Supreme Court Ditches Cllr. Nwabudike

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

— Declines his alternative writ of prohibition 

Questions over the nationality of the man that President George Weah controversially nominated to be the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) are no longer of essence as his fate has been decided by the final arbiter of justice, the Supreme Court of Liberia, with no hope of him retaining his alleged Liberian citizenship, if he ever had one.

The embattled Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, who could not authenticate his claims to Liberian nationality which he said he acquired in the early 1980s, was dealt a major blow when the Supreme Court decided not to act on his expulsion from the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA).

Justice-In-Chamber, Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie, on Friday, July 24, declined to issue an Alternative Writ of Prohibition seeking to prevent Nwabudike’s expulsion from the Bar, following her July 23, 2020 legal conference between the party lawyers in the chamber of the Supreme Court.

It can be recalled in March of this year, the President of the LNBA, Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, wrote the Bar’s grievance and ethics committee to investigate reports of Cllr. Nwabudike having faked his Liberian citizenship. Only Liberian citizens (whether native or naturalized) can be admitted to the LNBA. In the case of Nwabudike, who was born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents who migrated to Liberia, he violated the Bar’s requirements for admission through the use of falsified documents to pose as a naturalized Liberian citizen.  This, the LNBA believes, is an egregious ethical transgression warranting expulsion.

The expelled member of the LNBA lied under oath about his Citizenship during confirmation hearing at the Liberian Senate when he was nominated by President Weah to the helm of the NEC.

Flashback: Cllr. Nwabudike being grilled by the Senate during his confirmation hearing following his NEC nomination few months ago

During the Senate hearing, Cllr. Nwabudike provided conflicting information about his Liberian nationality, which he said he obtained at age 17, though the Liberian Constitution only provides such status at the age of maturity, 18.

The Nigerian national also lied about his date of birth, as four different essential documents had four different dates of birth. These embarrassing revelations, the LNBA President noted, hangs a dark cloud over the hard-earned integrity of the legal profession in Liberia and it led to the Bar association expelling Cllr. Nwabudike.

The NEC, which the Nigerian Lawyer was poised to head if his nomination was confirmed, is a one of Liberia’s key integrity institutions, charged with the constitutional authority of conducting elections for Legislative, presidential and other statutory elected positions in Liberian government. According to the Constitution, the NEC should be chaired by a Liberian citizen.

Meanwhile, Nwabudike, who has been and still is Chairman of yet another major integrity institution — the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) — has not yet been asked by the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, to step down from that tenured position. Now that the Supreme Court has, in not so many words, endorsed the LNBA’s penalty upon Nwabudike, it remains to be seen whether another wave of bad press, possible diplomatic pressure, as well as public uproar, will move the President to simply tell the Nigerian to step aside.


  1. Where is that DIRTY so-called True Nationalist?

    I cannot wait to hear him describe this Supreme Court decision..!


    May I point out also that True Nationalist (on Daily Observer) is the same goon who clowns on FPA as Liberia’s Illustrious Son.

    • Don’t pay any attention to that clown. He’s a sycophant and sees nothing wrong even if the evidence is obvious.

    • My brother that so-called “true nationalist” is among the cancers Liberians has to deal with. Unfortunate, he has left the scene. Liberia will get better but patriots must not get tire doing their bits wherever they are. Happy Independence Day…..

  2. What does the action from the nation’s Highest Court means ? As of now, any documents signed by the imposter representing the interest of the Republic of Liberia in the court of law is a fake document that will not and can not be entertained by any court of law in the land. Based on his expulsion from the Liberian Bar Association due to his fraudulent or criminal deception in acquiring the citizenship of Liberia, the Supreme Court has decided his fate, and any chance of being considered as a Liberian. Will not practiced law, can’t signed documents, can’t represent the Republic , it is time to deport him to his beloved country, Nigeria. To stay in Liberia, it is possible that George will find any kind of clandestine activities to keep him in that country against the interest of the Liberian people and, perhaps, pay him with the Liberian people tax dollars. George is always working in the interest of the Lebanese and other foreign nationals, against the interest of the Liberian people. Well, as for Mr. True or False Nationalist, always shouting that the Supreme Court cannot reverse its ruling once made, even in the face of new evidence, he just flunked his 2020 law class. The ruling based on the fraudulent and criminal deception of this Nigerian and his alleged Liberian citizenship is dead . So why is George is still paying and caring for this impostor ? One will come to know George by the friends he keeps. CROOKS!!

  3. Mr. Warning Shot:

    I can tell you exactly what True Nationalist – I refer to him as True Coward – reaction is going to be. He is going to come here and lambast Justice Wolokollie, calling her all kinds of names. He will claim that she is not not versed in the law, that she is anit-government and his usual rantings. Watch my word.

    I could have told you a long time ago, Mr. warning shot, that he is the one who operates under the pseudonym as Liberia’s Illustrious Son. He operates under many other aliases, but with his one-track mind, he thinks that he has succeeded his fooling around him.

    But like you accurately states, he is a clown, so he not taken seriously

    Happy 26 sir, if there is anything to be happy about

    • I would bet, “true nationalist” or whatever funny name he take does not have the balls to return. Such a petit thinker enslaved to his self-deception that he know-it-all.

  4. james Davis,

    Do you seriously think that True Nationalist knows what he is talking about. you give him too much credit, sir. half of the time, he/she/ contradicts himself/herself that one has no choice but to not take his/her seriously.

    But what I like about him/her is that he/she will find a way to bounce back. How that will be done, we wait and see

    Happy 26 James Davis

  5. Some of you people are not only uneducated or even socially unintelligent. You also lack the simple or natural practical knowledge and rudimentary intelligence expected of an adult in simple matters which any sound grade school student could proffer a sound judgment.

    By a court or a Supreme Court “declining” to intervene in a matter is in no way a sign of defeat of any of the parties. In fact, contrary to your idiocy and ignorance, the blow is actually against the LNBA. For the Supreme Court is simply saying both the LNBAŚ action against Nwabudike and whatever claim the LNBA has against Nwabudike is totally irrelevant!

    What would have mattered would have been if the Supreme Court had given it s position that it had not recognized Nwabudikeś Liberian citizenship, or Nwabudike is not a member of the Supreme Court´s Bar. But this is not the case as ipso facto the Supreme Courtś action, as far as the court is concerned, the LNBA should deal with its membership issue. But the Court recognizes Nwabudike as a bona fide citizen of Liberia and a member of the Supreme Court Bar eligible to practice law in Liberia.

    This is why, you see or read absolutely nothing from the Court but this paper. All you read is outdated disinformation.

    • Like Professor Wilson Tarpeh teaching garbage at the University of Liberia, so like a law student of the law college of the University , True or False Nationalist, garbage out. And here is his blah blah blah blah blah blah of nothing. What the Associate Justice in Chambers has ruled, is that, the Court recognized the right of the Bar Association to suspend its members. That was what before the Court, to stop his expulsion from the Association. The Court failed to stop the Association from suspending one of its members, making the decision from the Association to stand. Making all requirements of the Association’s guidelines against the notorious criminal and deceptive Nigerian stand. It is a great political victory for the Association when the High Court in the land failed to issue a prohibition against the Association. And as of now, being a non-member of the Association is a complete disadvantage for the criminal minded and deceptive Nigerian. This aspect of his suspension will not be heard by the Supreme Court. Done with ! And the Association is not likely to reverse its decision to suspend. This ruling from the Justice in Chambers as like the one recognized by the Supreme Court that the legislature has the authority to make laws that governs the Republic. So is the Association within its right to make laws that will disciplined its members, even to suspend. The Justice in Chambers understands that the whole thing as John’s palm oil on John’s shirt. If the due process was followed to the letter, the suspension Stands ! So how then can this fake Liberian go into any Court to represent the People as a lawyer ? The Supreme Court can not do for the Association what the Association should do about its members, short of the due process that governs the laws of the Association. And this is what the False Nationalist called a defeat for the Association. The criminal minded and deceptive Nigerian has got no chance of being accepted again as a member of the Bar Association, or any chance of enjoying any privileges from that Association. That Is Done With. This is the End of the Suspension case. The right of the Association to discipline its members is upheld by the refusal of the Highest Court of the land to intervene. But how did Mr. False Nationalist gets his educational papers ? The same as the criminally minded and deceptive Nigerian.

  6. Why would you want to waste your precious time by going back and forth with an individual who doesn’t want to be identified.

    A political operative of a ruling administration will always hide his or her identity for fear of being Link to the crimes of the administration.

    What’s the fear of arguing on this forum unidentified?

  7. Hahahaha True Nationalist,

    2 Things:
    1.Either you just shut it down or
    2. All the Geriatric and AARP celebrants are gone back
    to bed after their brief pleasantries and will be back in few hours to attack. Lol. Lol…

    I stand corrected, this case is not YET over. The Justice in chambers, Wolokollie declined to intervene and this could be brought before the full bench of The Supreme Court to vote and the Majority vote cast among the Justices opinion will be the final judgement in this case.

    Mr. Big time lawyer and Bar President Gongloe, With all the law you know, You sat right in Monrovia 15 years ago when the TRC BARRED Ellen from politics in Liberia for 30 years, You never open your mouth but instead went on to take up a ministerial position in her government but it is this poor man you have the power to run behind.
    Killers that committed crimes against Librarians and humanity are sitting right before you eyes in the national legislature of Liberia, Your LNBA is not calling for Justice. God is watching Your insincerity and we can see right through that it is more politics and self gratification then restoring Liberia.

    All without Sin, PLEASE through the first stone, But remember Karma is a BITCH.

  8. True Nationalist.

    Meant. Either you have just shut them down…

    That was before I seen Bill Nagbe post.

  9. Aaron Doe Nelson Sr. you do not stand to be corrected. You are 100% correct; which is that contrary to these toddlers bizarre ignorance, the matter is far from over.

    IN fact, were these toddlers not knee-deep in their ignoramus mentality viz this issue, they would acknowledge that this declination of Justice Howard Wolokolie, is ipso facto this decline by the Associate Justice, absolutely a declaratory judgment in disguise in favor of Cllr. Nwabudike!

    For as far as the Court is concerned, the Supreme Court Bar, and both the Liberian Government and the Supreme Court of Liberia recognize as a bona fide Liberian citizen with an imprimatur from the Liberian Supreme Court and the entire Judiciary Branch in toto to practice law in Liberia.

    It is ONLY THE SUPREME COURT OF LIBERIA which has the rights and powers to disbar anyone from practicing law within the territorial and extra-territorial jurisdictions of the Republic of Liberia.

    The move of Nwabudike´s lawyers is simply a necessary formality any lawyer should or may take in such circumstances. So, anyone knowledgeable about these matters is aware that what this paper has published is mere disinformation. And this is why they dare not publish the asserted deliberation from Justice Howard-Wolokolie.

  10. For as far as the Court is concerned, the Supreme Court Bar, and both the Liberian Government and the Supreme Court of Liberia recognize Cllr. Nwabudike as a bona fide Liberian citizen with an imprimatur from the Liberian Supreme Court and the entire Judiciary Branch in toto to practice law in Liberia. The LNBA is as any associational/sectional group with no official status with Government. The LNBA is as any PEM-PEM association in the country or any country.

  11. Bill Nagbe,

    you are so right. Why would one want to waste his precious time to answer to a coward who would not want to be identified? For the simple reason that he does not want to be responsible for his inputs.

    If the action taken by the LNBA was illegal, the Court would have struck down its action. Silence is consent. The Court sees nothing wrong with the action of the LNBA

    Aaron Doe Nelson almost everything you have said supra is correct. There are killers in our government. The TRC barred Ellen for partaking in government. They are all wrong and I agree with you, but two wrongs can never make a right sir and you know that. The gentleman obtained fraudulent documents to do what he did and he was called out. plain and simple. That is the crux of the matter. I see him everyday around, he is a likable fellow and I have nothing against him personally, but HE LIED

    You come here with your rightful identity and everyone knows that you reside in Minnesota. Hney does not hide his identity and he attacks issues. Sylvester Moses attack issues, Joe Moses, Jr. attacks issues and i have seen you all write and accept other views contrary to yours, but not the clown calling himself True Nationalist. yes, he is a clown, parading around the various sites under different names spewing trash and attacking anyone who offer the slightest of dissent against his views.

    you talked about AARP, I dont know what it means, but I know that it has to do with the elderly, but I can tell you that I am not an elderly person. I am 39 years of age and since I woke up this morning, I have not gone back to bed. In fact, I am just eating my palm butter and I am sitting at my ELWA residence listening to music.

    you are quite welcome to find me the day you return to Liberia again. I would love to chitchat with you. Happy 26 to you and your family Aaron Doe Nelson, Sr.

    • Mr. Kimba

      You said you are eating palm butter on 26 day……. Mehn you already got me distracted. I’m kru and that’s my favorite soup. I will take you up on the offer when I visit Liberia. I’m a regular visitor there. I can see we will definitely get along because all the soups you named to Snr. Brother Hney that are hated by you I also hate, nothing slippery for me.

      On the issue of AARP, its was a joke, I knew that some of those that commented at the time you did might be in the States and at the time True Nationalist posted his comments, they might have been in bed and might still be sleeping right now. LOL..LOL.

      I’m not a advocate for 2 wrongs making a right but can’t stand individuals that present themselves as citizens of good moral character and integrity but cherry pick the wrong they speak against once they are not benefitting from that wrong. Let it be across the board.

      Happy 26 buddy

    • Snr. Brother Hney

      26 GREETINGS.

      It’s rainy on my end so we will go for pepper soup and fufu with all the sea food we can get in there, dry and fresh.

      I can meet with your sister at Brooklyn Park, MN. Police station on Brooklyn Blvd. front entrance where the squad cars are parked on any Wednesday or Friday of her choosing, let me know the day and time.

      Enjoy your day Sir.

    • The last time I tried entertaining or sharing a space with “true/false nationalist”, the believe was to offer an opportunity for him to come out of hiding. But like you suggested, it is a waste of time with this petit thinker. All the word salads he’s splashing, he doesn’t have nerve to identify himself/herself.

  12. Happy Independence Day to every Liberian everywhere.

    To all Liberians who live in Liberia, be safe, take it easy, learn to keep a distance from someone who’s behind you and who is in front of you and don’t forget to wear your mask.

    Irrespective of how long I have lived out of my darling country, I care for everyone of you.

    Some of you will chew on palm butter today.

    Some of you will eat collard greens and rice today.

    A guy that I know of who lives in a nearby country to Liberia can’t wait to eat gigba today as a way of celebrating July 26.

    Some people who live in the western section of Liberia, will eat cassava leaves with smoked fish and meat. That’s good!

    Some Liberians will definitely cook soup with the following ingredients:
    Fish, cow meat (they call it beef) goat meat, crabs, shrimp and country chicken. Boy oh boy…..what kind of soup is that?

    Some Liberians will not forget about potata leaves! What’s about cabbage or gravy? Very, very yummies.mmmmm..

    But whatever y’all cook today, please do not offer me any okra sauce. Please! I don’t eat okra. Never ate okra. When I was young, my mom tried her best to make me eat okra. She didn’t succeed. I hate okra.

    Lastly, beautiful girls and ladies, please be nice. Keep what you have. Make good who you have.

    Guys……give your girlfriends and wives a hug.

    Happy Independence Day

  13. Mr. Hney,

    Happy 26 to you as well and your family as well. I ate palm butter today, but like you, I hate okra and as a

    matter of fact, I hate all things slippery – okra, wolor seed, palava sauce, etc, etc.

    please, give your wife a hug as well.

  14. Comrade Kimba,
    You’re my kind of guy. No wolor, no palava sauce or anything slippery! Period.

    My kids adapted my idea of rejecting slippery foods when they were very young. None of them eats slippery foods up to date. But, okra is good food for those who eat. I respect people who eat okra. More people eat okra than those of us who are totally against it.

    Comrade Kimba, I will give her a hug. Do the same. Even if she says, “stop Arthur…. what’s wrong with you today? I am always here. How come you don’t hug me”?

    Your response:
    I am sorry love. Regardless of what I do, I still live you.

    Hang in there buddy.

  15. Attention:
    The Y-word that I used above shouldn’t be “yummies, but rather…yummy. Again, you may not believe me, that’s okay. My stupid computer added the “s” to yummy after closure.

    I know better.

  16. Snr Brother Hney,

    My post above was meant to be posted under your independence day greetings to all but instead it went above it.

  17. My dear brother Aaron,
    I am intrigued by you whenever you respond. I too would have liked to have traveled to Liberia just as I did last year. But as you know, Covid-19 is a menace. In the sweet name of Jesus, we will overcome Covid-19!

    You, Kimba and I are the dynamic trio! No okra. No wolor! No palava sauce! No nonsense guys, pure and simple. Maybe there are a few more people out there who cannot stomach slippery foods.

    The heat wave is on in my state. Since lastweek, the mercury has shot up into the mid 90s. I don’t like too much heat and humidity! How’s Minnesota brother Nelson? I will not ask Kimba because I know it’s rainy season in Liberia during this time of the year.

    Let’s get together soon.

  18. Not a problem at all my dear brother. Things happen mysteriously sometimes. Let’s keep trucking man. Stay cool in Minnesota. Enjoy.

  19. Snr. Brother Hney

    Rainy here all morning. And you are right, we will overcome Covid 19.
    We will definitely get together soon.

  20. Once upon a time!

    An organization’s rules state that the only way to attend their year-end party was for each person to wear their OWN shoes and be ready to produce evidence that they bought the shoes.

    During the year-end party, in the middle of the night, a lady was accused of not owning the shoes that she was wearing. She protested — but she could not produce receipt for buying the shoes. So the organization threw her out of the party.

    She took her case to the Better Business Bureau for redress but the bureau threw out her case after investigating, because the case had no merits.

    Who is the loser in this case …?

    The woman’s last name is Nwabudike.

  21. The Supreme Court’s declining does not mean the case does not have merits, nor the case is been thrown out. NO NO NO! DO NOT BE MISLEAD IN YOUR CHRONIC IDIOCY AND IGNORANCE!

    When the Supreme Court declines to hear a case, it means that the Court has determined not to exercise its generally discretionary authority to resolve a case.

    The petition now goes to the state of “granting certiorari. At this “cert” stage, four justices must agree to hear the case.

    If four Justices do not agree to review the case, the Court will not hear the case. This is defined as denying certiorari. But if four justices agree to hear the case, the court will hear the case.

    So, the case has, in actuality, not started yet, not to talk about been over. NO. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the petitionerś citizenship or right to practice law in Liberia.

    It only has to do with that useless LNBA´S membership, without which the petitioner is still a bona fide Liberian citizens qualified to practice law anywhere in Liberia and as a member of the Supreme Court Bar.


  22. Secondly, the Liberian Supreme Court may decline a case for a variety of reasons. Procedural intricacies may impede a clean ruling on the merits, or the justices may prefer to let lower courts thrash out the law before intruding on the issue.

    In some cases, however, it seems the Supreme Court would just rather not step into the middle of a political minefield whether as a matter of the “political questions” doctrine or not. Like this so called Cllr. Arthur Johnson or Lewis Brown fiasco; the Court can will not want to waste its time with such nonsense. And I am not implying this is the case with Cllr. Nwabudike´s petition which is the right thing to do, even as the LNBA IS IRRELEVANT IN TERMS OF THE DISBARMENT OF ANYONE.

    For example, where a case may involve the Liberian governmentś recognition or non recognition of a foreign country, the Supreme Court will rule that it is the President, and not the Supreme Court to determine whether Liberia should recognize a certain foreign government.

    The LNBA IS NOT a part of the machinery of government. It is a mere group classified as private interest group as the PEP-PEM Asso, etc.

    So, the determination of membership of such a group is solely the group´s and not the court.

    But that does not mean an expelled or aggrieved member cannot take the association to court for not been given due process. That can be taken care of by a lower court as mentioned initially, and as far as Supreme Courts are concerned viz their work load.

  23. Mr. true Nationalist,

    you really did your research on this case. Thank you. I know that there is still some spark of good in you and I could get to like you more if you could refrain from your many vituperation. Hope your 26 went well.

    Aaron Doe Nelson and Mr. Hney:

    Trouble is brewing in the land. My wife, your country woman, had promised me that today, the 27th, we would eat split speas. But she went and brought out the same palm butter that we ate on the 26. I am not here to eat one soup three days in a row. I know thats how your can do in America, because of time factor.
    I heard say that laziness, but I am not here to judge your. your talk to her because if she insists that we eat palm butter today, she is going back to cape palmas tomorrow. word to the wise is sufficient.

    your thank you

    • Mr. Arthur Kimba, thanks for the compliments. But to be perfectly honest, I must inform you that I did not do any research “on this case”; and did not have to do any research, just as it is with any issue I deal with in these fora.

      With my last child celebrating his 50th natal anniversary next month, you can bet I did all such research at the end of my graduate and terminal studies in the mid- and late eighties. This is why when we comment, we comment with authority!

      One advice we may like to share with you is: read, read , read, ANYTHING!!! And cultivate the mind of the philosopher, and not ANYONE (including me) or even a given philosopher, or professional manipulators as lawyers, politicians, and journalists, will dare believe they can shape what and how you think, whether through ideological indoctrination or psychological control. FOREVER BE SKEPTICAL AND COUNTER-CHECK!

      You see how the reporter and the editor decided to disseminate this their silly propaganda or disinformation only serving their own interest and not the actual recipients. Generally, “everything” in this story, in many respects is misleading; or not fully truthful, and to a larger measure, entirely untrue – ipso facto the storyś one.sidedness and deliberate concealment of facts!

      • Mr. True Nationalist,

        Correct me if I am wrong oo. Are you telling me that your last child is 50 years old? So your last child is older than me by eleven years. much respect. and here I was thinking that Mr. Hney was the eldest here. Lol. sorry Mr. Hney. Mr. Dolo and your last child are of the same age.

        In other words, you are a person that we here can learn a lot from. I take seriously your advice to always cultivate the mind. As it is said, “Reading makes a man” and one way to cultivate the mind is to read.

        One can easily conclude from your writings that you have a deep and abiding love for your country and I speak for all when I say we all share that commonality. At the same time, we have to acknowledge when mistakes are made, because, no one person is infallable.

        Again, must respect. hope your 26 went well. Visit me the day you find yourself home

        • Yes, Mr. Arthur Kimba, I am telling you that my last child has lived in this lifetime for half of a century. Mind you, neither I nor Mr. Hney may be the oldest here. Mr. Sylvester Moses, former Director of the National Security Agency of Liberia (NSA) is just a generation (10 years) younger than Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. And many others are more advanced in years, but are simply generally readers. They comment once a while.

          Oh, yes! My love for my country is uncompromising as my conviction in and for such values and principles as justice, fairness, democracy, majority rule, etc.etc.

          Mr. Kimba, we hope you had a super-wonderful TWENTY SIX! As for Mr. True Nationalist, everyday for him is TWENTY SIX!

          Finally, Mr. Kimba, you are truly correct that “we have to acknowledge when mistakes are made, because, no one person is infallible”; for as St. Anselm, one of the greatest philosophers in history, postulates: “The quality of perfection is an attribute only applicable to God”!!!

  24. Come to think about it, only in Liberia undocumented aliens and alien businesses are preferred over and above Liberians and Liberian owned businesses. Since 1847 to today, contracts, roads and other building construction contracts are approved and awarded exclusively to aliens and alien owned businesses. Aliens and Alien owned businesses are mining rocks and sands and selling rocks and sands back to Liberians having the resources to build their homes and business places in Liberia.

    Why? Because, officials of the Liberian Government, Ministers, deputy Ministers, Directors, deputy directors and may I say the officials of the GoL from top to bottom, steal Liberia’s money and do business with these heartless Aliens and Alien businesses. Less than 1% of Liberia’s population are our honorables and wealthy criminals/officials. Let me add here, Liberia, has no true opposition political party. Check the CPP/Cop and the so-called Alliance of opposition political parties, they are all financial and economic hustlers and criminals running the streets of Liberia waiting for their term to steal Liberia’s monies and resources and make themselves our new wealthy honorables/masters.

    Like the power-that-be, these opposition hustlers and criminals in waiting, are simply waiting for the day they are elected to power in Liberia to simply steal Liberia’s monies and do business with the same Aliens and Alien businesses. Why? This, is how the less than 1% of our honorables, financial and economic criminals run their lives and Liberia. Whether the people of Liberia voted and removed President George Manneh Weah and replaced him with Alexander B. Cummings, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, Benoni W. Urey, or Senator Youngblee Karnga Lawrence, Liberia, will and shall remain the same— dirty streets with pupu-water dancing all along our major streets and communities—Liberians drinking from unsaved and dirty wells all over Liberia.

    They are all going to be and remain financial and economic hustlers and criminals stealing Liberia’s monies and doing business with Aliens and Alien businesses—leaving Liberians and Liberian owned businesses poor and needy. This is how our so-called leaders and Governments have managed and mismanaged Liberia since 1847 to today. Just view and critically review thé records of Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, Mr. Gudy Bryant, the rest of Liberia’s intern Governments, the Government of Mr. Charles G. Taylor and lately the Government of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. They are regrettably the same— financial and economic hustlers and heartless criminals, stealing Liberia’s revenues and resources and doing business exclusively with Aliens and Alien owned businesses. They have no trust and respect for fellow Liberians and Liberian owned businesses. They only trust their power to steal!

    This is why, no sitting President in Liberia will ever dare to arrest, indict and prosecute past officials and leaders of any Government in Liberia. It shall be business as usual until Liberia and its people have a true system revolution and true reform. I speak not about revolution and reform by making war and senseless wars. I am talking about building a strong and credible judicial system with credible and reliable judges, chief and associate justices and specialized Court judges and magistrates—chief and associate justices and subordinate judges and magistrates that will think for themselves and write their own judgments and not leaving their judgments to so-called smart attorneys and Counsellors—a trusted and reliable judiciary and independent-minded judges that Liberians and residents can trust and respect.

    Electing to the House of Representatives and Senate Liberians that will read every law they passed and not voting when they are induced by cash. A president that truly loves Liberia and not a speaker glad to run when US$ is danced before his/her eyes—and so on.

    Liberia, needs a true revolution and change for the better. Liberian politicians are all petite LIARS and educated thieves—a colony of hustlers and thieves!

    Frédérick A. B. Jayweh Esq.
    Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director,
    Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.
    77 Broad St, 3rd Floor, Presbyterian Building
    Monrovia, Liberia
    Lib-Ph: (231) 775-204-677
    US-Ph: (720) 731-7994

    • Frederick A.B. Jayweh, you have a point that “Liberia, needs a true revolution and change for the better. Liberian politicians are all petite LIARS and educated thieves—a colony of hustlers and thieves!”


      Probably this is why St. Anselm, one of the greatest philosophers in history, postulates that: “The quality of perfection is an attribute only applicable to God”!!!

  25. True Nationalist, if you are man enough, come forth and say who really you are and identify your true self. Until you shall have done that, Liberia, has so many problems and so, I have not the time to waste on you.

    Cllr. F. À..B. Jayweh

    • But Cllr. Jayweh, you are not been fair to us. This case is not about “politics.” And here you are boring us with what any objective mind would describe as you using “politicians” as scape goats.

      Mr. Jayweh, with all those titles stripped around you (EX.Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director, Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.), we expect you to advance some insights as to why would the Supreme Court decline such a case, what are the strengths of the LNBA and or Cllr. Nwabudike in this case, and probably many more. And not what we are reading here from you.

  26. My great and very saintly lawyer – Cllr. F.A.B. Jayweh, of course, anyone understands that YOUR CONSCIENCE AND THE REALITY cannot allow you to answer such question,

    For it is:

    (1) you so called Liberian lawyers (eg. Frederick A.B.Jayweh, etc.) who, when the very politicians you are judging as “all petite LIARS and educated thieves—a colony of hustlers and thieves” are taken to court, YOU THE VERY LIBERIAN LAWYERS:

    (2) go to tell the judge and the Liberian people that the very politicians you are HERE judging as “all petite LIARS and educated thieves—a colony of hustlers and thieves”. ARE:


    Well, St. Frederick, we must remind you of John 8:7 which says: “Let-him-who-is-without-sin-cast-the-first-stone.

    For only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment upon others (implying that YOU FREDERICK A.B.JAYWEH YOU ARE NOT faultless and that, therefore, YOU DARE NOT pass judgment)!!!!!!!


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