Sulunteh No. 2 on ANC Ticket

Cummings (right) and Sulunteh.

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has named Liberia’s former Ambassador to the United States, Canada and Mexico, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh as running mate to the party’s standard bearer, Alexander B. Cummings (nicknamed ABC), barely two months after Sulunteh resigned from the governing Unity Party (UP).

Cummings announced Sulunteh as his running mate, shortly after he was formally endorsed as standard bearer by members of the party’s executive committee.
The ceremony, which was witnessed by party delegates from Liberia’s 15 counties, was held last Saturday at the Kakata City Hall in Margibi County.

Since he crossed over to the ANC last month, Sulunteh has been accompanying Mr. Cummings on his trips across Liberia – the most recent one being to Gbarpolu and Bomi counties where the ANC held primaries that endorsed Cummings as standard bearer.

Shortly after the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket was announced, executive committee members of the party described Mr. Cummings’ election as historic, “because of the political trend the ANC has illustrated. It is the first of its kind in the country’s political history for the political leader of a party to be elected standard bearer through a county-by-county primary election,” they asserted.

The ANC is one of Liberia’s newest political parties, having gained full-fledged party status in 2013.

Cummings said, “The party is dedicated to creating an inclusive government that will work for Liberians at all levels.”

Meanwhile, Sulunteh served as senior national vice chairman of the ruling Unity Party that successfully re-elected President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2011. He resigned from the party on February 15.

After his endorsement, Sulunteh expressed gratitude to the ANC and Mr. Cummings. “I am honored by my election as Cummings’ vice standard bearer. I believe and trust in Cummings’ leadership capacity and I am also inspired by Mr. Cummings and by his leadership. He is the best alternative Liberia has longed for due primarily to the many challenges the country faces. He is a reformer and achiever. The leadership and dedication of Cummings has inspired me so much, and the structural cohesion at the ANC has impressed me as well,” said Sulunteh.

“With me as your pick, send me, because we will both sail Liberia to the destination where our children and children’s children can be proud of,” Sulunteh added.

A crowd of Sulunteh supporters, under the banner, “Friends of Jeremiah Sulunteh,” also joined the ANC activities on Saturday.

Mr. Sulunteh rose through the ranks of Liberia’s public service from senior commercial aide at the Bong County Agriculture Development Project in 1981, to the position of Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, Mexico and Canada.

He has held several cabinet positions, including Minister of Transport, Minister of Labor, Transport and Post and Telecommunications. Following his first appointment as Transport Minister, Sulunteh undertook a project to build an elementary and junior high school in his hometown of Gboimu.

In addition, Mr. Sulunteh taught Economic Development at the Cuttington University Graduate School, his alma mater, and Public Finance Administration at the University of Liberia. He and his wife, Kabeh, are blessed with three children.


  1. This is what I have been saying always; that in the past Liberians were tied to the same old recycled
    politicians, so there was no alternative. What can we do, no other way. Now, Liberians have the other
    ways to vote. Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has provided that other ways to vote simply because, those
    using Liberia and Liberians without any sustainable development; change and improve the living standard
    of our people simply because one those leaders are in comfortable position as President, to hell with
    job creation, improve the economy without trying to put it (economy in hands of its owners- Liberians),
    education was no consequence, healthcare becomes zero simply because those leaders and family
    members will fly to Europe or the United States of America for medical treatments, instead of focusing
    on producing enough food that Liberians consume, they continue to import rice and others into the
    country without fear; so, agriculture becomes of no consequence as well. Liberia has or used to have
    five ion ore mining companies, therefore paved road network should be of no problem. Yet, no one
    leader took the initiative to focus on paved road network.

    Liberians, NOW you have the alternative to vote and become owner and executioners of your own
    development under Mr. Alexander B. Cummings who has had no dent on him. There is no compromise
    nor any other alternative to him for President.

  2. The ANC is now in the position to lead Liberia with the selection of Amb. Sulunteh as the second Man on the TICKET. Liberians in all 15 Counties must Congratulate Mr. Alex B. Cummings for this, wise decision. The (2) Gentlemen are the best in this ELECTION to bring Liberians from poverty. They have great influences to bring in ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that will create JOBS for Liberians. Liberians need private Companies to create Jobs for ordinary Citizens. They will also work hard to bring in development in all areas of the Country. Let us give this TEAM a chance for a better Liberia. May God bless this TEAM.

  3. Excellent ticket, ANC! Liberians should vote for presidential candidate based on competence not tribal loyalty. Tribal loyalty will not develop Liberia, only competence and love for mama LIBERIA.


  5. This coming 2017 election is of paramount importance to sustaining the peace and moving Liberia into economic prosperity. Liberia is at a crossroad: a country emerging from political chaos to a country simmering on the brink of economic transformation. Do we want to revert to the former (political chaos), or do we want to choose our political leaders wisely to move Liberia into a country where everyone regardless of ethnic background, religion, gender, and political affiliation has a fair shot of achieving his/her dream?

    For too long we have settled for veteran politicians, political activists, rebel leaders and their cohorts to dominate the political landscape in Liberia only to be disappointed by their dismal performances. Many politicians are holding power because of fame and not of substance. Their flamboyant attitudes and personal aggrandizements have left our country in shambles…….see the lack of development in their respective constituencies. Many government officials are riding around in luxury cars and living in Mansions in Monrovia while school aged children in the rural areas barely have decent classrooms to learn or have access to clean drinking water.

    I am not affiliated with any political party. My allegiance is to the prosperity of Liberia. Our problem will stop if we continue to put into power the same old politicians and flamboyant political activists who have done nothing tangible for the country. Let Alexander Cummings and Ambassador Sulunteh records speak for them. Law Makers are playing political games (Code of Conduct) just to ban some people who have the capacity to move Liberia forward. We can either revert to political chaos or choose wisely to move Liberia into a country of peace and prosperity.


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