Sulunteh Quits ANC

Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh

-Cites institutional betrayal

Barely five months to the Special Senatorial Election across the country, Alternative National Congress (ANC)’s Vice standard-bearer, Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, has resigned from the party.

Sulunteh, who served as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, with his oversight extended to Canada and Mexico, joined the ANC in 2017 and became second only to Alexander B. Cummings, who is the standard-bearer of the party.

In his two-paragraph letter of resignation submitted to Alloysius Toe, secretary-general of ANC, Sulunteh said his resignation is due to the party’s failure to remain true to its manifesto, mainly in supporting his quest for the topmost seat (Senate) in Bong County.

“My conviction for this decision was predicated on the margins of a continued political betrayal of me, by the party and its leadership, since December 2019, in my bid for the Bong County Senatorial elections, slated for December 2020,” Sulunteh wrote.

He said ANC, an active participant in the heavily contested Representative and Presidential elections, is no longer living up to its principles and, as such, he is discontinuing his political career with the institution.

“I am therefore convinced that the ANC can no longer live up to its original principles of equal opportunities for all, where the ANC is the torchbearer for unity and peace; and where the ANC is the answer and the answer for all,” Sulunteh said.

In closing, he added: “Let me wish the ANC good luck in its quest for political leadership.”

Alloysius Toe, ANC Secretary-General (SG), in reacting to former Ambassador Sulunteh’s resignation letter, said the party has received his letter and wishes him well in his political journey.

“Although there were no details in his letter of resignation, let me be quick to debunk the allegation that our party in any way betrayed Amb. Sulunteh. He was one of our best and greatest leaders but the institution is bigger than anybody, regardless of your title, wealth or connection,” Toe told the Daily Observer via a telephone interview.

He said his political party is now the fastest-growing political institution in the country and, as such, there is no doubt that there will always be great brains coming to the party to make their own contributions in order to ensure that “Liberia deserves better,” an ideology which may be translated into a reliable and result-oriented national leadership.

“We thank our former vice standard-bearer for his time and contributions to our party. But the idea of identifying candidates to contest an election is not based on just big names or titles. It is not a unilateral decision because we are a part of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), a political conglomeration ready to usher in new leadership to bring about real transformation,” Toe said.

The CPP is comprised of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), the All Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman turned politician, Benoni Wilfred Urey, the Liberty Party (LP), and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of another businessman turned politician, Alexander Benedict Cummings.

When asked as to whether there has been an internal conflict other than just Sulunteh’s claim of not being supported by the party, Toe said he is not in the know of any conflict at any point in time.

“Generally, as it is in the case of any other institution in the world, we are human beings and we are from diverse backgrounds. Obviously, we have small issues but we settle them. This is what makes us a mature and responsible group of people working through the institution to lead this nation. We have the responsibility on our shoulders to exert all efforts in ensuring that we have peace and unity among ourselves first before we can in any way have the will power to contribute to making a vibrant national leadership,” Toe said.

The ANC was one of the twenty-two political parties that contested the 2017 Representative and Presidential elections, failing to win any one of the 73 electoral districts, leave alone to mention the presidency.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. We are not only sure, but we are indeed CERTAIN, that BY NOW, Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh has acknowledged, assimilated, realized, and is 100% CONVINCED that in politics, its safe to be trusted than to trust!!!

    Secondly, it is no doubt that:

    (1) Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, whose grass-root acceptance, and political capital, in especially vote-rich Bong County were unequaled and unmatched for the Bong County Senatorial position (following Jewel Howardś acceptance of running mate to the national hero), is now:

    (2) regretting WHY INSTEAD of he Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh abandoning his ambassadorial post in “modern day Rome” – THE USA, for the very senatorial post he now craves, he miscalculated, and abandoned such post with so much political and diplomatic capital, only to be a second fiddle for a mere neophyte (who has betrayed him Sulunteh) in the muddy waters of Liberian politics!!!!

    Anyone who decides to do politics, but does not master the political machinations and techniques a successful politician must use if he is to achieve his political ends, but chooses to embrace the weak and even hypocritical sensibility TO APPEAR TO APPEAR TO BE VIRTUOUS, is worse than a lawyer who does not have the intellect to argue for and against in any give case!

    Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, on a planet of diversity and scarcity and more so, in an activity (politics) where the existence of competing self interests is the norm, its safe to be trusted than to trust!!!

  2. Liberia’s problem is, whether her citizens have the Know-Hows, Skillsets, Trade, etc to develop the country? I didn’t cross over to any winning group; it will stay so forever.
    Lots of people ran to CDC, etc but what has happened since? Did they have the Know-Hows, needed resumes?
    Again, the key for Liberia moving forward is industries that will bring high cash to the country.

    We are waiting to server our country.
    Only the better educated in our needed areas of development can move Liberia forward.

    God bless.

  3. As also a practitioner and researcher of political psychology and political philosophy, I am:

    (1) supremely confident that it was a huge sum of money given to Sulenteh, or he simply got “carried away” by those internet bullcraps and FrontPageAfricaś PR for Alex Cummings and his ANC which;

    (2) made Sulenteh to WRONGLY believe or even speculate that someone (Alex Cummings), totally unknown to the Liberian electorate, could have ever won an election against a national hero; who is;

    (3)the most popular politician in the country, and is the leader of the countryś dominant and largest political following both at party politics and coalitions politics!!!

  4. Self-interest above national interest the primary vision of most politicians. Very sickening to the core of our existence.

  5. SELF-INTEREST is a motivation in politics. Hence, national leaders´ self-interest must typically include both the desire to to hold to the reins of power and the desire to act on personally held beliefs. But those self interests must tally with the national interest!

    And this is the case with President Weah and his uncompromising beliefs in the PRO-POOR AGENDA, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREE EDUCATION, THE CONSTRUCTION OF POST-MODERN ROADS, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, ETC. ETC.

    Now on the FATE of Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh: Taking into account the TRUE MEANING of the word; some people who choose to be key actors of politics, are simply not politicians. They (eg. Amb Sulunteh, etc) get confused and entrapped between Plato, Machiavelli, and Karl Marx; hence they are unable to differentiate between the Lockean “Live and lets live logic, and the Hobbesian “Kill or be killed logic”!

    As we stated in our initial comment, Ambassador Sulunteh got entrapped and in effect became blinded by the Karl Marx logic of: “MONEY being the fundamental TELEOLOGY (purpose), and most paramount conditioning factor of both life and politics.

    And when anyone engaged in domestic or national politics is of such a mindset of the Karl Marx logic about money being the bottom line, you and your political capital are bound to be seen and ultimately used as a cannon fodder by especially, those who lean towards the Hobbsian “Kill or be killed logic”; even if they are not interested in the Platoś “philosophers as kings” logic; but of course, would not relent to take advantage of the Machiavellian logic: “The end justifies the means.”

    To be perfectly honest, from the “get go” when I saw Sulunteh abandoning his ambassadorial post not to go and contest as an independent or employ the strategy of BAND-WAGONING (joining the stronger side), but chose to employ the strategy of BALANCING (joining the weaker side which was also a JJC), I of course hypothesized that his Suluntehś fate of betrayal by Alex Cummings was sealed; hence, his Suluntehś Vice Presidential or Presidential Ambition (with Cumminngs) A MIRAGE!

  6. Belief not match by actions in the lives of those governed is a delusion of grandiosity. Sadly, even “crazy people” believe in their motion as productive. So Sulunteh self-interest is the critical point of discussion, to sway from this and inject the dismal performance of professionally failed leadership is only a distraction to the discussion. The teacher take a simple topic and make it complex and philosophical; the educator take the complex and make it simple. Until aspiring leaders prioritize national interest above personal gain, we will continue to have recycled, genuine flops in leadership and the masses will be on the receiving end of the negative consequences.

  7. Regrettable!

    I am deeply saddened to see our former vice-presidential candidate and my former Economics teacher leave the ANC at this time.
    Prof, our dream is beyond a star syndrome. The pursuit of self-esteem or chest thumbing achievements is downplayed in the vision to which we have acquiesced. Why throw in the towel so soon for such futile reason of ego?

    I know you and admire your thoughts and vision for Liberia, where can you deposit your baggage to expediently apply what you stand for, what you taught me? Nowhere prof, unless you are no longer the prof I knew and under whose courtship I sat.
    I know naturally you can NEVER become a CDCian or a partisan of the NPP or UP or so. The only political establishment that can appease your ideology is the ANC, come back prof! There are greater missions than being a senator or representative. We need honest people like you in our rainbow party!

  8. We do understand that at times, certain “volumes” are academically, and intellectually highfalutin for a few. Hence, when we comment we comment for THE MAJORITY. There is nowhere in this story is the word “self-interest” mentioned or attributed to Ambassador Sulunteh.

    According to the story, Ambassador Suluntehś resignation is based on the “ANC Leadershipś continued political betrayal of Ambassador Sulenteh, and the party’s failure to remain true to its manifesto.” And the ANCŚ Secretariat accepted the ambassadorś resignation and extolled him as “one of our best and greatest leaders of the ANC”.

    From a Vice Presidential ambition down to a senatorial ambition is enough of the fact speaking for itself.

  9. The resignation of Jeremiah Sulunteh speaks volumes. The gentleman’s resignation points to the struggle for survival within the troubled ranks of the ANC. The ANC’s top leader, Alexander Cummings, is considered by many of his followers to be an autocrat. It’s anyone’s guess as to what Cummings will do should in case he comes close to sitting in the Presidential cockpit. Just take a listen at Cummings’s campaign pledge: “Y’all elect me. When I become president, I will create 100,000 jobs in 100 days”. Such a promise is not a bread and butter. In other words, it’s not a populist message. Sulunteh may not be the maker of informed decisions always, but his swift move to rid himself of the mess within the ANC makes him to be a good thinker.

    • Another blah blah blah blah blah, as always. Allow George to give this self seeking free agent politician a job, and soon after that will come after George himself for the presidency. But the reality is , George already has his hand full with one person as his Vice President from the same Bong County, a county so divided by egotistical political personalities as politicians wishing to split that county into all sorts of political divisions. With each becoming the king of piece of Bong County. Now you know why he is a rolling stone free agent politician. This self seeking free agent politician along with the Vice President from the same county will make CDC political days very easy. Imagine this free agent politician getting alone with the Chairman of CDC, John Morlu. Imagine that happening. For all your blah blah blah blah blah, George and his CDC are welcome to the free agent politician. He was once Ambassador, the Foreign Ministry has a vacancy. And Hney, you can recommend the rolling stone self seeking free agent politician to George for that position. Hey, James Davis is just trying to help out a fellow Liberian land a job in the regime of CDC. Just trying to help out. That is , if the former Ambassador and former ANC Executive is not interested in becoming a farmer and investing his cash in the soil for better returns.

    • Mr. Hney, no doubt the reality is that Sulunteh IS LEFT IN THE COLD! His political reputation is damaged. And both the electorate and the political parties regard him as A POLITICAL SPIDER jumping from one party to another within a short period of time.

      Suluntehś biggest blunder was not realizing the damage he was inflicting on his highly impressive political capital in his home county, by jumping for ambassadorial appointment.

      And now, according to him, Unity Party betrayed him, CDC betrayed him, ANC Betrayed him, NPP betrayed him, NDPL betrayed him, and even garage-filled and outdated TWP betrayed him. “YOU ONE?”

      Sulunteh´s tale reminds me of SPIDERŚ TALE! Spider ended up with his waist pulled to pieces from one corner of the town to another by the many different hosts and attendants of the many dinners from who he SPIDER accepted invitation to eat AT THE SAME TIME!

  10. “My conviction for this decision was predicated on the margins of a continued political betrayal of me, by the party and its leadership, since December 2019, in my bid for the Bong County Senatorial elections, slated for December 2020″,
    these are the words of Sulunteh verbatim, the use of ” my” clearly imply an injury to self-interest and one does not need to read all the words to give meaning to what is been communicated. Besides, there is nowhere in academic or intellectual setting where wordiness is prioritized; conciseness and succinctness are the ingredients for seasoned writing.

    • Context, facts, and reason, are the sine qua non for any communication. Thus, if not even intellectualism, or linguistics; common sense or conventional wisdom requires Sulunteh to disseminate such communication in the “first person”; and not in the “second or third person.”

      • In academic writing, the exception being a reflective writing, objectivity is achieved by being impersonal without the use of any pronoun. Unfortunately, this is foreign to most assumed intellectuals. It would suffice to say examine every word put on paper. One will find a surprising number that don’t serve any purpose in the message.

  11. And Mulbah Kollie expected Sulunteh, the reporter, and the ANC, to give their side of the story via “academic writing”; when the very Mulbah Kollie is ignorant of common grammatical subject and very agreement and the phenomena or dictates of context, facts, reason, and connotation.

    So according to you (Mulbah Kollie), this is “ACADEMIC WRITING”: “The teacher take a simple topic and make it complex and philosophical; the educator take the complex and make it simple.”
    TAKE NOT OF YOUR IGNORANCE VIZ SUBJECT/VERB AGREEMENT: “The teacher take a simple…” “THE TEACHER TAKE AND MAKE”?????? The teacher takes and makes it…”. Okay?

    TAKE NOTE AGAIN: “these are the words of Sulunteh verbatim, the use of ” my” clearly imply an injury to self-interest and one does not need to read all the words to give meaning to what is been communicated.


    My friend, before attempting to criticize, “we” must take into account the phenomena of context, facts, reason, and the dictates of connotation. “We” must also take into account when “academic writing” journalistic writing, or ordinary writing, etc. etc. may be necessary. Always remember your subject/verb agreement.


    And then he wants to rant about “academic writing” when he knows nothing about subject/verb agreement or the dictates of context, facts, reason, and connotation.

  12. The disease of perfectionism is one that can’t be treated with medication. In fact, the essence of pride is superiority complex which overwhelmed its victim to the point that only those around him/her can feel the symptoms of the crippling and distorted mind. Shielding themselves with false intellectualism and very allergic to the slightest of dissent. This is very typical of the ingrained ideology driving this position held by “true nationalist”. Mulbah Kollie is my name, a Liberian, a true nationalist and not using a decoy because I accept the flaws and incorrectness that come with my output. The only question is ,do you have what it takes or integrity to be the real you? History has no recording of nationalist counterfeiting or faking identity.

  13. Brother Mulbah Kollie:

    Very well said. No one could have said it better of Mr. “true nationalist”. His false sense of superiority complex is sickening to the core.

    Attacking any and everyone who disagrees with him to the slightest. What bigotry!!!

    Brother Kollie, I am hoping that we meet soon.


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