Sunday Selling in Monrovia Suspended

Sellers with their goods at a market in Monrovia, Liberia

All Sunday selling in Monrovia has been declared suspended indefinitely as the government steps up measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Although the country has recorded so far two confirmed coronavirus cases, as compared to other countries, 127 contacts — 23 high-risk and 104 low-risk people who came in touch with the first coronavirus positive patients have been documented by the government health authorities.

Sunday selling, from the onset of the Weah administration, was banned but came into force again without any statement from the Mayor’s office why it was reactivated.

This new act of suspension is defended by the MCC as one of several measures initiated to keep the people of Monrovia safe from the virus.

It is also unclear whether the measure by the city government is endorsed by the Liberia Marketing Association, the umbrella organization for marketers across the country.

The declaration by Jefferson T. Koijee, Mayor of the City of Monrovia, does not cover night clubs, mosque or church activities, areas that are noted for attracting a huge crowds.

Liberia has Christians dominating the population followed by those of the African Traditional Religions and then the Muslims.  The decision has been a controversial one as public views have shown that Liberia under the Constitution is a secular state and therefore others who are not Christians should be allowed to work on Sunday.

In fact, the Muslims in this regard are insisting that the government gives them a holiday as there are more Christian holidays on the national calendar.

However, the new measure, according to Mayor Koijee, is aimed at keeping the people of Monrovia safe from the coronavirus and will be enforced by the Monrovia City Police.

According to Mayor Koijee, the Monrovia City Police will be visiting various markets to ensure that the decision is heeded, warning that the police will seize goods of anyone caught in violation of the mandate.

“They will seize goods of people who will violate the order and will not be returned.  Furthermore, anyone caught selling on Sunday will be fined in accordance with the City Ordinance Law,” the Mayor said.

“We need to join hands in eliminating this Coronavirus, especially following the established protocols by health authorities.”

Prior to the confirmation of the virus in the country, the MCC said it met with township commissioners and community leaders in the bailiwick of Monrovia and Montserrado County to discuss several measures if an outbreak occurs.

“Today is a sad day for us. We were deriving measures to take a precaution of an outbreak in Liberia, but now it is measures to stop the spread [of the outbreak]. However, we are not deterred because we are a unique and resilient people,” Mayor Koijee said.

Defending the policy, Mayor Koijee said through the commitment and dedication of everyone, Liberia will be successful in defeating the global pandemic, stating “let’s continue to pray for this country and every Liberian.”

“We pray that no one loses their life to this virus. We are going back to the various communities to sensitize the people because Monrovia is the first place of the virus. We have decided to take charge to protect our people,” he added.

Other measures include handing out hand sanitizers to MCC workers, and increasing awareness on compliance with health protocols.

Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee has also established a 15-man task-force to ensure more awareness in every community across Montserrado County and to “encourage citizens to follow all measures put in place by health authorities as well as work collaboratively for the eradication of the virus.”

Mayor Koijee has called on all business centers across the city to ensure that buckets with faucets containing water mixed with detergent substances are placed at every entrance for hand-washing.


  1. this ineffective idiot of a mayor who just left geneva switzerland with his buddy. WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE ATTRACTION IN GENEVA. SWISS BANKS TO HIDE MONEY

  2. A DUMB MAYOR- what is the difference between selling on sundays as opposed to mondays NOTHING. a market is a place where hundreds of people meet and the possibliity of being infected with coid 19 is the same. dumb mayor dumb results. 17 CONTINENTS (WHAT A SMART MAYOR)

  3. You guys better think again and come back to your senses by revisiting the provisions of the founding fathers of our nation.
    They declared Liberia a nation founded on Christian principles. As such, Sunday has ever since been observed as a day set aside to worship our God as directed by the 10 commandments, God’s Constitution.
    Your hanky panky games have led some corrupt individuals to compromise God’s Constitution, making Sunday again a day when some people are allowed to open their shops while others go the market or to the beach or to Church.
    You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Beware, the ides of March!

  4. The economic is struggling and you need all that will help to keep it up. Whatever reason you have, please bring back Sunday selling.

  5. Jesus is Lord! So Coronavirus only works on Sundays and only in Monrovia? Just asking for my uncle! Irrelevant policy, doesn’t address the issue…….

  6. Why put stop to Sunday selling? Is it for religious purpose or for fear of the spread of the global pandemic ( corona virus) ?
    Either ways I don’t think it’s necessary. One can worship anytime he/she wishes or stay home on Sunday and do whatever he/she wishes to do.
    For fear of the spread of the deadly virus, the question is does the virus not spread on other days of the week in Liberia except on Sunday?
    Hmm! This Too is Liberia!

  7. Well said,but what are the mursure put in place to stop people from going on the beaches, By the Government…..

  8. Jefferson Koijee is a ludicrous character.The suspension on Sunday selling as a step taken to prevent the spead of Covid-19 is a result of your ignorance and ineffectual administrative policy.Mr Koijee, Sunday selling does not in any way cause the spread of viruses. The only thing it does is it brings together people as in the case of selling on any other day. At the beginning of your tenue, you banned Sunday selling but failed to enforce it.You should now focus on what to do to keep Monrovia clean because a dirty city is a potential breeding site for diseases.


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