Students Urged to Make Best Career Choices

Mr. Boyce with students who participated .jpg

Mr. L. Olandor Boyce, an executive member of the National Student Christian Council (NSCC), has admonished students to be selective in choosing their careers.

Speaking at the 58th anniversary celebration of the National Student Christian Council (NSCC) at the St. Simon Baptist Church in Monrovia yesterday, he encouraged students to choose careers that they have a passion for.

Mr. Boyce said choosing a career requires passion and a goal that will inspire the student to pursue the career with appreciation.

He said students should not go for careers to earn money but they should love a career to be able to produce with satisfaction.

Mr. Boyce noted that there are students who choose because it is lucrative.

“Many Liberian students have chosen careers including law, business and medicine, among others, which they cannot perform well because they chose their careers because of friends,” he said.

“Develop interests in your career choice and you will do better,” Mr. Boyce noted. “Do due diligence in making your choices, but do not follow friends to choose your careers.”

He argued that it means no good if a lawyer will exploit people without making them to know the law and abide by it.

“It will also mean no good if an accountant will be anxious to steal money and not to make his/her work benefit those that he is supposed to serve,” he stated.

The NSCC was established on October 5, 1957, on the campus of Cuttington University College (now Cuttington University).

It comprises of Christian students of the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and other denominations, with the mission to empower students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of local, national, regional and global societies.

The occasion was attended by the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper and Daily Observer’s Publisher, Kenneth Y. Best, as well as some executive members of the NSCC.


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