Supreme Court Sets Stage for Next Elections

Gerald Meyerman , the Chief of Party of the Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Program Liberia (LPAC).

– USAID-LPAC Chief of Party says

The Chief of Party of the Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Program Liberia (LPAC) has said that the recent Supreme Court ruling on allegations of fraud and irregularities brought on by the UP and LP against the NEC could be used to guide future elections.

Gerald Meyerman noted that there were errors in the Liberty Party and Unity Party (UP) complaint over the conduct of the October 10 presidential and legislative elections. He said the errors could be corrected and can be made to enhance the process, adding that the Supreme Court decision will be an important guideline for the next election.

Meyerman made the disclosure when he launched the ‘Talking Bus – Upholding the Rule of Law’ project that will be implemented by the Angie Brooks International Center-Women Situation Room (WSR) in Monrovia.

The USAID-LPAC boss noted that the court ruling will encourage Liberians to respect the Constitution.

“Liberians will now make their decision on which of the candidates they have to vote for during the runoff elections,” Meyerman indicated.

“USAID-LPAC will be fully involved in the process of the rule of law to maintain peace and stability. The rule of law is what we depend on for the democratic process.”

Earlier, the project’s initiator, Cllr. Yvette Chesson Wureh, explained that the ‘Talking Bus’ should be seen as an opportunity for Liberians to learn and analyze the Court’s opinion.

Cllr. Wureh also noted that the judgment will be translated into local Liberian languages for people to better understand it and its interpretation.

“No one can change the Supreme Court’s final judgment; and we, as Liberians, must respect our Constitution which gives the authority to the court,” she said.

Cllr. Moses Paegar, president of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA), assured the Women Situation Room of the LNBA’s readiness to partner with them to make the project a reality.

“We will be providing two lawyers to assist in the dissemination of the information about the ‘Talking Bus’ to ensure that all Liberians participate peacefully during the pending runoff and to uphold the rule of law,” Paegar added.

Meanwhile, the mandate of the Women Situation Room is to ensure a peaceful environment before, during and after elections in all countries. The mandate comes from UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Gender is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC).


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  1. That said as per the commentary; “Supreme Court Set Stage for Next Election”, we should all be grateful to Cllr. C.W.Brumskine for bringing this matter of irregularities and frauds to the attention of the High Court. Thanks! Cllr. Brumskine. *This is not the Liberia of our Grand Parents’ days. A new day have dawn. Henceforth, we must do it rigjt. “We can not continue to do the same WRONGS and expect to get GOOD results” NB.The words of Alexander B.Cummings. Let’s his advice seriously.

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