Street Child Partnership Manager Ends Visit with ‘Satisfaction’


Ms. Chloe Brett, partnership manager of Street Child UK, an affiliate of Street Child of Liberia, recently ended a four-day visit to Liberia,  during which she held meetings with officials of two ministries and two international agencies.

Ms. Brett, accompanied by Street Child of Liberia’s program director, Michael John Bull, visited the ministries of Health and Social Welfare, Gender and Development, Save the Children and the local office of the United Nations Children’s Fund, (UNICEF).

At each of her visits Ms. Brett urged officials to collaborate relief and intervention efforts as a united body to ease the distress of the most vulnerable people in the country’s fight against the Ebola Virus Disease, and to vigorously support poverty-stricken children.

She also informed officials and representatives about the efforts of Street Child of Liberia, with support from Street Child UK, to provide immediate intervention to children orphaned by the Ebola disease.

Presently, Street Child of Liberia has more than 600 children in several local communities that have benefitted from nearly U$20,000.00 worth of food aid, footwear, clothes and Ebola prevention materials and supplies.

Ms. Brett visited beneficiaries in the communities of Chicken Soup Factory, Soul Clinic, St. Paul Bridge and the Township of West Point.

She held meetings with guardians and parents of over 400 beneficiaries to inform them about the organization’s family grant business program, which provides families with minimum grants to start small scale businesses to ensure the sustainability of Street Child of Liberia’s intervention.

She described Street Child of Liberia’s present intervention activities as excellent and commended the organization’s officials and numerous volunteers for a job well done.

The representatives of government ministries and local NGO’s meeting with Ms. Brett expressed appreciation for the humanitarian efforts of Street Child of Liberia and UK, and pledged to work together, complementing each other in the fight against poverty and disease in the various slum communities where Street Child of Liberia has already established its presence.

Street Child of Liberia engages the services of about 40 Liberian high school volunteers who, according to program director Bull, ensure that its beneficiaries are people whose circumstances deserve urgent intervention.

The organization has reunited with their parents and relatives more than 400 children who previously lived on their own on the streets of Monrovia.


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