SUP Reinstates Martin Kollie

Student Kollie is being reinstated

University of Liberia (UL) campus-based Student Unification Party (SUP) has reinstated Martin Kollie as the party’s secretary-general, after serving a three-week suspension for what the party said was “disorderly conduct” for inciting some of the students to “illegally protest against the state.”

In a communication reinstating Kollie, SUP chairman Butu Levi said the decision was reached after holding several consultations with members of the “politburo and central committee,” the party’s highest decision-making body, to decide Kollie’s fate in the party.

“With the power vested in the Politburo and Central Committee, the party hereby reinstates Martin K. N. Kollie as secretary-general. Henceforth, we are pleased to inform members of the party and the Liberian people that Kollie now has every right to function as the legitimate secretary general of the party,” the communication said.

“We therefore call on all militants and the general public to accord him the due courtesies and utmost respect that comes with this portfolio,” Levi said in the letter.

He reaffirms the party’s commitment to remain supreme and to never back down in championing the collective agenda of the Liberian people.

Recently, SUP suspended Kollie from his position due to “abrogating and acting against sacred constitutional norms, tradition, and dictates of the party, which it considered inimical to the doctrine precedent and constitution of the party.”

In a brief remark, Kollie said his reinstatement vindicates him from allegations that he wanted to use his position for self-gain.

“I knew from day one that I was going to get my position, because it was just a matter of time before that happens,” he said, shortly after he received his reinstatement letter.


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