Students Flood CDC Headquarters for WASSCE Fees

Students at CDC headquarters awaiting transportation from Senator Weah after being promised of his intervention regarding the WASSCE fees

In the wake of pronouncement by the Government of Liberia that it will no longer subsidize West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) fees for students, the Congo Town headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has been flooded with senior high school students in search of money to settle their WASSCE fees.

For the last five years, the Liberian government shouldered the payment of fees for students who sat for the WASSCE.

Students from the various high schools in Montserrado County continue to congregate at the CDC’s headquarters, imploring its standard bearer, Senator George Manneh Weah, for assistance.

“We have gathered here to call on Senator Weah to pay our WASSCE’s fees because many of us cannot afford it with the current economic situation,” Patrick Edwards said.

According to Edwards, who attends the William Gabriel Kpoleh Memorial High School in Gardnersville, he needs US$65 which is equivalent to LD$7,560.

“My parents cannot afford this money requested by the Ministry of Education and WAEC to sit for WASSCE. The government needs to understand the current situation and cancel or change their decision,” he added.

J. Ewil Wilson, a student of the Virginia Christian Academy, said the recent pronouncement by MOE to cancel subsidizing WASSCE fees is worrisome and has the propensity to put many students whose parents cannot afford, out of the exam.

“Senator Weah has often helped students and parents with school fees so I am optimistic that he will continue to help Liberian students, especially with the decision coming from our government,” student Wilson said.

According to him, the situation has the potential to disturb the minds of some students who are struggling to keep themselves in school in the absence of family support.

“The timing is very short and most of our parents cannot afford the US$60 that is being charged. I’m optimistic that Senator Weah will come to our rescue, because of his goodwill and he understands the problem faced by students across the country,” he said.

According to WAEC’s authorities, over 10,000 senior high school students will be sitting this year’s exam.

Some students of the William Gabriel Kpoleh Memorial High School in Gardnersville at CDC headquarters in Congo Town yesterday

“We want to encourage students to study hard because they will also be taking nine subjects for WASSCE,” WAEC authorities said on the LBS Bumper Show Thursday. “There is no time for students to be loitering around. This document will now be recognized throughout Africa as compared to the previous test.”

Suleiman D. Sesay of William Gabriel Kpolleh Memorial High School said only Senator Weah can rescue them or enable them to participate in this year’s WASSACE, which is scheduled for March next year.

According to Sesay, hundreds of students of the William Gabriel Kpolleh Memorial High School stand at the risk of missing the pending WASSCE exam if nothing is done to arrest the situation.

“We need the support of everyone, including parents who are financially potent, corporate organizations operating in Liberia, international donor agencies, and philanthropic private individuals in order to be part of the WASSCE,” he added.

“My parents don’t have such an amount to pay for three students because they are not doing any business to raise such money. This means I may not be able to complete high school this year,” Sesay said.

Jefferson Koijee, youth wing chairman of CDC, said students have been flooding the premises of the party’s headquarters over the last couple of weeks.

He said CDC does not see education as a privilege as it is being made to appear by the Unity Party government; rather it must be the right of every Liberian child regardless of their affiliation.

“Our students should only have the responsibility to go to school and leave the rest with the government. The CDC does not believe that they should be looking for WASSCE fees now,” he said.

Chairman Koijee said Senator Weah has helped students with payments of their WASSCE fees over the past three weeks but has now decided to write President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to consider finding a solution to the plight of the students.

Meanwhile, the students also expressed fear of massive failure, taking into consideration the lack of laboratories, which makes the timing of WASSACE risky.

“The GoL is obviously no longer in a financial position to shoulder the responsibility of paying examination fees for any group of candidates at WASSCE level in view of the various commitments currently competing for the very lean resources available to her.

“We, therefore, appeal to parents, corporate organizations, international donor agencies, and philanthropic private individuals to brace up towards the payment of WASSCE fees for their children and wards or the provision of scholarships for the poor students,” said Dr. Romelle Horton, deputy education minister for instruction.

This new standardized regional examination was introduced in the region in 2006 and this year would be Liberia’s first time writing it nationwide. Moreover, the country has often been rated among the least performing countries in regional exams. The country’s poor performance has often been blamed on the effects of the 14-year civil war and lack of adequate instructional staffs and materials.


  1. Ignorance is a disease. Who directed students to Weah and why? Where did Weah get the money from to pay for exams? Why would Ellen Johnson interfere with education and mix it with politics? Why would the Ministry of Education give the WAEC money to Weah to distribute to students?

  2. President must be expelled from the Unity Party and exiled from Liberia for interfering in these elections and playing with education.

  3. What a diabolical and sinister act of demagoguery, playing on and appealing to raw desperate needs of students to achieve political ends. Fair play could be maintained in this second round of elections if whoever pays the WAEC fees for students remains anonymous. One wonders how would CDC’s paying these fees benefit the students in the long term, especially as this move propagates a culture of dependency in the Liberian society.

  4. Where did Weah got the money from to sponsor your COUNTRY NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM in the 90s? It is interesting. The students are not fools like our Politicians. Their parents have told them a story long time ago, when some of them were not born.
    THE STORY: ONCE UPON A TIME , WHEN LIBERIANS WERE KILLING ONE ANOTHER DUE TO POWER GREED AND CONFIDENT CRISIS, BROUGHT ON THE COUNTRY BY GREEDY AND SELFISH PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED TO BE POLITICIANS, THE COUNTRY COULD NOT HONOUR HER PARTICIPATIONS IN THE PRESTIGIOUS GAME THAT ALL HER CITIZEN LOVE, football; due to financial constraints. There came one Liberian called GEORGE “OPPONG” WEAH. Born poor, from the slums of Clara Town, Monrovia. He could play well. He caught the eyes of ” big football team” in Europe. He played there and was paid more money. He decided that since his country men was busy killing each other for power, he will spent money to help keep his country play. What a nice story! Which one of our ” book people”, fit this characteristic? We human being, our first teacher in life are our parents. THE CHILDREN ARE ACTING ON WHAT WAS TOLD THEM BY THEIR PARENTS. They still think that George Weah can do for them what he did years back for the football team. Eventhough, he ( Weah), may not have it now, but that legecy will forever lingers….it is a folks tale for Liberian unborn. As the Bilble says ” blessed is the hand that gaveth” Acts 20:35
    For the sake of our poor Liberian Masses, we preach and ADVOCATE PEACE.

    • To a point of correction Mr. Bah , Weah didn’t sponsor the lone star . All that he contributed was sort of enriching himself. it was more of investment.

    • please stop lying. The Bible also says lying is a sin.No old person told this story. This is just Werner’s way of trying to get Weah to be president. why are these children not in front of Werner house or the Ministry of Education? Why did Weah not advocate for them when he was senator. ignorance is a disease.

  5. We hope the authorities at JFK and other hospitals could grant their patients leave of absence so they too, could go to CDC for money to pay their hospital bills. After all a rough on everybody and CDC seems to be the conduit for the dough. This is another area people have been crying on Mr. Korkoyah to look into, this area of sources of funding for the various parties but it seems the man is so dull he doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps until one or several parties take the NEC to court again for violation of the election laws on campaign finance of political parties. Then he and handlers will say again those parties are undermining or wreaking havoc on democracy? It is a shame and embarrassment for us that this Korkoyah fellow threw this election as all others during his tenure into a spiral, having learned nothing from the examples of all previous election commissions from Frances Johnson-Morris’ to James Flomoyan’s time. We wonder where Ellen got this one from to impose on us? And everything now coming to pass were things hinted about by various individuals and newspapers in the past. Things and procedures that needed to be either established or corrected for a free, fair, credible and smooth election to take place. But perhaps Mr. Remotely Controlled did not get the go ahead from obvious quarters as reason why he play deaf ears. Either that, or the man is just darn outright dull as said earlier. We wish some of his former classmates could muster the temerity to tell us now how such a dullard got all the degrees he claims he has.

  6. I see this demand as political debacle and it is a path of an opportunity given to students not to take their lessons serious,if a students are seeking for financial aids,let them send their representives for expressing their needs,but rather than for all to leave the classes for such,because it is now gaving them advantage to go to beaches,clubs,as well as ghettos.
    So this is not just about the student,it is about the principals’ responsibilities ,mind you,if any thing happen to any student,the principal will be head responsable.
    I command the students to stay away from leaving their classes.demand them to take their lessons vigantly.

  7. Why did this administration decide to do this today when it is on it’s way out? Why have the health workers and the instructors at MVTC still in salary arrears and planning strike actions, at the 11th hour of this administration? Mar pepo, yor pleas try to fix dis ting befour yor leav office oh, yor done make tings hard for dey next president oh, becuz dey way I see dis ting gowin, it lookin like dey poor person who will takay office will get an EMPTY SHELL oh, if yor non do dey correct ting oh.

  8. This is sensationalism. The author did well to exercise bias reporting to reflect something that could help his political side in some ways. But we need fairness in journalism now. Our country needs exposure of weaknesses of these political camps than projections of unreality.

  9. Messah and Harris…
    I understand your respective positions. However, calls for a downright expulsion of EJS from the UP has a boomerang effect. A rerun or a runoff is pending. What needs to be done is to rally support for VP Boakai. When the upcoming election is over with, concrete steps will be taken to scrutinize EJS’s misbehavior.

    As it relates specifically to the idea of students’ exam fees, students should not pay a dime to take Standardized tests. I don’t know who on planet earth suggested an oxymoronic idea such as that? If the idea was put forth by the West African Council, all of its members must go through a psychiatric mental test or be spanked. Standardized tests are to be taken without students paying a fee!

    Government ministers get free automobiles, free gas, free phones and other perks. But, inept governments of West Africa are unable to write off fees for standardized tests?
    I commiserate with our youth for their situation. A call for EJS’s expulsion could boomerang in our face big time. I’d say let it go. Work for Boakai’s election. Together, we will push Boakai to abolish such a stupid idea of fees for our youth when he gets the nod.

  10. Bah,
    Please note that the Liberian people are fair-minded irrespective of their weak ways. Also, please note that when Weah became magnanimous in terms of spending money out his pocket during the 90s, he was commended for his good works. Because of what he did, do you strongly believe that the Liberian people should reward him with the presidency?

    There are some pressing issues of the day. If you would, respond to the following:

    (1) Did EJS invite Korkoya at her residence or at an undisclosed location a week before the October 10 elections? If so, what was discussed there? Or, why would a sitting president invite the elections chairman for talks a week before a general election? If that allegation is correct, what sense does it pervade? What is Weah’s perspective on this issue? You’re an ardent supporter of his. I will be dumbfounded if you claim not to know what he thinks. Come clean Bah!

    (2) Did EJS secretly endorse Weah for the presidency? By the way, why is EJS
    so quiet on this particular issue? Does she think that these allegations are scurrilous? If so, why can’t she or her supporters put these provocative allegations to rest?

    (3) What are some of Weah’s accomplishments in the Upper House of the Liberian National Assembly? Did Weah put forth a legislation during his decade-long tenure that his colleagues upheld or voted down?

    (4) When Weah states that he was cheated out of the presidency two times, does he have proof to authenticate his claim? Also, does Weah think that the presidency is his or is he entitled to it? What happens if Weah does not win the upcoming election? Should the Liberian people brace for an imminent war?

    Bah, you have a God-given right to boost Weah’s positions. That’s because you’re entitled to your opinions, but not the facts. Bah, it’s a known fact that you’re an advocate for the CDC camp. But, you fail miserably when you’re asked to tell your readers why Weah is the best man for the presidency. You have an opportunity once again to amplify.

    Act now before it gets late Bah.

  11. Is CDC now the new government in Liberia responsible for the education of our children? Where is the Ministry of Education? These are some of the tricks and strategies of this president to create chaos in the country. She has given money to CDC George Weah to campaign by paying students’ WAEC fees. Liberians are not stupid people. They are watching what this president is doing.

  12. president ellen & kids are serious joke. All Liberians do not allow Ellen to play on your wisdom. This old woman so call president (ellen) is dangerous to Liberia.
    She’s the reason why Opong will not win at the ballot box.
    Ellen and kids time living in the US could not afford to pay their monthly mortgages and utilities bills and from no where they are all millionaires; how can this happen? The people of Liberia need to hunt down the stolen million dollars from over see bank accounts that belong to ellen and kids


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