Supreme Court Decides Korkoya’s Fate Today


By Abednego Davis

A decision is expected today on whether or not Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya will remain as head of the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The announcement was made yesterday by Associate Justice Philip A.Z. Banks, who presided over the legal argument regarding Korkoya’s dual citizenship.

Today’s expected judgment emanated from a complaint filed to the Supreme Court by Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, a presidential hopeful in the upcoming elections, against Korkoya where he claimed a Writ of Prohibition.

The Writ of Prohibition is an order from the superior court to a lower court directing the judge and the parties to cease the litigation, because the lower court has no proper jurisdiction to hear or determine the matter.

Before today’s ruling, Korkoya had argued that the lawsuit against him was “a dangerous game,” and a clever attempt by politicians to take away his Liberian citizenship and to make him stateless.

Korkoya also contended that Dr. Tipoteh lacks the legal capacity to determine whether or not he is a citizen because that decision is in the purview of the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice.

Tipoteh’s lawsuit seeks the intervention of the Supreme Court to prohibit Korkoya as NEC chairman from conducting the October elections because he is a citizen of the United States by his alleged possession of that country’s passport and for voting in US elections.

Tipoteh also argued that in order for the results of the national elections to be considered credible, the legal capacity of persons conducting the elections, especially its chairman, who speaks for the Board of Commissioners and presides over its meetings, must not in any respect be in doubt.

“The NEC requires that all candidates and voters participating in the 2017 presidential and representative elections comply with the Election Laws of Liberia and for the Commission to have the moral authority to rigorously enforce all provisions of said law, the Commission and its members must obey, abide by and comply with every provision of the Election Laws of Liberia,” Dr. Tipoteh said.


  1. First of all, allowing such a common criminal case to reach at such a supreme level, when this boy (Korkoyah) should have been long investigated, fired, and deported, is both laughable and disgusting!!!Well, we shall laugh that away and see if Justice Philip Banks shall restore to the Supreme Court the nobility, honor, and dignity it deserves!

    But taking into account Banks´ past questionable reasons, and conclusions, in his judicial decisions, and the fact that a judge is in a position to define the issues and shape, if not manipulate, their content, we shall wait to see which rule of law Banks would expressly or implicitly, treat as a necessary step in reaching his conclusions in this case!

    Especially so a case with such overwhelming evidence against Jerome Korkoyah, and the proof made clear beyond all reasonable doubts that Jerome Korkoyah does not only not have the legal capacity to head the NEC or become one of its commissioners, but that he has committed the crime of perjury, and treason, vis a vis his Korkoyah´s intentional false statement under oath, and his allegiance to a foreign sovereign while pretending to be giving allegiance to the sovereign nation of Liberia.

  2. Korkoya just won! Observer, I cannot wait to read your coverage of that story. You shamelessly published lies that Korkoya cried in court. Who is crying now?

  3. Even if Associate Justice Banks rules in Kokoyah’s favor, there is nothing left of his credibility to continue to head the NEC, as his fellow commissioners have also lost confidence in his stewardship! Mr. Korkoyah should do the honorable thing by resigning to save this very fragile nation!

    • Sure. No worries Mr. Kpanneh Doe, I’m sure Cllr. Korkoya is reading your comment and strongly considering your suggestion. As we say in Liberia, yor will stay long inside.

  4. Yes AB, I love that word”They will stay long inside” That boy will remain the Chairman of NEC. The most honorable thing to do is to leave Jerome alone to do is work.

  5. By the way, Cllr. Korkoyah is best suited to spear head the pending 2017 elections given his vast experience, couple with huge tremendous credibility, integrity and transparency over the years. I am with strongest conviction that Chairman Korkoyah will perform excellently beyond the expectation of many Liberians evidence by the 2014 Senatorial election. Lastly, fellow compatriots it is indeed obvious that Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoyah citizenship can not be question under circumstances because he is indeed a bonafide Liberian no doubt. Those who questioning Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoyah citizenship are on the wrong side of history and they will be remembered in history as a worst citizens. It is indeed facile for bunch of uncivilized, unpatriotic, misguided, buffoon and anti democratic characters calling themselves Liberians or more Liberians wanting to question the high earned impeccable character like Cllr.Jerome G. Korkoyah.

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