SUP Blasts CDC-led Gov’t in Tribute to Late Sen. Doe-Sherif

The Student Unification Party paying tribute to the their alumnus, the late Senator Geradine Doe-Sherif

— After Calling Her ‘Betrayal’

Thursday’s special requiem for the late Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif, held at the Rotunda of the Capitol, took a dramatic turn, sending hundreds of mourners to buzz into light laughter, after the Student Unification Vanguard Party (SUP), in their elegy, scowled the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) for mourning fallen Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif after calling her a ‘traitor.’

In their tribute at the crowded and overriding black service, SUP Chairman Carlos T. Edison said the fallen Senator was ‘chased and bashed’ out of the CDC and labeled as “traitor and betrayal’ in 2011; and then the CDC, was again tactically planning to obviously unseat her in the pending 2020 Senatorial Elections.

“Why should you mourn Senator Doe-Sherif, when you called her a traitor and have plans to unseat her,” Chairman Edison said.

SUP was compelled to be called up to pay tribute to the late Senator, after protest through lousy battle cries, which erupted the tribute of President Pro Tempore Albert Chie.

SUP’s tribute was inarguably aimed at the Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President George M. Weah, who said the late Senator was a fallen patriot and one of the pillars of the contemporary women movement in Liberia and that she paved the way for women to rise up to the fore and become voices of reason within our political spectrum; when she rose to the position of Chairlady of the Congress for Democratic Change.

On Tuesday, March 12, the President also led an array of Cabinet Ministers to sign the Book of Condolence for the late Senator Doe-Sherif.

The SUP chairman further said President Weah has purged the country in to ‘economic drainage and bad governance.’

Among the mourners were Speaker Bhofal Chambers and members of the House of Representatives; President Pro Tempore Albert Chie and members of the Senate; Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe; former members of the Senate and House of Representatives, members of the Diplomatic Corps, members of the business community, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) family members and well wishers.

SUP Chairman Edison eulogized the late Senator, saying she was a veteran of the Vanguard Party, wherein she attended the Party’s Cadre Class for three years, and then served as the Chairperson of the Party’s Women Presidium.

“She was the President of the Graduating Class and one of the strong women of SUP. We salute our fallen comrade; go and rest in perfect peace as light perpetual always fall on you.”

Senator Doe-Sherif died at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, on Saturday, February 10, four days after her 52nd birthday.

Ironically, the late Senator, who was one of the pioneering figures in the now ruling CDC, broke ranks with the party on May 19, 2014, telling the party that she was tendering her resignation with a heavy heart. “You will agree with me, no doubt, that the purpose for which we founded this once noble party is lost.”

“Our goal was to form an institution with the sole purpose to emancipate our people, the downtrodden included, from the dungeon of poverty to the celestial heights of a decent life through participatory democracy. We have made several attempts to change this course internally, but all of our efforts proved futile as I even suffered physical harm as a result of my stance in reconciling the country while serving as chairman of the party.”

The final funeral of the fallen Senator will be held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church on Broad Street and internment will follow after at the Kaiser Memorial Cemetery in Brewervile.


  1. Let that little rat Carlos Edison and the entire SUP CRAP go to hell! Reality is reality! Yes, Geralddine Doe-Sherrif having been propelled to the Senate By and through the political voting power of the CDC, of course, became a traitor to the CDC By abandoning the very CDC and having herself injested into to the very Unity Party which rigged, and stole, the elections from the CDC WITHOUT which Geraldine Doe Sherriff would have never won that senatorial seat!

    Hence, the Standard Bearer of the CDC His Excellency President George Manneh Weah and the entire CDC should be applauded and emulated for letting By gones be bygones and eulogizing the Senator as a patriot; since in fact, besides party politics, one can still be patriotic in their legislative or senatorial roles; since he or she up to her passing, she was indeed serving the direct interest of a given constituency of the nation and citizensry, and not just a political party!

  2. Mr. Zoedjallah, I concur with you 100 percent! Its a SILLY thought on the part of these children to spew such rubbish : “about why should you mourn her when your plan was to unseat her?” How stupid and utter lack of political knowledge these student can be!!!

    Shame on them and such political flunkies as Alaric Tokpah etc. etc. who are their teachers of politics to believe that it is wrong for an incumbent party to win back a legislative seat which was won by their party but later taken away from their party through the ingratitude of a party member which betrayed the party for the then incumbent party!

    How can they be so naive politically!! Do they not know that even other partisans of Senator Geraldine Doe Sherriff ‘s Unity Party long anticipated unseating her?? You children really need to study well. But you have here displayed political stupidity.

    • No wonder why Costa call you guys tiny, tiny CDcians, you guys are very narrow minded; turning Weah into another demigod. I see him being worst than Deo.

      • That all you people are planing for our president but before he be worst you and your family will be the first on the list. Our country will no longer be a country of war again so mr man by the power of God almighty if any one try anything to make our mothers and fathers not to sleep they and the family will not sleep too in Jesus name.

  3. Perhaps, only in our corner of Planet Earth – where few media outlets abandoned any pretense of impartiality and campus politics seemingly becomes a virulent strain of national politics – would the frivolity of sarcasm by a student at the funeral service of a female Senator be applauded through innuendoes in a news reporting and described as “Very bold. Very outspoken” by a commenter. Yet, as expected, no one wondering why a silly outburst during a solemn occasion in the Senate is being romanticized as heroic, absurdly reminiscent of Alexander Pope’s classic poem “The Rape of the Lock”.

    Truth matters, thankfully, and there is a price to pay for cross-carpeting in the US Congress which practices and conventions we Liberians copy; it may include attacks of “betrayal” and plans by party strategists to “unseat” a defector from one party to another. For instance, even Connecticut Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, a former vice presidential candidate, was assailed as a traitor though he didn’t defect from the Democratic Party and only endorsed Republican Party nominee John McCain instead of Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

    The SUP Chairman was out of line and allowing students to appear at the Senate in some form of uniform that isn’t required by UL administration showed no respect for the setting and occasion. But like I mentioned elsewhere, everybody at home wants to be loved, so nobody questions anything. It was therefore not surprising that when publicity hounds continually incited uprisings, the whole nation strenuously watched in studied silence (many with anxiety, few with glee) until more responsible residents in the UN, AU, and ECOWAS missions in Monrovia pushed back with rightful anger.

    We Liberians seem to not get it that our paralysis, actually fear to be ridiculed by alleged brazen foot soldiers of commotion in the face of mounting evidences of irresponsible behaviors put policing aims regarding public safety in an uphill battle. Because, reportedly, some officers are confused about when and how to approach deliberate provocations on their beats. Farewell and RIP Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, family and close friends can’t allow your untimely passing to be a political football by those who seemingly care little about stability without which opportunities for the downtrodden whom you lived among and loved wouldn’t be realized.

  4. Added to the not surprising media BIAS with reference to the unprincipled and non-pragmatic headline, the astonishingly low ebb of narcissism and to some extent, ethnocentrism on the part of this group of students have simply exposed the uncivilized mindset and functional illiteracy of these students and those who would give credence to such politically dumb and narcissistic thinking!

    Look students check your political psychology 101, you will acknowledge and realize that henceforth, before going out to make any representation of your entiativity, you should carefully study that which is terminologized as THE REALITY PRINCIPLE thought in political psychology 101, if you do not want to repeat this display of ignorance and functional savagery sandwiched between poor reasoning and being used as tools, STOOGES, and fools.

  5. The bar of civility was crossed at the late senator’s funeral by SUP. Every bit of its credibility went down in flames disgracefully on the day of the funeral. If SUP has a spine, an introspection is needed.

  6. Kids got to be kids, but where were the adults when students dressed like members of a MS 13 Miami gang, apparently as a sign of defiance, were permitted inside the rotunda of the Senate?

  7. Sylvester Moses, we share your concern. But if a whole Representative Yekeh Kolubah would dress like a street – thug and be allowed to enter the Rotunda, it should not be surprising that these kids were allowed in such an Honorable building , in spite of such disgusting compartment on the part of those street-thugs under cover of studentship.

    But actually, what had me and others at the office laughing is the students expecting an incumbent party CDC to mobilize votes for an opposition incumbent during the forthcoming senatorial election because the senatorial incumbent had been a member of the CDC prior to resigning from the CDC and joining the Unity Party. This is very funny.

  8. Hilarious, Matilda Witherspoon, and that’s why they should study instead of being manipulated by Machiavellians, not unlike warlords who used child soldiers. It matters not whether gun or pen/ word is the tool of destabilization, the outcome: Destruction and Death!

  9. “Our goal was to form an institution with the sole purpose to emancipate our people, the downtrodden included, from the dungeon of poverty to the celestial heights of a decent life through participatory democracy. We have made several attempts to change this course internally, but all of our efforts proved futile as I even suffered physical harm as a result of my stance in reconciling the country while serving as chairman of the party.”

    This woman was physically attacked at CDC compound by CDC thugs and George Weah said nothing..did her early death at 52 had anything to do with the bodily harm she got from CDC thugs?

  10. How prophetic….

    “The Congress of Democratic Change, which is the largest member of the Coalition of Democratic Change, is threading the same path. It has a host of thugs named the SABU Unit which is akin to Taylor’s Anti-terrorist Unit, Hitler’s Gestapao, and Mussolini’s Black Shirt. This group is notorious for igniting violence, setting houses of targets ablaze, unleashing the rod of violence on individuals that express countervailing opinions to that of their party. For instance, in 2011, the Sabu Unit of the CDC visited petro bomb on the home of their former Secretary General in Lenn Eugene Nagbe when he crossover to the Unity Party.

    Every past chairman of the Congress of Democratic Change has either suffered physical brutality or attack from the SABU unit. Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, Orishall Gould, George Solo, to name a few, were afflicted with pain or almost got pained by the dreadful SABU Unit. In fact, even cadres of the party, for example, Salinto Montgomery who disagreed with its positions on some issues was beaten by the SABU Unit and shown the exit door.

    Imagine the CDC does not have the mantle of leadership to preside over the affairs of the state, it has engaged in terror on an industrial scale. When they are given power, one can only assume what will be the order of the day. Totalitarian tendency and the purging of dissenting view will be the signature activity of the SABU Unit.”

  11. Nobody going to speak evil of the dead, but, as exhausted by earlier comments, CDC’s reaction to her defection is an acceptable political practice she must have known was coming. And, most likely, among ECOWAS states, the appearance and behavior of SUP could’v only been tolerated in Liberia. It is a shame that grown educated men and women want kids to take chestnuts out of the fire for them: Go tell CDC your opinion, leave other people’s impressible kids alone!

    • Acceptable political practice…I hope you are not referring to CDC thugs beating her up…God help us all if that’s acceptable political practice….

  12. Yes..George Weah is paying me because as a citizen I do not have a free right to speak on issues about my country….I know CDC people were paid to criticize the last government.


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