, Sirleaf claimed that a female officer, whose name he also did not mention, took the file away; and the next day, “she took me and the charge sheet to the Monrovia City Court, where I was charged, and later transferred to the Criminal Court ‘A’.”

“This was how I was sent to the court and later indicted for murder. I did not make any statement, they did it themselves just to punish me for what I did not know about,” Sirleaf indicated.

Though Sirleaf admitted that he and the victim got into a fistfight, he said he was not responsible for Johnson’s death.

“He was the one that hit me with a stout bottle and stabbed me, I never stabbed him. The only thing I did was to push him and he fell on those bottles that he had broken to stab me.”

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