Supt. Sarnor Wants Road, Radio Station Problems Addressed

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The superintendent of Gbarpolu County, Armah Sarnor, has called on the government and its international partners to assist in addressing “the road and radio station problems” facing his county.

He made the appeal on Tuesday at the groundbreaking ceremony of the County Service Center, which is expected to host ministries, agencies and commissions that will provide government related services in the county.

The completion of a radio station, he said, would require US$151,000, “including the purchasing of a transmitter and all the equipment to run the station.”

Supt. Sarnor said although the road from Monrovia to Mecca, Suehn District, has been completed, there is a serious challenge connecting the remaining part of the road to Bopolu, Gbarpolu County.

“If the road is completed, we will find people coming in, and even things will be cheap on the market because of the connectivity of the road. We don’t have cars because of the bad road situation. We are troubled that during the rainy season, our people lack free movement in and out of the county,” he explained.

As a young county, he said, they are doing well and trying to give the county a facelift. “We need the full support of both the government and its partners.

We also believe that unity is the way forward for any young county and we will continue to fight for the betterment of Gbarpolu,” Supt. Sarnor said.

“As a people and county, we will be working hard to ensure that the service center is completed within 90 days. These services the center will be providing are important because our people will no longer have to travel to Monrovia before accessing them. And we want to first have access to marriage certificates, car registration, driver’s license and birth certificates. We can later request for others depending on the need.”

Supt Sarnor said the county has many aliens who are partners in progress and would like to see the registration of aliens taking place in the counties as opposed to Monrovia.

“It will be good for us as a people and country to have such a process handled in the various counties,” he said.

Meanwhile, Supt. Sarnor has called on the contractor expected to build the County Service Center to hire workers from Gbarpolu instead of hiring from other counties.


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