Street Child UK Promises Support to Liberia


Tom Dannatt, International Director of Street Child United Kingdom (SCUK), has unveiled plans to provide support to Street Child of Liberia (SCoL).

  Mr. Dannat is also a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Street Child UK.

 According to him, the SCUK was founded to seek the welfare of children who are abandoned by their parents and roam the streets. SCUK works to ensure that they get the proper care they deserved

He recalled that during the height of the just-ended Ebola crisis, SCoL catered to over 15000 children, especially those who lost their parents.

He said since the organization was founded, it has performed a remarkable role of reaching out to street children in Montserrado, Bomi, Bong, Margibi and Grand Cape Mount counties.

He said these children were given food and other supplies as well as being sent to school.

“As a young organization, this is impressive where we have supported more street children in the country,” said Dannatt.

 He emphasized the need for children to remain safe, be loved and educated. That is a responsibility which every parent needs to give to his or her children because that is what will make them happy.

“Children don’t just need three square meals per day. They want good care and comfort through which they will be able to explore their potential,” he added.

 Although SCoL has recruited 14,000 children, “we can assure the Government of Liberia that Street Child can support a good number of them,” SCUK CEO maintained.

Dannatt then called on the government to help SCoL by taking some of the children off the streets and ensure that they are enrolled in school.

Earlier, Ophelia Kennedy, newly appointed country director of SCoL, disclosed that the organization is contemplating expanding its activities into several other counties and build the capacity of its 70 social workers.

 She said SCoL ensures that street children are reunited with their parents and guardians as well as provides them with seed money to establish at least a small business to maintain themselves.

 “I have reviewed the past activities of Street Child and I’m extremely impressed by the achievements so far,” she said.

 “From records so far, I must express appreciation to Street Child UK and all local social workers and others as well as the support of the Liberian Government through partnerships with the ministries of health, education and gender.”

SCUK Program Director, Clara Bright, said their mission in Liberia is to access the operation of SCoL and what mechanism they can put together to move the organization forward in their goal to improve the lives of the street children.


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