Sulunteh ‘Formally’ Crosses Over to ANC

…Says Code of Conduct is nothing to worry him

(L-R) Sulunteh, Cummings face the teaming crowd of supporters

Barely a month following the resignation of two Unity Party (UP) stalwarts, former Liberia Ambassador to United States, Canada and Mexico, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, yesterday officially announced crossing over to the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of businessman turned politician Alexander B. Cummings.

Sulunteh’s decision yesterday laid to rest speculations that he was on his way to the opposition Liberty Party (LP) of Charles Walker Brumskine.

Political observers say the ongoing exodus from the UP is not a good sign for the party as the October elections is less than eight months away.

Sulunteh had served as senior national vice chairman of UP that successfully concluded with the re-election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2011.

Former FDA managing director Harrison S. Karnwea and Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn tendered in their respective resignations from the UP in February, joining Musa Hassan Bility, who defected to the LP from UP late last year.

Sulunteh resigned from the governing Unity Party on February 15 following the footsteps of Mr. Karnwea, who also joined the LP.

Sulunteh told a news conference yesterday at ANC’s headquarters in Monrovia that his decision to quit the UP is primarily to maintain Bong County’s oneness, noting, “Because some politicians have created an artificial rift between Internal Affairs Minister Henrique Tokpa and I for a possible vice presidential pick for the UP.” The two men hail from Bong County.

Although Sulunteh already carries an ANC membership card, he told reporters yesterday that his decision to join the ANC was based on the leadership ability of Alexander B. Cummings, the party’s political leader.

At the colorful ceremony that characterized Sulunteh’s crossing over yesterday, the former ambassador promised to support Mr. Cummings throughout the length and breadth of the country until victory is certain at the pending October polls.

“The leadership and dedication of Cummings to Liberians over the years has inspired me to join the ANC,” Sulunteh said, adding that structural cohesion at the ANC has impressed him as well.

“I have come to say, ‘send me,’ and have come also for us to sail Liberia to the destination where our children and children’s children can be proud of,” Sulunteh declared to the beat of drums and traditional songs.

A teeming crowd of Sulunteh supporters under the banner, “Friends of Jeremiah Sulunteh,” also joined the ANC according to Othello Frank, head of Friends group.

Amb. Sulunteh told the ANC that his decision to joining the party will make his mother “turn in her grave,” because he has made the right decision.

He told ANC partisans that winning the elections is not only about making statements, but by actions from the party.

Liberians, he said, are tired of politicians who are “noted for talking only” but could do nothing for them, and are instead moving over to politicians who can make things happen. He said Cummings’ track record convinced him to promote the ANC head as the one the people should desire.

The ANC, he added, is the vehicle that can transform Liberia, and pointed out that he hopes that partisans can uphold the party’s values.

He called on party partisans to “get prepared,” because they will have to go across Liberia to bring about the change Liberians have been yearning for.

Meanwhile, ANC party chairman Orishall Gould welcomed Sulunteh to the party and said the ANC does not have all the answers, but through dialogue the party can do more.

He said Sulunteh’s performance in government speaks for itself, and explained that his decision to leave the Unity Party of President Sirleaf’s was due to differences in opinions and ideology.

Chairman Gould described Sulunteh as new wine in a new bottle coming to the party, stating that Sulunteh is “a man of impeccable character, uncorrupted, and a clean person.”

In response, Mr. Cummings said it was a great honor and privilege for the ANC to have Sulunteh as a partisan.

He praised Sulunteh for his decision, and described him as an educator, scholar and a diplomat who he is proud to work with to transform the country.

Cummings assured Liberians that he will transform the country for everyone, “because Liberians deserve better; a better Liberia than today after 169 years of independence,” adding that hard work will make the party the next ruling establishment.

Meanwhile, Cummings has said that the Code of Conduct does not concern him, adding that his legal team will handle that aspect, while he will focus on the electioneering process.


  1. LOL! Your excellency; why just now? It seems you and others are chasing/seeking a GRAVY TRAIN. You are saying/doing things that you should have done long ago. Your theory(s) makes no sense. If you served a system; that you believe is a failure, for such a long time, then you–yourself are a failure. Why should anyone want you on their TEAM? That’s the Question. Give us some good answers or just sit by quietly and OBSERVE. I mean you, J.C.S and others…

  2. His Excellency states, his decision to join ANC, will make his mother “turn in her grave”. That practically translates to his mother not being happy with his decision. Does this Amb. JCS, understand what he is saying? I WONDER!

  3. Liberian politicians and leaders are not really setting positive example for the younger generation due to their inconsistency.When did Amb. Sulunteh realized that the unity party government had failed the country? You been a part of this corrupt and nepotistic government up to the ending before resigning. You contributed to the downfall of the unity party government.The ANC will only benefit from you and your followers but can never trust you.

  4. I am always amazed as to how quickly some people see the light after they have slept in the darkness for so long. So Ambassador, you slept with these people, enjoyed the riches of their table, and now you have an attack of conscience. Aye God, please help us yah.

  5. The late Chinese Leader, Deng Xiaoping, the great architect behind China’s Modernization Policy, once said, “It does not matter the color of the cat, as long as it catches a mice.”

    Liberia is, far, far, behind other African countries when it comes to economic development and prosperity. If we do not stop our hyper-partisanship, tribalism and excessive polarization, we will only be depriving our fellow Liberians who have the experience, vision, and knowledge to rebuild our fragile nation. As a Liberian, I will admit that we are our own enemies. Does it matter what tribe, what ethnic group, what religion, what gender, or how long some Liberians lived abroad before we can select qualified individuals who can implement sound economic policies to rebuild our fragile nation?

    Let us put Liberia first before our individual party, before our personal aggrandizement, before our ethnic or religious affiliation. The world does not look at Liberia’s poverty or Liberia’s under-development from our selfish partisan lenses or tribal affiliation. The world classifies Liberians as being poor people. The world classifies Liberia as one of the least developed country in the world.

    As the late Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping said, “It does not matter the color of the cat, as long as it catches a mice.” It does not matter who has the right tools to rebuild Liberia as long as Liberia gets rebuild. It does not matter which party wins as long as that party brings about inclusiveness and economic development for all Liberians. If we do not stop our divisiveness, we will perish together as one nation.

    On a different note:
    Read Brooks Marmon’s rebuttal to Helene Cooper’s New Book: Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. “One-sided Publicity for New Biography of Sirleaf Illustrates Adichie’s ‘Danger of a Single Story”.

    Brooks Marmon is a Ph.D. student in the Center of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He previously worked as Program Officer: Accountability Lab in Liberia…. From: May 2014 – March 2016.

  6. Ambassador Sulunteh abandoned his job in Washington, ran home to become running mate for VP Boakai but he met up with resistance when Henrique Tokpah was been considered. He looked to LP but there were no vacancy for a running mate and the only party with vacancy for a running mate was ANC. Watch Cummings when he pick Sulunteh in few days leaving out those who have been running around with him.

    In another development,watch for the big news coming out of Saclepea, Nimba County tomorrow Saturday March 18, 2017. Liberty Party political leader Charles Walker Brumskine will announce his running mate. Once it will be announce in Nimba County, it has to be a son of that county.

  7. Its has been over some times since “Ebola” came and gone,but what happened to the victims compensations? This is to remind Liberians that the president of the United States Obama”s some times ago in 2015 gave to three countries that were badly effected by Ebola U.S $600,000,000.Two hundreds millions for each country.What happened to that funds?Ellen’s needs to be asked.

    • A.B; I doubt what you are saying; about President Obama giving $ to Liberia for EBOLA VICTIMS. What’s the source of your ALLEGATIONS? It should be public record. I will personally check it out. Stop spreading false rumors. Money spent by the U.S in Liberia during the EBOLA CRISIS, was mostly to maintain the U.S Troops and equipment dispatched to Liberia. It was not MONEY given to Pres. Sirleaf or for that matter Liberia; as per say. Such sum of money, would infact have to be approved by the U.S. Congress. Please make the source of your ALLEGATIONS public.

  8. My only concern is that we have too many political parties. A country of 4 million population having more than two political parties shows how divided we are as a country. Why only the presidency when these educated and resourceful citizens of Liberia can carry on a lot of development without being President. We want to run for government seats while foreigners are controlling our economy. Wow!! Liberians need to think twice and look at what our brothers like Nigeria and Ghana are doing to move their countries forward.

    • Lloyd, This is why I suggested that the NEC increase the registration fees political parties. this would discouraged too many parties from registering.


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